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Grow up together, living together and go to school together.     That is how Owen Cruz and Leon Yu live with their own lives for 18 years now. But Owen has a deepest secret, he is gay. He can't tell it to his Best friend Leon because Leon hates gay.    A super straight, tall and handsome guy that even the Star Showbiz wants to recruit.    Does Owen can still keep his secret forever or will he choose to live separately from Leon? How Leon will react if he ever find out the deepest secret of his best friend Owen?

" Get out of here!" Owen is pushing Leon out from the bathroom early in the morning.

He was taking a bath when Leon suddenly open the door. Wearing only one piece of cloth and bubbles all over his body, he managed to react immediately before Leon successfully entered.

"What's so wrong of taking a bath together? We're both guys and we were doing it ever since!" Leon starts stuttering.

"Even so!" Owen answered without blinking his eyes. "I almost finished bathing so wait outside this door, got it?!" He even knocked the door two times before entering again and continue bathing.

"I'm gonna be late if we don't take a bath together now!" Leon shouted but with control.

Owen didn't listen. It's still 6:30 in the morning and there's only 20 minutes walking distance to reach their school. So, they won't be late. And besides, the reason he can't take a bath with Leon today is because of his dream last night.

"Shut up! I'm almost done!"

He and Leon grew up together. Their families are friends and also business partners. But last night, he dreamed about him kissing Leon and doing something that his mind almost explode when he remembered it when he wakes up.

"You're so weird today, dude." Leon said.

He doesn't care if he acts so weird today as long as Leon won't notice his burning face. Because everytime he makes eye contact with Leon, that dream keep popping up in his mind and replays it like a movie that cause him to blush non stop.

"Think whatever you want to think." He answered. "I'm done!" He continued.

He stepped out of the shower room and walk passed Leon wearing his bath robe.

"Don't forget to return my pen that you borrowed last night. I still have to write down all the school activities plans for upcoming school festival." He heard Leon saying it while entering the shower room. Leon is the president of students council.

"Got it!" He said.

While putting on his school uniforms, he look for that pen and place it inside Leon's bag.

"Hey! Owen! I forgot to bring my towel! Can you hand it to me?" He heard Leon shouting again. So he sighs..

Leon is actually a cold and quiet type of guy in their school. But with him, especially when they are at home, that's the attitude he really has. Maybe because they're both comfortable with each other.

But Owen has a secret. And he is scared that Leon might know it.

"Here..." He hang the towel on the door knob.

"Thanks! "

Owen is actually gay.

And Leon hates gay.

"Are you going to participate in School basketball League again?" He asked.

Leon is not just handsome and tall. He is also the top student in school, and a basketball player too. Last year, they won the basketball against other school because of him. And because of that, Leon started receiving some love letters from his admirers even from other school.

"Why are you asking me? Don't you want me to play?" Leon already stepped out from shower room and now is walking towards him. He avoided his gaze immediately.

"I was just asking." He casually answered.

Leon is actually 19 years old, one year older than Owen but, Leon forced his parents to allow him to study with Owen when they were kids, that's why they are classmates now.

"En. Then yes." Leon said.

He stepped a little to the left side allowing Leon to get his school uniforms. By then, he smells his own shower gel.

"Why did you use my shower gel again?"

"I like the scents." Leon shrug while saying it.

"But it's mine. You have yours." Feeling annoyed, he grabbed the towel on Leon's shoulder.

"Then, use mine too!" Leon grabbed the towel too.

"I don't like yours!" He annoyingly answered.

"What do you like then?" Leon asked.

"You!" He answered out of his mind.

They both stunned for a second..

"What?" Leon asked him with serious look on his face.

"I-I mean.. I like you as my older brother.. Is something wrong about it?"

Leon tilted his head while looking at him so he avoided his gaze.

"You knew I hate gays right?" Leon's voice is cold as ice. And those words from his mouth secretly hurt Owen's heart.

"I already know it, don't need to repeat it." He said while turning his back at him. "Get dress, we're gonna be late." He continued.

"What time is it now?"


Owen get his bag and put on his shoes. And stepped out of the house.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Leon called him but he doesn't listen. He just continue walking.

"I said, wait for me!" Leon repeated while catching up.

"Walk faster, stop shouting!" He stopped and shouted back to Leon.

"Tsk! If you didn't walk first I will not have to shout.!

Owen squint annoyingly at him and continue walking again. Leaving Leon behind.

He is angry, not because Leon hates gay, but because of what it means to him.

And scared at the same time.. What if Leon found out his secret? What's gonna happen?

" Leon.... " he called his name with a low voice.

"What now?" Leon is now walking shoulder to shoulder with him.

"I'm planning to move out." He said..