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Hunter Reborn as a Vampire's Fiancée

Hunter Reborn as a Vampire's Fiancée




Since ancient times, Vampire hunters has existed to give humans a chance to survive in the face of the blood-drinking monsters. Cheryl used to be the strongest female hunter in the hunter camp. However, during a mission, Cheryl was tragically killed but she lost the memories of the day being killed and surprisingly woke up again in a strange snowy land. Cheryl wanted to find out the truth about her death, so she returned to the hunter camp again, but her little brother who she had cared for for twenty years shoot her with her weapon upon seeing her. Cheryl had to flee temporarily, but on the way to escape she was hypnotized by the powerful vampire Prince and brought back to his manor. When Cheryl woke up again, she just realized that she had been reborn into the body of a woman named Chris, who was not only the lowest of the low vampires, but also the Prince's fiancée...Cheryl wanted to figure out the truth about her death, but could she escape when she's trapped in the monster’s manor?

Chris's POV.

"Hey! Stop! Chris, you can't run away! The Prince needs you!"

As rough and shrill voices sounded behind me, I turned to see the monster with bloodshot eyes and bared fangs running towards me.

It was a low-level adult vampire.

I subconsciously went to reach for my weapon, but I touched it in vain, with only a torn skirt and not even a pair of shoes, instead I was covered in bruises.

I had just woken up from the snow, and my last memory before passing out was of the scarlet church, the gathering point for vampire hunters, and me being the best of them.

Thank God! I thought I was dead, I didn't expect to wake up, though not in a good way.

My wounds were still bleeding and the white snow beneath my feet was quickly turning red as I stood still and looked at the monster that was approaching me.

Hunters weren t allowed to run away before they even started fighting, even when there's a power mismatch.

I tensed my nerves and stared at him. He was getting closer to me and my mind was quickly planning how to defeat him.

He held a leather whip in his hand, which was swinging towards me at the time, and he also had a dagger pinned to his belt.

"Swish!" The sound of the whip sliced through the air.

Then the whip fell to the ground and the snow splashed up, blocking our view.

I dodged his attack.

When I woke up, I noticed that my muscles had disappeared and my arms were as thin as freshly fried fries, but my body had become incredibly nimble.

"Damn you, you piece of trash!" He cursed angrily.

I didn't give him a chance to react, and I just slid quickly from the snow to his side, snatched his dagger away and raised my hand, the next moment the knife had been plunged into his heart.

His body slowly collapsed as the anger in his eyes wasn t yet faded, and eventually, he turned into a fishy cascade of ashes that mingled with the pure white snow.

How came the monster call me trash?

I gave him a cold look, then picked up the dropped dagger from the ground, and turned to leave the area.

After walking out of town I realized that I had just been in vampire territory, which was a nondescript town full of low-level vampires.

It might have something to do with the unfinished mission before I passed out, and I needed to get to St. Bi Church as soon as possible before I knew what happened that day.

It was the gathering point for vampire hunters, and before I passed out I received orders from my superiors to go there as usual to get information about the mission.

I didn t remember what happened after that, except that there was blood everywhere in the church, and the stained glass across the street reflected me falling in a pool of blood.

It was a little far from the church, and there was no one on the road. I was a little hungry and thirsty, but didn't want to drink or eat.

I forced the strange feeling and continued walking, pulling the door curtain to cover my body as I passed the store.

It was snowing hard and I couldn't feel the cold, but I thought I'd cover up my exposed wounds and the blood that had congealed on me.

Finally, once arriving at the church, I pushed right through the door. It was lit by a few dim lights inside.

Thank goodness! I saw my brother, Cecil, and three other hunters.

They gathered near the altar, with their heads bowed as if discussing something, and looked my way as I pushed the door open.

The expression on Cecil's face was complex, which changed quickly from shock to cruelty in the space of a few seconds.

"Ce... ah!" I hadn't finished shouting his name when surprise remained in my face and a cluster of silver arrows pierced through my shoulder.

Immediately, a strong burning pain came from the wound, causing me to cry out loud.

I'd never seen such a look on Cecil's face, cold with disgust, as if I were some kind of ugly monster.

He used to be a brat who shivered at the sight of a vampire, and now he's able to take my bow and shoot at me.

But why? Why did he hurt his sister like that?

I covered my injured shoulder, the sticky liquid instantly wetting my palm and spilling out of my fingers.

"Kill her!" Cecil ordered indifferently to the other three hunters.

Instantly, four shotguns were aimed at me, the three hunters holding plain brown shotguns, while Cecil was holding a different weapon, which was mine.

It was an all-black pistol with a rose pattern on the muzzle and customized bullets that I had specially made to kill both commoners and vampires with a single shot.

I looked at Cecil in shock, unable to say a word, and he didn't hesitate to pull the trigger.

Perhaps it was a survival instinct, and at that moment, I darted for the stained glass of the church, almost instantaneously.

I cracked the glass with the handle of my knife, and before that I saw a completely unfamiliar face on the glass.

Black hair, scarlet eyes, sharp, and ugly fangs...

I escaped through the window, and this time I was sure that I had the ability of teleportation.

In a flash, I was out of the church, and even out of the street where the church was located.

The curtain wrapped around my body had fallen off during the escape, and I was left with a tattered skirt again, and more serious injuries.

A few drops of blood fell from the ground with every step I took, while unbearable pain came from my shoulder and I could barely feel my right arm.

However, my mind was still reeling from the face I had just seen, and I was desperately trying to find a mirror.

Walking into an alleyway, I slowly walked forward in the dark holding onto the wall, I could clearly see everything around me in the obvious darkness.

I hadn't noticed earlier, but since I woke up, it's like my senses had all become more acute, almost like a monster.

The thought of it made my heart deep inside even more restless, and my body was completely out of energy, but I didn't dare stop.

A mirror! I need a mirror!

Suddenly, I bumped into something hard and cold and had to stop. My nerves tightened once again as I saw what was in front of me and immediately clenched the dagger in my hand.

The thing had a handsome face, beautiful golden eyes, and indifferent and calm eyes.

But I definitely didn't think he was human, obviously his scent was so dangerous that my whole body couldn't stop shaking and almost out of instinct, I wanted to kneel and worship him.

However, I had absolutely no strength left to resist, and could only stare at him cautiously.

Suddenly, he reached around my waist and forcefully pulled me closer until I was physically pressed against him.

His golden eyes held an enchanting magic, and all I could feel was my eyelids growing heavy and my consciousness beginning to slip into chaos.

Finally I heard him whisper in my ear with a muffled voice, "Gotcha! My bride."