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Alec Madison thought his life was over when he lost his twin sister and elder brother to a car accident. The once-popular, outgoing, and captain of the soccer team of Riverside highschool became a shadow of himself. He wouldn't let anyone get close, well except his dog, benny. Niniola Matthew just moved to Riverside town after escaping death in her former town. She hopes to start a new life in Riverside town free of any drama. " A perfect life" she calls it. what happens when the ghosts of Alec's siblings come to Niniola for help concerning their brother. Would Niniola break down the walls of Alec within the 60days ultimatum she was given? Would Alec let anyone in? Throw in a cup of sarcasm, a pinch of witty ghosts, a teaspoon of goofy friends, and Viola a hot serving of drama, humor, betrayal, friendship served with Love at the side.

Chapter one

"Dad please can I get a 100 dollar bill." I plead with the best puppy look I could muster.

He looked up from his food shocked and clearly amused before he snorted. I barely ask him for money.

"Is it part of your salary for being my daughter? He ask, his voice laced with humour.

"I know I'm too awesome a daughter you wouldn't mind paying me." I wink at him smiling.

He shakes his head, a chuckle leaving his lips as he shoved another spoonful of cereals into his mouth.

"What is it for? You barely ask me for money."

"Restocking" I grin cheekily at him and put an extra pancake into Casper's plate.

He raised his perfectly trimmed brows up in question. "Of what? We went grocery shopping just the other day."

"My candy box." 

"You're restocking your candy box?" He ask with his mouth full.

"What else do I need money for." I drone out sarcastically.

"Maybe to buy one or two friends." He shrugs.

"I don't need friends dad." I snap, shaking my head as I tried not to forget the painful memories. A little part of me felt disappointed. At age seventeen, I can't even boost of one good friend.

His face contorted into that of understanding. He pushed his chair back and stood up pulling me in for a hug

"It's been three weeks since we moved here darling." He brushed my hair with his fingers.  I understand that you had a bad experience with your past friends but we still have real ones out there. Not every is like....."

I turned and gave him the 'don't mention that name in my presence' face.

".... You know who." He completes.

We pulled away and I sighed. "I'll try dad. I'll just not push it." I picked up my school bag from the foot of the table where I sat earlier and ruffled Casper furs. He was still focused on his food. Damn, this dog and his food.

"There's hope then." My dad says with a grin going into his room. He came back out handing me a 100 dollar.

"You're the best dad." I give him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before running out the house so I could catch the bus.


I walk into school, my backpack hitched on my shoulder as I head towards my locker.

Normal background sounds like people talking loudly and lockers being slammed shut filled the air. I cussed under my breath. Silence kids!

I looked around me and wonder how dad wants me to make friends in this kind of place. Highschool was just a place where scared growing teenagers take out their transgressions, anger, insecurities on others and act who they are not. How the hell does dad want me to find something real here. It's just like looking for a diamond in a poop.

Ok, that doesn't make sense.

I got to my locker and picked up my books before slamming it shut. I just enjoy doing that. It adds to the ambience of the hallway. I checked my planner and saw that I have English first period. I sighed and made my way to class just as the first bell went off.

Everyone scurried off to class and that was when mother nature decided to happen. Not wanting to be late, I contemplated on going to class first then take a pass or just use the restroom since I am almost there. I decided on the latter. Ms Lanny would just give a warning considering I'm new to the school.

I sped walk to the restroom and carried out my business before walking to class which started ten minutes ago.

I entered the class but was surprised to see a new teacher. She eyed me through the reading  glasses etched on her nose.

"You're late."

Yeah Captain obvious.

Her eyebrows shot up in anger and the whole class gasped.

Shit! I said that out loud.

"Detention after school!" She seethe.

"I didn't mean to." I try apologizing.

"You're distracting my class."

"Ugly ass." I mumble before going to my seat which was at the back, left corner and closet to the window. I didn't let her her hear it though.

"Please clear your desk everyone. There's a pop up test."

The whole class grumbled as the teacher brought out stacks of paper from her bag.

The class door opened and a familiar figure sauntered into the class. All attention was drawn to the source of distraction. Alec Madison.

"You're late. Detention after class." The teacher tells him.

Isn't she going to ask him why he was late or even give him a warning at least. I'm starting to think this lady took up this job just so she could say 'detention after class'. I personally think she needs to get laid.

He ignored her and walked to his seat, which was beside mine, with his signature i_am_not_made_for_this_world look.

Ever since I started her at Mayville private highschool three weeks ago, I haven't heard him speak to anyone nor see him walking with anyone. It has always been the same process of him coming to class late, almost all the time. half of the time, he's either sleeping, completely zoned out or sketching on his book. I would know all these because he's in all my classes. Like all of them. Well except for Food Technology. Rumors has it that he was once the captain of the soccer team and was a little outgoing. I Wonder what must have happened to him. What turned him into a shadow of himself.

The teacher distributed the test sheets to everyone, stopping briefly at my desk to slam mine down. The feeling is mutual Teach.

She ordered we begin and i start writing. I  looked at the boy siting besides me. He was not taking the test, rather he was busy sketching on the paper.

As if noticing my gaze on him, he turned and met my eyes. I couldn't look away.  That was the first time looking directly into his eyes or that of anyone. I have always tried avoiding eye contacts. His eyes were dark green and he had eye bags he like he hasn't been sleeping. He still looked beautiful with his honey caramel hair. He was dressed as usual in his black jeans, white round neck t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Typical bad boy vibes.

"You both would do a lot better if you just focus more on your test and not trying to undress each other with your eyes." The teacher calls our attention to herself. I turned slightly and see her standing besides me with an angry frown.

I quickly looked away and fixed my gaze on the test sheet in front of me. I tried not to be shaken with the fact that I just had an eye contest with him.

Trying to focus on my test seemed impossible after that little eye contact.

Unable to resist the urge to look at Alec, I turned to look at him again. He already stopped whatever he was sketching and now stared at his test sheet with a blank expression. He then turned the test sheet over and rose to his feet.

My eyes and that of everyone followed him as he left the class without completing his test and amidst the teacher calling him back.