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Master of Physical Martial King

Master of Physical Martial King


Xuan huan

Wang An had read a lot of books since he was a child. Because of an accident, he dreamed of his tragic fate ten years later! When he woke up from his dream, he decisively gave up writing and followed the martial arts. He swore that he would change his fate against the will of heaven and reach the peak of martial arts!

In the dark void, Wang An felt as if he had spent ten years in a dream.

"Doctor Huang, how's Wang An's injury? Did he hurt his internal organs?" A worried voice sounded in the room. It was a gentle and pleasant voice, which sounded familiar to Wang An. However, Wang An felt that he hadn't heard this voice for a long time. At this moment, Wang An couldn't wait to open his eyes and see who the woman was.

Hearing this, the doctor in the blue robe shook his head and said, "The young master was just created by gravity. His shoulder bones were broken and his skin was pierced, but his internal organs were not hurt. He only needs to recuperate more and will recover after a period of rest."

At this time, the woman's tightly knitted eyebrows suddenly relaxed, and her worried face also smiled. She turned to the girl beside her and said, "Wan'er, send Doctor Huang back."

On the bed, Wang An, who was seriously injured, fell asleep in a daze and continued to return to the dream.

"Wang An, you colluded with the Devil's Doctrine and harmed the people. You deserve to die in five horses. I, since you are from the League of Strong Families, I will give you a quick death!" A god-like voice sounded in the dark void, and then a flash of lightning-like knife light flashed quickly.

Pu chi!

Wang An dreamed that his head would fly high into the air!

"No!" Wang An, who was unconscious on the bed, suddenly sat up and shouted. His back was soaked.

Wang An, who had woken up, immediately looked around. When he saw the familiar environment around him, his heart, which was as heavy as a boulder, immediately relaxed.

"So it was just a nightmare." Wang An's heart could not help but relax.

"Creak..." The door opened.

At this time, under the soft light, Wang An saw a familiar figure walking in. It was a woman in her 30s, wearing a pale purple dress. Although she was only wearing ordinary clothes, it could not hide her innate intelligence.

"Mother..." When Wang An saw that it was his mother who had walked in, a yearning that seemed to have been suppressed for ten years welled up in his heart. He immediately got out of bed and hugged Yu Lan tightly.

Yu Lan was holding a bowl of traditional Chinese medicine to treat internal injuries. Suddenly, she was hugged by Wang An, and a lot of the medicine splashed out. Yu Lan couldn't help but frown slightly. She was about to reprimand Wang An, but when she thought of what he had experienced in the martial arts yard today, her heart suddenly softened.

"Just what kind of child is An'er? He was beaten up by those Martial Marquis family disciples in the Martial House today. It's normal for him to feel uncomfortable." Yu Lan stroked Wang An's head.

At this moment, no one could understand how much Wang An missed his mother. While in a coma, Wang An felt as if he had spent ten years in a dream!

Ten years of dreams!

Although he had woken up, Wang An still remembered what had happened in his dream.

In the ten years in his dream, Wang An saw with his own eyes the tragic fate of the people around him. His adopted sister

Wang Wan'er

was insulted by an evil slave and then became crazy. His mother, Yu Lan, was even more worried about Wang Wan'er's death. Soon, she would die of a serious illness.

As for Wang An, he wasn't interested in martial arts at all. His martial cultivation was very low. Although he was well-educated, he was the wife of his father, the King of Mountains and Rivers, and the wife of the first-grade Honorary Lady, Mrs. Zhao, who had given the order to abandon literary and martial arts.

After he became an adult, he was driven out of the mansion by the Zhao family. He had been a gangster for ten years. In the end, he was lucky enough to get to know Princess Jingyu. They fell in love with each other, but they were accused of colluding with the Devil's Doctrine and harming people. He was killed by the Human Emperor!

"Fortunately, it's just a nightmare!" Wang An held his mother, Yu Lan, in his arms and said to himself with fear.

In the dream, Wang An lost all his relatives. Only those who had lost them before would know how to cherish them.

"Okay, okay." Yu Lan gently patted Wang An's back and comforted him, "If you really don't want to go to the Martial Arts Academy, then go back to the Academy of Chinese Medicine tomorrow."

Wang An looked at Yu Lan in a daze, a hint of worry flashing across his face.

Yu Lan seemed to know what Wang An was worried about. She consoled him, "Let me explain to your mother."

Wang An was merely a concubine's son of the King of River and River. According to the laws of the Great Qin Dynasty, the legal wife of the King of River and River and the wife of the First Rank Honorary Lady, Mrs. Zhao, were Wang An's mother.

Wang An could only call her Yu Lan's mother...

Since the Human Emperor split the mountain with his Five Axes and unified the Nine Prefectures, it was called the Great Qin Dynasty.

The imperial court of the Great Qin Dynasty had been established for 800 years. It had strong troops and strong horses. Its national luck was at its peak. In the past, the land of the Nine Prefectures was known as one hundred thousand sects. Now, except for a few sects that could be attached to the imperial court, most of them had long disappeared.

To be able to suppress a hundred thousand sects and rule over a hundred clans, one could only imagine how terrifying the power of the Great Qin Dynasty was.

Since ancient times, no one in the land of the Nine Prefectures had unified the land of the Nine Prefectures except for the Human Emperor. They unified the land of the Nine Prefectures, suppressed 100,000 sects, and gave birth to countless noble kings and generals.

The King of Mountains and Rivers was a strange king that had suppressed countless factions. His fame had spread far and wide. The current King of Mountains and Rivers was stationed at the border of the Wilderness, suppressing billions of demonic beasts!

Wang An was the son of a concubine who was one of the two different kings in the Great Qin Dynasty! As a concubine's son, especially a concubine's son who was born in a lowly family like a maid, Wang An had a very low status in the prince's mansion!

Poor people, rich people, and martial arts. In addition, Wang An's status in the mansion was too low, so his monthly allowance was very little, barely enough for the mother and son to spend daily expenses. What's more, Wang An himself was not very interested in martial arts. He was immersed in literature and planned to participate in the imperial examination after the beginning of spring next year to gain fame.

Unexpectedly, just a few days ago, the wife of the first-grade Honorary Lady, Zhao, summoned Wang An and said that the Great Qin Dynasty was founded on the basis of martial arts. Among the ten sons of the King of Mountains and Rivers, none of them was a literary official. They directly ordered Wang An to give up on martial arts!

Wang Anhan studied hard for ten years, but he couldn't resist an order from the Zhao family.

The Empire of the Qin Dynasty was founded on martial arts and ruled the country with courtesy. In the Empire of the Qin Dynasty, courtesy was a law. The mother's order must not be disobeyed! In desperation, Wang An could only give up writing and martial arts and enter the Martial Arts Academy.

Unexpectedly, on the first day of entering the martial arts school, Wang An had a quarrel with a concubine's son of a marquis in the martial arts school and began to fight. Wang An spent ten years on reading books and scriptures, so he had no time to learn martial arts. He was so weak that he was seriously injured and unconscious by the young duke in a face-to-face fight.

Wang An sat back on the bed and drank the bitter traditional Chinese medicine. He found that his sworn sister

Wang Wan'er

was missing. He couldn't help asking, "Mom, where is Wan'er?"

However, Yu Lan said, "She sent Doctor Huang away. Why hasn't this girl come back for so long?"


Suddenly, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, Wang An stood up abruptly, his face full of horror. He muttered, "Could it be... could it be that the prophecy in the dream is real?"

In the dream, Wang An's sworn sister, Wang Wan'er, was brought to the woodshed by an evil slave on her way back because of the doctor. Since then, Wang Wan'er had become crazy.

"What's wrong? An'er, be gentle. If you hurt your bones again, you'll be in trouble." Yu Lan couldn't help but chide.

Wang An was extremely scared. Although Wan'er was not his biological sister, she had been with Wan'er day and night for more than ten years. They were not siblings, but more powerful than siblings. Wang An thought it was just a nightmare, but he didn't expect it to be true!

"I must save Wan'er!" Wang An picked up the long sword hanging on the wall and ran out of the room regardless of the injury on his right shoulder...

The anxious Wang An gripped the Gentleman Sword tightly in his hand!

The Great Qin Dynasty was established on the basis of martial arts. The martial arts style was very strong. Even the Confucian scholar, who had no strength to fight against chickens, was equipped with a long sword called Gentleman Sword.

Wang An ran all the way. Maybe he ran too fast. The wound that had been bandaged was torn again, and blood oozed out.

At this time, Wang An couldn't care less about the burning pain on his shoulder, and the terrible scene in the dream appeared in his mind.

"No... no, don't come over..." Wang An's adopted sister Wang Wan'er's eyes were dull and she was crazy. This scene was deeply engraved in Wang An's mind.

"Ah!" Wang An shook his head violently and ran faster. His eyes were full of determination as he said, "I, Wang An, will not allow anyone to hurt my relatives!"

The mansion of the King of Mountains and Rivers was very large. It covered an area of more than a thousand acres, with a narrow winding path, a rockery, and a stone forest. Soon, Wang An came to the place where his sister was in his dream.

This was a firewood house that had been abandoned for a long time. It was abandoned because a maid hanged herself here and made trouble.

In the woodshed, a man in a blue robe, reeked of alcohol, with a black mole on the corner of his mouth. He looked a little ferocious as he held down a little girl.

The man's face was flushed red, and he smelled of alcohol. He looked at the very beautiful little girl in front of him and said with a ferocious smile, "Hehe, I usually think you are beautiful, but I didn't expect you to be so energetic!"

The man reached out and grabbed the little girl's clothes.

"Hiss..." A large piece of clothes was torn.

"It's here!" Wang An came to the door of the woodshed.

"Let me go!"


At this moment, Wan'er's cry for help came from the woodshed!

"Not good!"

Wang An's expression changed drastically. He immediately ran to the door and kicked the wooden door.


Although Wang An didn't practice much martial arts, the Spiritual Qi in the Mountain River King's mansion was rich. Wang An's martial cultivation had also reached the Second Stage of Body Tempering. In addition, Wang An was so furious that he could kick open the locked wooden door.

"Stop!" Wang An rushed into the woodshed. The first thing he smelled was the strong smell of alcohol. Then he saw that Wu Desheng was suppressing his sister, trying to do something evil.


Wang An was furious and felt that his mind was blank. He pulled out his sword desperately and tried his best to stab Wu Desheng.

Wu Desheng was about to do something evil to Wan'er, but unexpectedly, the wooden door of the woodshed was kicked open. Wu Desheng was scared out of his wits on the spot. Then he saw Wang An, who was usually very cowardly, draw his sword and stab him!

"It's you! Wang An!" Wu Desheng was shocked!

Wu Desheng saw a long sword shining with cold light. Although it was just a gentleman's sword made of ordinary steel, once it was stabbed in the vital parts, it would be crippled even if it didn't die!

However, Wu Desheng was a martial artist at the third level of Body Tempering. At this extremely dangerous moment, his body quickly shifted.

"Puff!" The Gentleman Sword pierced Wu Desheng's shoulder.

Wu Desheng took a few steps back and collapsed in the corner. He tore off his clothes and looked at the wound. When he saw that he was only stabbed in the shoulder, he felt a little relieved.

"It's so dangerous. If I had reacted a little slower just now, I would have been stabbed in the heart." Wu Desheng tried his best to suppress the bleeding wound, and his face darkened.