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The Mistress

The Mistress

Author:Miss Sarah



WARNING: THE BOOK CONTAINS MATURED CONTENTS TO THE FULLEST!!! he was just fifteen years old when he watched his mother died and his father was nowhere to be seen. She needed a kidney transplant but his father decline to help even though he had the money with the excuse of using all the money for a big project and can't risk making mistakes but rather risked his wife's life. He was angry that even with a her last breath she murmured her love for the same man who never valued. He promised to never be a victim to that thing called love. He grew up despising love and hating his father, if money is the root of all evil then he will have the root while being evil.  Leonardo became known as the.. Rich and Ruthless C.e.o. because he never cared about anything called love or cared about anyone, he never smiles, he was a notorious playboy until Elena came along as she tried to to seduce and gain her way to him, however she became his mistress and ended up being the an easy target for his evil client to get hope that he actually have little feeling for her or she will just be another dead victim. But would he save her or just treat her like the other women? that question still lingered in the air.

"Hey I need a bitch for the night send her to my house not just anyone but a badass one."

Call ended. A man was seen smoking on the rooftop staring at the star's in the sky not caring about anything because he had it all.

He is Leonardo kain the twenty-nine years old Boss and the C.E.O all he just wanted at the moment was a girl for the night that he can put all his stress of the day on.

Suddenly he heard a familiar voice calling his name waking him up from his thoughts bring his mind back.

"Hi Leon" he heard the voice and rolled his eyes. What's this crazy woman doing here? How on earth did she get in?

"What do you want?" He asked, giving her a scary look with his deep blues.

"Come on Leonardo you don't have to be all formal with me all the time, you know?" She continued "And I'm not one of your employees...well I just miss you baby boy. And I'm sure you wondering how I got pass your security."

"Baby boy I have my ways, and I get what I want." She added waiting for his response because she knew who Leonardo was. Savage lord.

He looked at the woman in front of him seeking attention, she was beautiful with lush skin and dark brown hair and eyes, her curves fitted her body, but what he only saw was a disturber, an annoying woman.

"I guess those securities are not doing what they're paid for. Speaking of always getting what you want, well am not sorry to disappoint you, you're not getting anything in coming here today!." His deep voice resounded as he spoke not sparing her with his angry gaze. She shivered in fear.

"So Leon you are saying you paid your securities not to let me in? Leon all I have ever did all through the years was to love you endlessly, and I still do. So why baby boy?..why can't you do the same?" She spoke with visible tears running like a stream.

"But couldn't care less about her feelings or so called love.

"Is it not obvious till now that I don't want to see your God damn face around my house Maryjane?" He said harshly "and about loving you I can never love anyone, not even you of all people. What we had was a one time thing but you blew it up since the day you chose to start loving me as you claimed. As for you questions, you're eligible to answer them yourself" he turned around, "if you don't mind I have a lot to do before you invited yourself in without an invitation card." Leon was a man of few words but this woman was turning him into a talkative.

"But I.. I.. I just" but Leonardo left leaving her standing alone stuttering, not even sparing her a gaze.

'I just want to be by your side.' she completed inwardly.

Leonardo went straight to his room and fell on the bed, angrily picking his phone to calling his assistant.

"Just forget it am not interested anymore." he listened to the other end.

"But boss I already have her here with me, we are on our to your place."

"I said forget it or you better have her for the night, I don't care" he ended the call.