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His Mistress

His Mistress

Author:Authroess Cy



"Love?..."Penelope asked with a light scoff "I want to be Loved but sadly I can't"she grinned sadly Penelope Anderson the 25 years old billionaire and the CEO of Anderson Textile Company Cruel is an understatement of what she is...she's never had a boyfriend before and she hates to hear the word love...I wonder why? Her loves story is different...she's not a damsel in distress,she doesn't love pink Hell no! But all that later change well some of it changed when she brought a male slave Max Sliver...a 27 years old graduate from business administration but he's unemployed meaning that he's poor What happens when he get sold off to pay a debt and later ends up as a slave to the cruelest billionaire alive Find out....


"Granny am done!"I yelled

"Granny "i called again..still no response

That's unlike granny not to answer me

I bite my lower lips and went to the small living room

Still no sign of her

I opened the door to her room and still no sign of her

It's almost 9:00 pm...where could she have gone ?!

I sat down on the couch and waited patiently for her arrival

30 minutes later I decided to go look for her

I opened the wooden door and stepped out

It was so cold !

I wrapped my hands around my mascular body and started walking slowly

"Granny!"I yelled

Still no reply ...I walked slowly into the woods

"Max"I heard someone calling my name softly

"Granny"I walked slowly to a tree ....

I starined my eyes and saw her lying flat

"Granny"I rushed to her and carried her in a bridal style

The door to the living room made a cranky sound...probably cause it's old

I laid her gently on the couch and rushed to get some hot water

I placed a towel inside the water and squeezed out some of the water

I placed the hot towel on her head...why does she have to suffer like this?

I've told her countless times not to overstress herself

Well she wouldn't have to be doing this if we we're rich

A little introduction... well am Max Sliver

Has everything a lady desires in a man just that am f#cking poor

She stir a little and flinked her eyes open

"Granny"I said softly

"Maxxy...why aren't asleep yet?"she asked

"Granny...why did you like overstressing yourself?...the doctor said you're not that strong?"I said and cupped her hands in mine

"I wasn't overstressing myself...just that I wanted to take a nap"

"Seriously...and I found you lying on the ground with a burning temperature?"I asked sarcastically

"Come on let's go to's getting late"she said and laughed lightly

I sighed and helped her to her room

"Good night maxxy"she kissed my forehead and locked her door

I made my way sluggishly to my room and fell heavily on the bed

I really don't like granny stressing herself

Tho she's not my real Grandma... according to her ...she found me on her way to the woods

With a letter on my basket

Not been able to bear a child ....she took me in as her own

She's so caring and kind ...just that we're poor

I laid on the bed and within minutes I dozed off

Penny POV

"Stop it princess"I giggled as my dog continued licking my face

"You must really love her Miss Penny"my Nanny said

"Love?...what truly is love"I asked

"Well it's a kind of feeling you have for someone...or something..."

"Love"I muttered

"So what if I do this to princess"I took a small kitchen knife and stabbed the dog on its chest

"Do I still love it?"I asked with a mischievous grin

"Good heaven!"her eyes beamed with fear...she moved back a little to avoid blood stains

"Let this be a reminder to you nanny...don't ever tell me I love anything"I stated coldy

"Y...yes m...miss"she said and bowed her head

I threw the corps of the dead puppy and walked to my room

I turned on the shower and within minutes I was done bathing

I caught a glance of my reflection from the mirror

I can't believe am young and f#cking rich

Penny the only billionaire whose so lonely

Since it was still already late...I wore a transparent nighte ...I climbed my king size bed and drafted off to sleep