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Hubby, You're My Strongest Weapon

Hubby, You're My Strongest Weapon


Realistic Urban

The military king returned powerfully, drank the strongest wine, fought the strongest villain, and conquered the most beautiful goddess.

  Jiangnan City was crowded with people in front of Jiuzhou International Building. However, the air temperature was very high at the upright noon, and the crowd lasted for three or four hours.

  "This old Song is not bad, he still wants to make such a big scene to welcome me."

  After a long journey, Ye Fei put down the luggage in his hand and looked at the magnificent scene under the grand building. He couldn't help but laugh.

  Ye Feiyang raised his head and strode forward with the Holy Emperor of gambling.

  "The applicants, please queue up like them, or I won't stand on ceremony."

  But before he walked a few steps, he was stopped by the security guard leader of the building, looking at his face with disdain and contempt.

  It seemed that this guy also regarded himself as an interviewer.

  "Did Old Song not give an explanation?" Ye Fei forced a smile. Without further ado, he walked straight to the back of the line and planned to queue up.

  Since Old Song didn't arrange it, he could also be recruited into the company by the same way as the candidate. If he didn't have such a little ability, he would be laughed at by those guys.

  "Master Hong, these people were hired at a high price according to your requirements. The real candidates have long been blocked outside by our brothers. You just wait to see a good show." The yellow-haired thin monkey-like man answered the phone in an obscene way.

  All the people present were lining up with the scorching sun overhead, and he was the only one who sat under a parasol drinking cold drinks.

  "Song Qingcheng, if I really apply to be your driver, I'll take all the money and money at that time, haha..."

  "Song Qingcheng? Isn't this the target that I have to protect in this mission? Holy sh*t, pick up girls and put them on my head!"

  Hearing the man talking to himself on the phone, Ye Fei couldn't help but smile like a ghost. It seemed that these candidates were all recruits hired by this guy.

  F*ck, they actually played dirty tricks! These punks were extremely detestable. In that case, he was not the one to be blamed...

  He walked forward and patted the shoulder of a man with gold-rimmed glasses and a black briefcase on his waist. He smiled and said, "Dude, how much did Yellow Hair give you?"

  The man with gold-rimmed glasses looked at Ye Fei and thought that he was also one of the naval forces hired by Ye Fei. He said with a smile, "It's 1,500 yuan in total. It's more than 10 times than the 100 yuan I took from work. I'm really lucky."

  Hearing this, Ye Fei stretched out his head to the man with gold-rimmed glasses and said, "That's right. The money is enough for me to take medicine for a long time. I don't know how to thank him. By the way, little brother, you are a person who keeps your mouth shut. I can tell you a little secret. You shouldn't say it."

  "Well, you can tell me."

  "Actually, I have an infectious disease, so it's basically impossible for me to find a job, not to mention to hire a driver. Do you think that I have been hit by a pie falling from the sky today?" Ye Fei whispered in his ear seriously.

  An infectious disease...

  Hearing this word, the man with gold-rimmed glasses showed a look of disgust in his eyes, and his body unconsciously moved back a few steps.

  He lifted his gold-rimmed glasses and said in surprise, "Are you really infected with infectious diseases? How did you get this?"

  As soon as the words came out, the people on the side were shocked, and they all looked at Ye Fei.

  Ye Fei's face sank. He picked up the inch-long knife that had already been prepared in his hand and poked it. Immediately, a stream of red blood dripped down along the knife and splattered all over the ground.

  "What are you going to do! Is it that disease?" The man with gold-rimmed glasses was so scared that he left.

  "If this guy pokes me in any place with the knife, I will have a great chance to be infected with the virus."

  "Nothing. We feel like old friends at first sight, and we want to talk about life with you..." Ye Fei rushed toward the man with gold-rimmed glasses.

  "Run! It's the revenge society for XX patients."

  "... "

  The few people who had just heard the conversation between Ye Fei and the man with gold-rimmed glasses quickly stepped back, afraid that Ye Fei's knife would touch them.

  Suddenly, the original order of the scene was in a mess, and the number of people obviously decreased.

  When Yellow Hair saw that Ye Fei was walking towards him, he was scared out of his wits and disappeared in a flash.


  Ye Fei shook his head helplessly. The current society was like this, and everyone still had a considerable resistance to patients. If Dr. Qin's research succeeded, then countless patients would be cured. At that time, everyone would not look at these people like this.

  Just as Ye Fei was sighing with emotion, he saw two sexy beautiful women in black uniforms appear in front of him. He could not help but be surprised. He sighed with emotion, "I didn't expect there to be such a beautiful woman in the company!"

  At this moment, the two people were looking in surprise at Ye Fei, who was alone in front of the recruitment desk.

  "Hey, where is he?"

  Ye Fei smiled, tidied his clothes, and shook his hair, saying, "What a coincidence. It seems that I'm the only one here for the interview today."

  One of the women with glasses said doubtfully, "Only you. Where are those perverts?"

  This recruitment had been scheduled a week ago. According to the usual practice, there would be at least dozens of people applying for the job, but he did not expect it to be so abnormal today.

  She pursed her lips and stomped her feet. She looked at the woman in lace wrap dress next to her and said, "Sister Ji, what should we do?"

  "What else can we do? Let him handle it first. The last driver had an accident five days ago. You know the president's temper, now he can only play it by ear." Then she reached out to Ye Fei and said, "Hey, come over and go upstairs with us."

  Ye Fei happily carried the woven luggage bag in his hand and followed the two girls. He looked around at the domineering elder sister. Her fiery heel shoes showed her hot character. Her slender legs were tightly wrapped in black stockings. The exquisite facial features on the oval face were inlaid as if they were made by heaven. She was a rare domineering elder sister.

  Perhaps the woman in this hip-wrapped skirt was too beautiful and attracted the attention of many men along the way.

  The way they looked at each other was like seeing a fairy, and their eyes almost popped out!

  Even the middle-aged man who delivered the water did not hesitate to carry two buckets of drinking water and follow several office rooms before leaving in satisfaction, all he wanted to do was to take a few more glances at the women.

  Ye Fei smelled the fragrance of the wind and looked at the woman's swaying waist. He was also secretly intoxicated.

  Seeing that the man was staring at her with burning eyes, Ji Xinyun raised her proud eyes even higher and asked, "Can you drive?"

  Ye Fei nodded his head and said noncommittally, "Yes."

  "That's it. Fill up the form and I'll take you to the president later." The woman got out of the elevator pointed to the tables and chairs in the rest area, indicating for Ye Fei to leave the table for filling up, and she turned and went to the bathroom.

  Ye Fei filled out the form, but he didn't see any woman coming. He just wandered around the company.

  In the president's office.

  Ye Fei looked at the elegant president's office in front of him, pushed open the door and went in.

  But the scene in front of him surprised him. "F*ck, I lived for nothing in the past!"

  "I can't take advantage of a son of a bitch!"

  Ye Fei's eyes were wide open, and his blood boiled as he looked at the beauty in front of him.

  As the long dress fell off, the woman's graceful body entered Ye Fei's eyes unscrupulously.

  Her long and slender legs were white and smooth, and her skin could be broken easily by blowing. The mosquitoes would break their legs if they flew up to the ground.

  The exquisite facial features seemed to be a gift from the heavens. When perfectly combined with this beautiful face, it was so beautiful that even the heavens and the earth were moved!

  Just as Ye Fei was engrossed in watching, the woman's keen senses detected a faint smell of tobacco in the air, which frightened her to put on her clothes immediately.

  "Ah, sex maniac!"