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The Vampire's Mate

The Vampire's Mate



Cassandra, a werewolf born in the North. She went to Academia to pursue her lifetime dream. Little did she know, she will find her mate in Academia. It's the school's first ranker and a powerful vampire prince, Sebastian Alistair Blood. Two different worlds, one story. Where there are a series of deceit, mysteries, and betrayals. A love between a vampire and a werewolf bloomed. Can they survive the world with their love?

Cassandra neatly folded her remaining clothes and put them on her luggage. She placed her hands around her waist and huffed. Cassandra glanced around and smiled. It’s going to be the last time she will sleep in here.

“Are you sure about this, Cassy?” her twin brother asked. Cassandra grabbed a pillow on the bed and threw it at him. She wiped her sweat off her face and smirked.

“You’ve asked me that question a dozen times already. I’m sure of it, Blaze. My decision is final,” she said. Blaze glare at him and picked the pillow up. Cassandra sticks her tongue out. She’s a little childish, and she knows that.

“Mom will get sad. You know that she doesn’t want you to leave,” he said. Cassandra sat down on the swivel chair she had in her room and spun it around. She pouted her lips and heaved a sigh.

“I know, but I want to go to Academia, Blaze. It’s been my dream school since we were young. I’m sure Mom will understand me,” she said. Her twin brother sighed and grabbed the wooden chair near him. He sat beside her and patted her head. Cassandra's been preparing for all her life. And now that she has finally got an official admission to join the Academia, she will not miss the chance.

“I will miss you, ugly sister of mine,” Blaze jokingly said with a smile. Cassandra mad faces and leaned on his shoulder.

“I will miss you too, my annoying big brother,” she said. Cassandra secretly wiped the tears falling from her eyes.

“Are you crying?” Blaze asked and cupped her face. Cassandra swatted away his hands and pinched him on his side.

“When you go there, make sure to stay away from any troubles. I know you, Cassandra; troubles are always going after you,” he said. Blaze was with his sister all the time. He knew her through and through. ”Don’t make me go there and leave my Alpha position here,” he added. Cassandra heartily laughed. Troubles love her as much as she loves it.

“Aye, aye, captain Blaze!” she said and saluted. Blaze glared at her and gently smacked her head.

“I’m serious, Cassy. Don’t go making troubles in there,” he said. Blaze wanted his sister to be safe. As much as he wanted to go and guard her, he couldn’t. He is now the Alpha of the pack. It’s his sworn duty and responsibility to protect his family and the pack.

“I will. Don’t worry too much, okay? I swore on Caleb’s pink underwear,” Cassandra said and laughed. Blaze also laughed along with her. Caleb is the current beta. He is the son of the previous beta and Blaze’s best bud.

“I will tell him that,” Blaze said. Cassandra glared at him and punched him in the shoulder. Caleb will surely be piss if he knew.

“Blaze, let’s go stargazing with Mom and Dad,” she said. Blaze nodded his head and stood up. If Cassandra wants it badly, he will do it.

“Go get a thick blanket. I will call Mom and Dad,” he said and left his sister’s room. Cassandra went to get a blanket when she saw their family picture on the table. She couldn’t believe she was going somewhere far away from them. Cassandra grabbed the picture frame and put it in her bag. The door to her room suddenly burst open, revealing his brother’s head.

“Are you ready? Let’s get going,” he said. Cassandra nodded and put her jacket on as the cold winter night blew in the North. She quickly followed him and saw their parents waiting in the living room, hand in hand. They silently left the house and drove to the hill, where the view is marvelous.

Blaze parked the car after a ten-minute ride. Cassandra went out and dropped the thick blanket on the ground. The night is still young. The cold breeze brushed past her body with a soft swoosh. Cassandra shivered and rubbed her shoulders with the palms of her hands. Under the starry sky of perfect midnight velvet, the Reese's family sat on the blanket and gazed at the breathtaking sight above them.

“I remembered the last time we went here, Blaze left for two months to join the Council,” her mother spoke while staring at the moon. “And now, we are here again because Cassandra is leaving,” she added and sobbed. Cassandra’s heart felt like it was being ripped to pieces, hearing her mother’s soft cries. Her father instantly hugged her crying mother. Cassandra was too soft when it comes to her family. She wiped her tears away and forced down a gulped.

“Mommy, don’t be like this, please. I love you guys, I do,” she said and stared at them. “Besides, there’s summer vacation. I won’t be gone forever,” she added. It's a great opportunity to go to the school founded by the Kings. Not only that, she will get a good education, but she will also be taught to be a skilled fighter.

“I know that, Cassy. It’s just that I’m going to miss you badly, my child,” her mother said. Candice hugged her daughter tightly. She knew her young would leave its nest once it grew her wings, but she did not expect to be this soon.

“Don’t let boys go near you, understood?” Her father said.

“Dad!” she yelled. The hefty atmosphere began to disappear. Cassandra smiled at how protective her father when it comes to them. Her father would move mountains for them.

“That what I said to her, Dad,” Blaze said. Cassandra rolled her eyes. As her twin, Blaze tends to be protective too. He’s always there when Cassandra needed him. They spend the remaining hours talking, laughing, and watching the night sky before Cassandra goes to Academia.

“Won’t you say goodbye to them?” Blaze asked as he caught Cassandra slowly walking away, bringing her luggage with her. They already went back from stargazing hours ago.  Cassandra halted and sadly smiled at her twin brother.

“Send them my farewell, will you?” she said. “I might stay here if I told them personally,” she added with a sigh.

“Goodbye, Blaze,” Cassandra said, a tear fell from her eye. Blaze walked towards her and hugged her. He will surely miss annoying his little sister.

“Don’t be sad and be brave. You are a Reese, remember that,” Blaze said with a hint of seriousness on his voice. “I will see you on vacation, Cassandra brat. Good luck and keep safe,” he added and pulled himself away. Cassandra blew a kiss to him and left the packhouse. She walked with her head, held up high, and breathed deeply.

“Wait for me, Academia.”