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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

Author:Black rose 22


New Adult

Alysaa is a happy, beautiful and cute girl..she still waiting for her right one..but she happened to discover something about his brother... Something changed on her birthday...she is so confused..and don't know how to handle this..?? Is it even right..? To know this all this read alysaa's story.. And this is my first so pls try to understand and if u have any opinion..tell me in comment box.. thank you ❤️

Alysaa pov:

I opened my eyes to the sound of my dad. He also wants to wake up early so I can go school on time but it's so hard .nd I think everyone knows about it. My purple colored curtains are also not helping me to block the morning Sunshine. The thing is I can't sleep in lights not even little much. I also off my lights before sleeping but today I woke effortless becoz tomorrow is my birthday nd super excited about this..

I m going to be 19 tomorrow..yessss... finally I can have told me I can date after my 19 birthday because m gonna big girl after that.

Jack also share same birthday with me. He is going to be 19 tomorrow...oh I haven't talked about my twin brother. Oh he is super popular in school Nd girls also think he is handsome . Ohk I admit he is little handsome but I m more beautiful nd adorable. Like who wants be like a possesive nd cold.

I don't what happened to him...he is more cold to me day by day..I think I made some mistake that's why he is punishing me by making distance between us. I don't what he is thinking anymore.. firstly I started to try to patch up with him by making efforts but now gave up because I don't know why he is always mad at me .but anyways today is my birthday so m gonna make plans with my friends nd going to club for the first time in my life.i already talked to my friend she is also so excited..

After , thinking so much ,I think m gonna late again for school Nd jack is going alone in his Ferrari to school.. he became irritated becoz of my bad this bad I think I should wash up now...I got up from my bed nd run to bathroom..I have only 20 minutes..after I came out bathroom I opened my closet nd picked black t-shirt nd blue shots...after wearing them I comb my hairs..oh this so painful because they r all messy . They r long nd it's quite bothersome to take care of them but I love my long ,brown ,shiny hairs..

After that I put moisturizer nd sunscreen to my skin., little mascara ,nd little red tint on my lips. My lips are already so I don't use dark shades..they stand out . After to finish my look I used little perfume.. it's little fruity nd I love it.

After weariny canvas shoes..I m ready to go out with my little backpack.

After closing my door , I found grey colour eyed staring at I m used brother is standing outside waiting nd looking at his wristwatch..

"You have 5 mins if u want to go school with me.come out" he told me his deep voice started to going down ,now I want to smack his head but can I do he is so big I have little fear u know..

Going down dad was drinking coffe nd mma was in kitchen making fried eggs nd bacon..I am already hugry .nd I m also super foody.

"U r down.come sit eat sweety" dad told me." Good morning dad"giving hug to dad I sit beside him.

"Eat it fast" moma give me my plate "he is outside waiting for u.u should get up early. he is always gets in trouble because of you. U should change your habbiits now.its last year of your high school"

I rolled my eyes started eating my smiled at my face... Nd I heard the sound of horn.. now I have to run if I want to reach at school on time.

After taking 2 sips of milk I run out " bye mom .bye dad .."

After reaching outside I sit on the passenger sit .

"Put your seat belt" he told me with angry voice.

"Oh" after that he started car .

Silence around us nd I don't want to get scolded so I kept quite. But then I asked him"what are your plans for tomorrow.?" With curious eyes..he looked at me with qustinable eyes "don't tell me u forgot. " He still is not answering " it's our birthday can u forgot that.i m truely disappointed". He nodes his head " what r u doing tomorrow?" He asked in his husky voice.

" Well I'm going to celebrate with my friends" "who?? " His deep voice."lily nd other girls"

"Where.??" Now I don't know if I should tell him because I know his possessive nature. He is just so much protective about me it's not like someone gonna kidnap me..

He coughed getting my attention ."don't lie to me" he again told me.

"To club"finally I spoke.. now his eyes is getting cold again.."I m going with with you"

I looked at him with surprised eyes"you should go with your bff or your gf"I told him with my pleading voice... Now he is more angry "u should stay home then"his voice got more colder nd more deep..I m so angry now.why can't he leaves me alone.. because of him no boy wants be my boyfriend or even my friend..boys gets always beaten by Jack..nd I don't think now anyone like my other than lily.."I hate you"I said pouting angrily nd he gave me back his cunning smile..."ohh gosh!!!"