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His Possession (Toxic Love Series 1)

His Possession (Toxic Love Series 1)




Katherina Blackwood's life takes a huge turn when a mysterious man claims her as his. CONTENT WARNING : This story may include scenes or depictions of dark themes, dubious consent, & suicide.

Katherina Blackwood

I'm so late for school.

Slipping on a grey sweetheart top and matching it with black jeans, I started combing my tangled black hair. I was so lazy last night to braid my hair before hitting the bed and my beautiful silky hair as rewarded me now.

I took my own time combing it by taking divisions. My hair stops right above my navel and I like to grow till it covers my ass. After spending my useful ten minutes, my hair is all done swaying perfectly with curves at the end.

Picking up all the books from my study table, I dumped it in my small bag which actually didn't help and rushed out of my room with a black shrug and few heavy freaking books in my arm.

I rushed to the dining table, placing my books and shrug on the table and my ass on the seat. Breakfast was already on my plate, so wasting no much time I took a spoon of pasta and shoved it in my mouth.

'No one's going to steal your breakfast, honey.' Mom said while making a sandwich for my little sister, Arabella.

'I'm late mom! Why didn't you wake me up?' I asked glaring at her.

'You're a 19—year—old young lady who is well trained to set an alarm and wake up in the morning on time for your school. Also, unlike you, I have better work in the morning than to wake you up' She giggled like some adorable kid.

'I believe the better work is teaching my sweet little sister not to pee in her pants at night, right mom?' hearing this my sister sitting in her old baby chair threw the spoon right in my direction which flew above my head, her target always as bad as her annoying self.

'Mommy!' She started wailing on top of her lungs which I ignored and continued sipping my juice.

'Kat!' Mom hissed and started consoling her.

'Bad Cat! Bad Cat you are' My sister said pointing her little finger at me.

'And you are a bad dog, bad dog' I mimicked her voice and rolled my eyes which only made her wail loud.

'Katherina stop that!' Mom said. I shrugged in response and ignored my mother's glare.

I finished the last fork of the leftover pasta of the previous night and got up, lifting up my books and the shrug.

My sister is no longer wailing, she looks peaceful as she munched on her sandwich and mother is busy packing her lunch. I stood for a second wondering how to spoil the moment, that's when Mom saw my reaction and her eyes widened in fear and she mouthed no. I smirked and let out the 'no' words out of my mouth.

'You know what, Bella? Ursula loves —


' — teddy bears, and it's said that she comes at night to —

'Katherina Blackwood!'

'— collect them from cute little girls like you. You better hide yours' I mimicked a voice of some guy with throat infection which is like a monster's voice to my sister and fake glared at her before running towards the main door so mother wouldn't smack my head for the war I just started.

No sooner did I ran when I started hearing Bella's screams and vessels shattering on the floor. I opened the main door and closed it behind, all the screams and wail dying inside as I stepped out into another cloudy day.

Arabella, my little 6—year—old has a weird habit of throwing things when she gets emotional and troubling her is one of the best feelings, ever.

Chuckling at my thoughts I wore my helmet and rode to Bridgehills High, one of the not so famous high schools of a not so famous town, Bridgehills.

It's an old small—town famous for its tourist spots. From mountains to creeks and beautiful landscapes, the town is a package of forest due to which the temperature is always moderate, attracting people all over the globe to visit here. But since it's a town, it also has its disadvantages. Some of the town people get educated and leave this town for a better living while the others stay here and live with the little living. There's a gas station, few restaurants and lodges, and few shops which are enough for the limited population.

I've always imagined city life and wanted to move to a city once high school is done and the closer, I approach towards graduation, the worse it feels since I'll leave the town for college. Peddling faster in the empty wet road, with the clouds painted white and grey, threatened to shower down for late afternoon rain, I could see my school from far distant. Students are rushing already in, which means I'm late. Again.

When I reached school grounds, I parked my cycle hurriedly making it crash over the others and toppled down.


I saw our school security, snapping his head towards the source of noise and his eyes turning into slits when he saw who was responsible for it.

'Not again!' I heard him shout and stomp towards me with his security stick pointing at me. He doesn't use the stick to beat anyone, except the boys who love playing pranks on him, getting rewards from his stick to their butt 'You come late every day and cause havoc before even entering for your first class!'

'Sorry, Oliver!' I shouted back and rushed to my biology class before he could catch me and take me to the office.