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Author:Moni Sky M.B.N)



After her parents was killed by a pack of rogues werewolves, Aruda trains to be a werewolf Huntress, learning to block out pain, stalk, fight, and kill. As Aruda sacrifices herself to the hunt, she was given a mission to got to Beacon hills to find out about her real Family killers and kill them all.. Bit by bit all that makes Aruda human is sacrificed to the hunt. Now, Aruda’s hatred has become a monster all its own, robbing her of conscience and conviction. As she follows her vendetta into the outlands. The options to kill become scarce. And she learns it takes more than a silver bullet to kill a werewolf and a holy amour to kill a demonic creature, it takes a Huntress with a perfect strategy to kill a target. But, everything changes when she got to Beacon Hills and met with the Alpha of a Powerful Pack. His Name is Alpha Eric."I am Aruda the Lady Assassin and I'm known as the "Werewolf Huntress"...Found out more when Aruda meets with the ups and downs in her new mission as sh

"I am the Devil's girl and also the First Female Werewolf Huntress.

Many years ago, I lost my family to the Pack of Werewolves.

And now I am on a Mission to go to Beacon Hills where Supernatural beings Live and abode.

More like Werewolves and the strongest of them all, "The Pack of RED MOON ".

My aim is to kill 'em all and leave".

Said by the Werewolf Huntress

But little did she know what was coming her way. As she met the most Powerful Werewolf Alpha Eric.

I am Aruda the Lady Assassin and I'm known as the "Werewolf Huntress".


Aruda's P.O.V

I grabbed the tree branch and swung myself up using my upper body strength.

I landed on the branch and looked down.

There stood my targets 2 wail wolves I didn't hesitate, I unsheathed my silver blade and got ready to jump.

The werewolves stepped right in front of me. Wrong move you idiots. I pushed myself into the branch and swung my blade at the werewolf's head. The head fell and hit the ground with a silent thud.

The other looked shocked. Then he transformed his arm which he swung at me with.

I ducked under grabbing the fence and picking myself up and kicking the guy.

I slammed my blade into his heart killing him instantly. He dropped dead.

I looked around and saw blood everywhere I fought. "I made quite the mess" I said to myself.

I sheathed my blade and went into my black knee high combat boots and got my small blade out.

I walked up to the corpses and careered in Lady Assassin.

As I summoned the devil himself.

*** Written BY:— Monica Blessing N.***

They were slowly extinguished revealing a teenage boy. I know, I know a teenager boy being the devil, no way but the devil takes the form of a teenage boy.

"I suppose you have a good reason for summoning me Aruda" The devil said.

"Y—yeah" I stuttered.

Sure I'm use to the devil since I have contact with him but sometimes he scares me.

"Tell me I'm not waiting forever" He said.

I pointed to the dead werewolves.

"I'm spreading your message who's the next target" I asked.

"Good you can relax for now but there's a town I want to look into there's been signs of werewolves there so if you see them kill them, you'll be disguising as a weak human student make up stuff if you have to but don't reveal your Identity" He said.

I nodded. He leaned forward and handed me a paper. "This Paper has everything you need to know to move in and get enrolled in and what town and school……..oh and don't destroy the place like last time" He added and disappeared.

I looked at the paper. Beacon Hills London.

The School is Beacon Hills High. The town is small so make sure no one suspects you.

And you're a junior also the strongest Werewolf Pack resides there, Red Moon,, So you'll probably encounter werewolves that aren't rogue.

Woah. I sighed. This was going to be one hell of a job.

I pulled out my phone and called head quarters.

"Hello yes this Nora from the headquarters" Nora said.

"Drop the act Nora it's Aruda I finished my job and I'm heading out of town.

"Tell Bryan I'll be gone for a while" I said.

"Y—yes Ma'am" Nora replied.

I hung up on her.

Well now home to pack for Beacon Hills.

This is gonna be an amazing job.



When Aruda gets to Beacon Hills will she finally fulfill her mission to kill all the Werewolves and get back home safe.???


Something will happen on the Line ?.

Watch Out !!! and Read More

***** BY:— Monica Blessing N.*****