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Last Name

Last Name

Author:Terri Pray


New Adult

He'd married her, then abandoned her without a word, leaving Corina Greenheart uncertain if anything they shared had been real. Or nothing more than a lie. His name, his past, his ship, was any of it real? She was everything to him, the only woman he'd ever loved, ever dreamed of spending his life with. But his oath had torn them apart, forcing him to leave without explanation. Now, on Freedom Station, he has a chance. But how can she trust him when she doesn't even know his last name.


Corina arched her back and stretched out on the bed, careful not to disturb the sleeping figure next to her. She glanced down at the man, her fingers itching with the need to touch his dark, tousled hair to smooth the soft tendrils curled over the back of his neck. His toned body bare save for the corner of the sheet draped over the taut curves of his buttocks.

She licked her lips, remembering the feel of those same buttocks beneath her fingers as he'd pounded into her. The look in his eyes unmistakable with the way his pleasure had shone in their depths, as they'd both cried out only to collapse on the bed. It wouldn't take much to start all over again, but they'd done a decent job of wearing each other out in the past twenty—four hours, and he'd need his sleep.

And you don't?

Maybe she did, but she needed a shower first.

Her inner thighs ache, and she could feel the remains of the pleasures she'd shared with David. Not that she wanted to remove the reminder, but she had to. If she walked around smelling of sex, she'd never hear the end of it from the men and women she worked with, bad enough she was teased due to her mother's status as a Gaean Pleasure Adept.

With a sigh, she eased out of bed, naked as the day she'd been born, and padded across the room to her small bathroom.

The bathroom wasn't the largest on offer to those with private quarters, but it was better than the provisions on small ships, a few of the facilities had been tight enough you had to watch yourself if you turned too quickly, in case you ended up catching an elbow or knee on a corner. At least she did have it to herself unless she offered to let another woman share with her, or where the occupant had a lover.

Or husband.

Married. Her. Gods, it wasn't the type of thing she'd have ever expected. She knew how hard she was to get along with, and it had never been in her plans, but this man, this beautiful, strong, dangerous man had chosen her. He'd picked her, accepted her, and bonded with her using the Gaean ceremony in honor of her mother and the path Corina had turned her back on many years before.

Her mother. She'd have to contact Gaea and get a message to the Adept in the next couple of days. Not always an easy thing to do as her mother was one of the senior Adepts. Work which took her mother took her off world to one of the other five worlds, which were a part of system one. Although Gaea, Mars, Fate, Thanatos, and Chronos did not orbit the same star, they were known as system one due to the close ties between the worlds, and it wasn't uncommon for Adepts of one planet to visit or work with Adepts from another world.

Hells, what would the older woman say? It wasn't as if they'd spoken much in the past few years, but perhaps this would change her mind about the mistakes Corina had, apparently, made. Maybe they could find a level of peace at last.

She sighed and turned on the water, checking the temperature before stepping into the spray. Luxury. Yes, it was and one she'd never take for granted. Not after the year she'd spent on Mars, training with her father. Oh no, it had taught her such things as showers, hot water, and clean beds were luxury items which could be lost at any moment. She didn't regret the time spent on Mars in the training camp, but the lessons had been harsh ones with no room for mistake or weakness.

She scrubbed her fingers through her hair, washing the long reddish blonde strands. The soap was a plain one, she had no need for the seductive scents of her mother's calling or the oils the Adepts favored when they had a lover or a client. Still, the fact the soap produced thick, sensual suds was a bonus she wasn't about to turn down.

Corina smoothed handfuls of the thick liquid down over her breasts, cupping them as she washed. Her fingers found her still sensitive nipples and flicked them, causing a fresh shudder of pleasure to tingle through her body. Her inner walls clenched, a low need building between her thighs as she eased her hands down, washing carefully.

It would have been easy to slide her hand between her thighs and bring herself to…

"Room for one more?" His voice broke through her thoughts.

She dropped her hands and turned, smiling. "Always, husband." The triggered a new wave of warmth.

"Hmm, husband — I like the sound of that." David leaned against the doorframe, watching her for a moment longer. "Though I don't know if I want to give up the view."

"Then don't," she stretched, making sure he got an eyeful of her naked and wet form. "You could always stand and watch."


Oh, he could have stood and watched her for eternity, but he had only a few short hours before he had to leave. Fuck, this wasn't what he'd wanted or what he'd signed up for when he'd taken this mission. Then again, how could he have predicted finding a woman like Corina or falling for her?

Or marrying her.

If it hadn't been for the mission, he'd have been able to explore the idea of spending the rest of his life with her. Her combination of strength, intelligence, and sensuality was enough to draw any man's attention; he simply hadn't expected to be willing to go through with the marriage ceremony.

Was there a part of him that wanted more than the Shadow Rangers could offer?

Yeah, settle down? Me? So not happening. Not with a woman like this.

Yet the idea of leaving her left him feeling ill. Especially today. But what choice did he have? He couldn't have turned her down, not when she'd asked him to marry her. A part of him which wanted to spend the rest of his life with her?

No, it's the drink. Enjoy the moment, give her a time to remember, then get out. Get out before it's too late.

"Have you made your decision yet?" She rested one hand on a cocked hip and smiled. "Or should I find another to keep me company?"

He growled under his breath and stalked toward her. "I don't think it would be a wise idea, love."

"Hmm, are you certain? After all, I don't want to get lonely in here," she turned slowly, exposing the tight, sensual curve of her back and ass. "And I don't want to take up your precious time."

Oh, she's asking for it. And he was all too ready to give it to her. He reached out, tangling his fingers in her hair. "Keep it up, and I'll have to bring you back to heel." He growled against her neck as he used the grip to pull her close.

"You don't have it in you." She laughed, struggling lightly in his grasp.

"Let's see about that." His grip tightened, and his cock throbbed at her soft cry. The soft play of the water from the shower added to his growing arousal. Each new touch teased and pulled at his cock, or dripped down from the head, down his shaft, to then tug free from his heavy sac. "It's time to put you to the test. Put your hands against the wall, now."

Corina purred and did as he ordered, her back arched tightly, her backside pressed out toward him. "And what do you have in mind, lover?"

More than we have time for. "You. Me. This wall." His words guttural.

"And if I object?"

He used the grip in her hair to turn her head slightly, enough to allow him to see into her eyes. "This." He brought his free hand against her backside with a loud crack.

"Ah." She cried out, a soft rock playing through her hips. "Naughty…"

"Yes, you are." He cupped her ass cheek before lifting his hand away and planting a second firm slap. "And I think it's past time I corrected your behavior."

Corina shuddered, her eyes closing, lips parting in a soft O.

"Thought so, you like it, don't you, Corina." He rubbed the heat of the smacks into her buttocks. "More?"

"Yes," she hissed.

He leaned in, grazing his teeth over the back of her neck, the head of his cock pressing against her backside. It wouldn't take much to slide between her thighs and fill her afresh.


Yes, it had to be soon. They were running out of time.

"Beg me."

"More, David. Please, more." She purred, her eyes half opening, lips full, parted and kissable. "I want more, please."

"Want or need?" He bit down lightly, then traced the tip of his tongue over the bite. "Tell me the truth."

"Need," she growled, her hips rolling, rocking with an undeniable hunger. "Definitely need."

A declaration he wasn't going to argue with. He smiled and gave her what they both needed. First one slap, then another, ten more followed, each accompanied by a heated cry and a deep roll of hips. The water from the shower traced patterns down her back, sliding over the warmed skin and tempting him to simply take her.