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Dark rose

Dark rose



General Romance

When Maneya returns after six years away from her brother and sister. She is disappointed that her mother abandoned her, but when she meets her childhood crush and his brother she is pulled in a world of indecision and romance. Will Maneya be able to tell the difference between love and infatuation?


  Maneya's POV



  6 years ago

  Hearing my parents argue in their rooms I decide to leave my brother's bedroom, I make sure to lock the door, even though their arguments can still be heard. I know kabwe is awake though he pretends to sleep, he just returned from the hospital. As I walk away to the back door of the house, I exit the house and the chilly air hits my face, its really dark but the luminous bulbs light the backyard, Moms flowers always looked the best in the dark. When I hear a sudden sound from the other side of the wooden fence I walk towards it, as I get closer I see Jonathan's head peak out, I smile as I drag a chair to the fence so that Jay and I could talk "I heard your parents arguing, is kabwe okay?" I hear jay say as I stand firmly on the chair "He is okay," I say as I look away "At least that's what he wants us to believe" I add as I look at jay "do you want to come over, Luka isn't around" jay says as he tries to cheer me up though not today " My parents divorce was finalised today." I tell jay as I look at the window of my parents bedroom " Am leaving with mom, kabwe is staying with dad" I say as jay hold my hand "will you be okay?" Jay says, I node and reply "I am more worried about kabwe, will you look after him when am gone?" Jay looks at me with compassionate eyes as I say " I know he is very stubborn and act like he is okay but he isnt." " you two aren't different you know...." Jay says as I look at him with sharp eyes, he looks at the sky and says "When will you be leaving?" "Tomorrow." I reply as I hear my mom calling I quickly add "Good night jay, I hope I see you tomorrow morning before I leave." Jay nodes as I quickly get off of the chair and drag it to its original place, I run to the door and enter the house, when I see mom and dad in the kitchen seated at the counter, I know they are about to give me "that talk". I sigh and my shoulders drop in defeat, I head to the counter as I take my seat and begin listening.



  That night I couldn't sleep, I wondered if kabwe was sleepless too, I hope not. I won't be able to see my dad and twin brother for a long time because mom is moving far away, that hurt, but even though I wanted to cry I couldn't because kabwe was just in the next room.

  When I woke up mom had already loaded all my things and hers in the car, I took my shower and prepared myself for the long journey, After I finished I went to kabwe's room he was still sleeping, I wanted to wake him up but I resorted to just holding his had and chanting my goodbye. When I finally left my brother's room dad was in the hall way " I am going to miss you pumpkin." I heard him say as I ran to hug him "Can't you stop her dad? I don't want to leave" before I knew it my face was wet with tears, I begun crying uncontrollably my dad knelt down to be at eye level with me. He got out a handkerchief and begun wiping my tears "big girls don't cry" I hear my dad say as I push him away " am twelve dad! I am not not supposed to strong"I say as my dad bows his head down "am not supposed to be strong dad, it hurts and both of you expect me to take it as it is." My dad holds my hand as he squeezes them, "you will be okay." He says as he let's go of my hand and wipes my tears "I know its hurts and am sorry your dad had to put you through this, But just this once be strong for your brother and me. I know its selfish of me to ask you this but wherever you and you mom goes, distance won't cut the ties you have with us." I can't stop crying as I hug my dad " I will always call you pumpkin" my dad says as he holds me tighter " you promise?" I ask my dad as he nodes, when dad stands up we head to the front door, mom is already in the car waiting "did she even say goodbye" I think to myself as she calls out " we should start off maneya." I wave at my dad as I head to the front seat of mom's car "put on your seatbelt" I hear her say as I quickly do as instructed when the car starts moving I hear jay call out "Stop!" "Mom wait!" I say as she sighs "Five minutes" she says as I quickly get out of the car when I look at Jay's direction my smile fades as he is with his older brother Luka, he is four years older than jay and I. He is a total pain in the butt, he must be going through puberty and he takes it out on us always "jay did you really have to bring him along?" I ask jay as Luka retorts "its hurts me to see you too Melissa." " its maneya" I shout at him as he walks towards me and flick my forehead with his fingers, I try to slap his hand away but he walks past me and shouts " if I leave you behind its not my fault." I look at jay angrily as he says " I still can't head to school on my own." "Whatever!" I shout as I fold my arms and look away, as I wonder why Luka always makes me angry whenever we meet, "here" I hear jay say as he hands me a photo album "hey this is your collection of our times together." I say as jay holds the straps of his back pack. "I will really miss you maneya, I want you to have it, to remind you of us." I hear jay say as I hold the photo album close, "close your eyes" I tell jay as he screams "ewwwww you aren't trying to kiss me are you?" I open my eyes wide in bewilderment and stutter "no.. noway are so gross Jonathan." I quickly run away. and enter moms car I peek out the window and wave. After putting on my seatbelt I hide my face with my hands and whisper "drive away mom please." Mom looks at me as she starts the car, I look back and he is just standing still where I left him. I sigh and whisper "I did want to kiss him."