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Spoil My Luckiest Wife

Spoil My Luckiest Wife



General Romance

Monica was an orphan, but she was also the luckiest girl in the world. She was extremely pretty, a genius, a top-notch hacker, champion of Martial Arts competition, of course, loved by everyone, except those girls or family members who couldn't accept all her glamor and merits. Certainly, who didn't want to be her?! Read along to see how Monica used her blessings to conquer each and every difficulty other girls set up for her.

It was a rainy day in September. A small town located in the mountains was shrouded in a gentle drizzle. The stone paths were washed clean by the rain, and the air was fresh with the smell of dirt.

In the only high school in the center of town, an eighteen-year-old girl was on her way to the principal's office.

The girl was dressed simply, however, her face was so comely and beautiful that one could ignore her dress. She had natural elegance and poise, which made her look charming but cold and distant.

'Principal, Monica is here." Monica's class tutor guided her way.

The tutor's attitude surprised Monica. She even had to consider the family background of students for the selection of student leaders. Why would she suddenly be so enthusiastic to herself?

"Please let her in!" The principal was also excited, and his voice was even trembling as he spoke.

Monica walked into the principal's office in confusion, and when she saw the person in the office, Monica understood and smiled.

It was because of him.

In the principal's office, a tall man sat on a delicate and expensive sofa. His bearing was out of the ordinary and looked like an elite of the upper class. If looking carefully, it could be found that the man's features are somewhat similar to Monica's.

Monica sized up the man while the man was sizing her up as well.

The man had planned to take Monica to the hospital for a DNA test later, but now it seems that this was unnecessary.

Because Monica and her mother look almost the same. They both have beautiful features and fair and delicate skin. Even in ordinary clothes, they were still very conspicuous.

The most striking part about Monica was her eyes.

Monica was only about 17 years old, but her eyes were cold, deep, and shrewd, just like the mysterious deep sea.

Noticing that the man kept staring at her, Monica asked with a frown, "Who are you?"

Monica knew she was not related by blood to the grandmother who raised her, and it had occurred to her that her relatives might be finding her one day.

But wasn't it usually the parents who would look for their children? This man was too young to be her parents.

The man's deep eyes flashed with indistinct helplessness. He said, "I am your brother."

At this point, the principal couldn't resist saying, "Monica, how come you never mentioned that your brother is the managing director of Imperial Capital Co. Ltd.?"

Monica rolled her eyes secretly and thought, she also just know this matter.

It was only when Monica's parents died in a car accident three years ago that her grandmother told her the truth - Monica was an adopted child. She finally understood why her previous parents had been so cold to her. When Monica was young, her adopted parents just fostered her in the grandmother's home in the countryside and did not care about her at all.

After her adoptive parents passed away, her grandmother went to the Police office to submit Monica's information form, hoping to find her relatives. Now Monica was reunited with her family, and surprisingly, her family is the managing director of the famous Imperial Capital Co. Ltd.

"Are you my brother?" Monica could hardly believe that such an absurd thing could happen to her.

"Yes, you have four brothers beside me." Gavin Moore, Monica's brother said gently.

"Four?" Monica frowned as the reality was far from the family she thought. It was hard for her to imagine what life would be like with four brothers.

Would it be noisy?

Finding that Monica was distracted, Grandmother said to Gavin politely, "Monica is introverted and may have difficulty in accepting these in a short time, please don't mind."

"Of course, I don't mind." Gavin smiled politely and stood up, then took out a box from his bag, "Nice to meet you, Monica. Here's a gift for you. Hope you will like it"

Seeing this, the principal said to Monica flatteringly, "Monica, please take the gift. You are so close to your brother. Hope you will not forget your former teachers and classmates after you transfer to another school."

Gavin showed a disapproving look when he heard what the principal said. He glanced at the principal, and said indifferently, "Don't worry, my sister has been educated in your school for so many years, I will provide funds for the construction of the school."

He, Gavin, never owes anyone a favor.

The principal's eyes brightened when he heard this, "That's great! I'm very grateful to you."

Finally, Monica did not refuse her brother and accepted the gift.

The principal flattered them for a while before sending them out of the school with the tutor.

A Rolls Royce was parked in front of the school gate and it is also surrounded by many other luxury cars. Such a scene had already attracted the attention of a lot of people.

Vicky had just gotten off the car when she heard her friend's voice, "Vicky, here you are!"

Vicky glanced at her carelessly, because her attention was on the Rolls Royce, "Whose car is that?"

She was the daughter of a member of the school board of directors. Usually, she was in the limelight in school, but today this car overshadowed her.

"I heard that the managing director of the Imperial Capital Co. Ltd. came to our school."

"Imperial Capital Co. Ltd.?" It was the top enterprise in the imperial capital, and even her father was not qualified to work with them. "What are they doing here? Want to invest in this stupid school?"

"No, I heard that the managing director was here to pick up his sister."

"Pick up his sister?" Vicky was stunned, "Are you serious? How can a rich girl study in our school?"

As they spoke, Monica and a tall man, surrounded by the principal and a group of senior faculties, walked out of the school.

"Vicky, that tall man is that managing director!" The friend said excitedly.

Vicky was completely frozen when she looked back. If that man was the general manager of Imperial Capital Co. Ltd., then the person beside him should be his sister.

But she is Monica, the bumpkin she hates and despises most!

Vicky was so shocked that she turned pale. She never thought Monica had such a family background!