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His Virgin Neighbor

His Virgin Neighbor



General Romance

Victoria was a woman who used to being single, the men she had met were either not interested or she had never found them interesting and then she met Lucian her new neighbor and she found he was interested in her but he had a reputation for being a ladies man and a bit of a bad boy. will she let him be her first and will she enjoy the ride to see where this goes?

  Victoria was a 28 year old woman who lived on her own in a nice little house in a quiet suburban town, she had noticed that morning when she went out shopping that her next door neighbors had moved out of their house. She liked her neighbors, they were a nice couple with a couple of young kids and it was last month when she saw the sale sign up in their yard and she had found out they were moving because the husband had gotten a promotion and was having to move to where his new job was and it was only a couple of days after that she noticed the sold sign had appeared.

  She wondered as she placed her book down onto her coffee table who would be moving in, she got up from her sofa and went into the kitchen to make herself a coffee, she hoped that whoever was going to move in would be just as nice as that family.

  She took her drink and walked back into her living room to find her cell phone ringing, she sighed as she knew it would be her friend Marie who she rarely saw these days and she was trying to get her to go out on a date again, she pulled back her long brown hair away from her face and answered her phone, she sighed and rolled her eyes, "before you say anything, I am not going out on another date", she shook her head even though Marie couldn't see her doing it, she was getting fed up at hearing Marie promising her that this time it will be better.

  "No, they are all the same, they are never interested and are boring ," she walked about the room, "I'm going to go now, I'll call you later."

  She sat back down groaning, she knew that because Marie was in a happy relationship she thought that everyone had to be in one, she drank her coffee enjoying the silence even though at times it felt lonely especially at night when she was alone in her bed.

  She laid her head back wondering if there was someone who wasn't boring and who would interest her, she scoffed because in the past when she found someone interesting and she liked them they never found her the same, she found they made some excuse so they could leave, she looked down at her size 18 frame. She never wore clothing that showed off her body, she liked her clothing to be long and two sizes too big.

  She thought her body was off putting but it wasn’t, what she didn’t know was that her body was mouth watering, she had an hourglass waist, her tits were ripe and she had an ass to die for.

  Victoria liked her own company and she enjoyed reading, she enjoyed her job which was a cleaner by contract, she would get a rota from her boss to where she would be cleaning that day, sometimes it would be factories and schools or sometimes it would be houses and the pay was good which was why she could afford to rent this house in this lovely quiet street.

  She was used to being on her own as her mom and dad had died in a car accident when she was small and she had grown up in Foster care and she found that concentrating on school work and keeping her grades up kept her going and college was where she met her friend Marie who was now happily married with a couple of kids.

  She got up and stretched and picked up her now empty cup and walked into the kitchen to rinse it out, she placed her cup back into the cupboard and decided to read some more of her romantic novel, so she sat back down onto her sofa and picked up her book and began to read and it was only when she got into the story that she heard a noise coming from outside, she was curious so she decided to take a look out of her window through the blinds and there she saw a big removal van and she knew that her new neighbors were moving in. She smiled and went back on her sofa to read, she hoped her new neighbors would be nice.