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Extravagant Life

Extravagant Life

Author:Shola Aburu



They say when you have money, the world is at your feet...... That was what Alfie Brooks thought since he drowns in wealth, and never lacks anything. He has never for once cared about anyone but himself. He was living his life to the fullest, spending lavishly and never has he thought about the future... Well, life is a double edged sword because none of it lasted. Alfie lost everything in a blink of an eye. His family, his wealth, everything he had come to love and cherish, became a thing of the past. Met with the new turn life has taken, he would have to start from scratch. To pull through the hardships, he would get involved in crimes, go through trials, face betrayals, get torn between hearts and make sacrifices. Would he be able to survive the storm that life throws at him or would he fall apart?

“Master Alfie!" The knock on the door becomes louder as the voice of the annoying maid increases. He groans to himself in annoyance on his king-sized bed and rolls over to his side pulling the white duvet over his head before placing the pillow over his ears.

"Master Alfie! It's time for breakfast." The voice becomes louder and louder and he feels like exploding out of annoyance.

“Why can't this people let me sleep? I clubbed all night and haven't gotten any good sleep.” He complains in thought.

"Master Alfie!" The voice yells again and he angrily sits up on his bed and turns to the door.

"What the f**k is wrong with you people? Do I need to be forced to have my own breakfast?"

"Madam says we must wake you up at this time, master Alfie.”

He sighs pursing his lips. His mom knows clearly well that he arrived in the house at 4am this morning and she still sent the maids to wake him up. He lies down and shut his eyes again turning to his other side ignoring the maids' knock on the which becomes louder.

After the maids got tired of knocking, they leave and goes downstairs to call his mother.

His mother angrily climbs upstairs and barges into his room.

“Alfie! Stand up this minute!”

Alfie didn't turn or open his eyes even when he heard his mom yell his name. His mother walks over to his bed and angrily drags off the duvet from him.

“Mom.” He groans in annoyance opening his eyes to see two angry ones that belongs to his mom.

“You better come downstairs this instant!” She glares at him before walking out of the room.

“Oh God.” He groans loudly running his hands through his head. He looks at the clock and sees that it's 10 am.

“It's only 10 am for f**k sake.” He whines in annoyance.

“Maids!” He yells out and immediately two maids runs inside the room standing like soldiers in front of him.

“Good morning master Alfie.” They greeted in unison.

“Prepare my bath.”

They all nods and quickly goes into the bathroom to do as he says. Since he came back late from club, he just slumped right into his bed without changing his clothes. He climbs out of his bed and sits on the edge while two maids walk into the room and bows to him.

The maids quickly walks closer to him and starts to undress him. He sighs and runs his hands through his curly hair which looks rough.

As the maid unbuttons his shirt, her hands directly touches his nipples by mistake and he pushes her hard to the floor.

“F**king do your job right!” He yells at her and the other maid flinches and trembles in fear as she undo his clothes.

The maid he had pushed stands up and bows in front of him, “I'm sorry master Alfie.”

“Get the f**k out.” He says glaring at her and she walks out as tears roll down her cheeks while another maid walks in.

He turns to other maid who is still taking off his clothes.

“You sure spend years taking off my clothes.”

She quicken their pace and soon finish taking off his clothes despite all his nonstop complaints. He stands up glaring at them.

The other maids who have gone into the bathroom to prepare his bath, comes out.

“Your bath is ready master Alfie.” They says in unison.

He walks into the bathroom and dips his hand into the bathtub to check the temperature of the water. He yelps and withdraws his hands from the water.

“Get your ass in here, you f**king maids!” He yells in anger.

The two maids runs into the bathroom immediately.

“Do you plan to melt my skin? Why is the water so damn hot?”

“You told us to make it hot yesterday young master.” One of the maids manage to say.

He bit his lips in anger, “You better f**king adjust it now!” He glares at them before storming out of the bathroom in anger.

The maids sigh in frustration and quickly start adjusting the temperature.

Alfie walks to sit on the bed while the other maids rolls two clothes hanger stands in front of him.

“What are you wearing this morning master Alfie?” One of the maids ask. All the clothes on the stand are all brand new and some are even limited editions. He doesn't repeat any clothes he wears so new ones are always bought.

He stands up and moves close to where the clothes stand are but instead of picking what to wear, he pushes the stands which could have hit the maids if they haven't move away from the spot.

“Who wears such f**king clothes these days?”

“Master Alfie, they...they are limited editions.” One of the maids says trembling.

“You say what now?” He glares at her.

The maid didn't dare anything else but quickly leaves with the other maid to get another set of clothes.

The other two maids comes out of the bathroom.

“It has been regulated now master Alfie.”

He walks pass them into the bathroom and dips his hands into the water. He sighs and run his hand over his face and turns to the maids.

“Get the hell out.”

The maids knowing very well that what he means is that they have lost their job, walks out in tears.

Two other maids quickly walk into the bathroom to regulate the water and that's only when it is satisfying for him. He enters into the tub and relaxes into the water while the one of the maids brings a bathrobe and the other one brings a bathroom slippers.

Minutes later, he gets out of the tub and the maid hands over the bathrobe to him looking away while the other maid places the slippers close to him so he can wear it.

He put on the bathrobe and slides his feet into the slippers before walking into his room.

A maid brings him a hair dryer and he sits on the chair facing the mirror to dry his hair himself. His hair is practically the only the only thing he does himself. He styles his hair to his taste and stands up. The maids comes again with three clothes hanger stands.

He looks at everything and points at a white leather jacket and leather trouser.

One of the maids hand him a shot and he takes off his bathrobe to put it on.

The maid brings the clothes he picked out. A white T-shirtcame along with the jacket, so she takes it out. He collects his phone from the table and starts pressing it while the maid tries to slide the T-shirt over his head.

She is finding it hard to do so because he keeps pressing his phone. She didn't know how to tell him to raise his hand so she could wear him the shirt properly so she just keeps struggling and Alfie gets irritated.

“How long will it f**king take you to wear me a T-shirt?” He glares at the maid.

“Your...your hand master Alfie.”

Alfie sighs and slides his hands into the T-shirt. The other maid moves to his back and wears him his jacket. He walks over to the bed and sits down still pressing his phone.

The other maid bends down to wear him the trouser but he doesn't raise his legs so she is finding it difficult to slide in the trousers.

“Master... Master Alfie, your...your legs please.”

He sighs in annoyance and raises his legs so the maids can wear him the trouser. He slides his feet in the home slippers already placed in front of him and drops his phone on the bed before walking out of the room. He goes downstairs through the elevator.

He meets his parents already sitting at the dining table as the house chef serves the food with assistance of the maids. There are many varieties of food served on the table and it's not like they can finish everything anyway.

He takes his seat and rub his hands together before he starts eating immediately.

His parents who haven't even started eating glares at him but he didn't notice them as he only focuses on eating.

“Good morning to you too.” His mom says with sarcasm as she picks up her cutlery to start eating.

“Do we have to say good morning to ya first every morning?” His father blurts out glaring at him and that's only when he raise his head to look at them.

“It's not like we don't see each other everyday dad.” Alfie says before taking a sip from the juice.

“Don't you try defending your stupid attitude Alfie.” His dad says clenching his fist.

“It's okay honey, it's still early.” His mother says placing her hand on his father's.

Alfie shrugs and continues eating.

“You could have let me sleep mom, I can have my breakfast whenever I want.”

“You don't even deserve any sleep since all you do is party all night.” His mom says as she takes a bite from the meat.

“When will you go back to school to write your SAT exam, Alfie?” His father asks trying to control his anger.

“Not again dad.” Alfie whines. “I will go back to school dad but not now. How many times will I f**king say that?”

His mother drops the glass of juice in her hands and turns to him, “You’re 18, Alfie. Shouldn’t you go back to school? You are meant to be graduating this year.”

“I'm tryna eat here mom.” Alfie rolls his eyes.

“How you gon' take over the company like this Alfie? Isn't it time you do away with all this nonsense?” He clenches his fist. “ It's enough already!” His father yells hitting his hands on the table.

Alfie didn't even flinch as this isn't a new sight to him. Sometimes, him and his father even ends up fighting over the same matter.

“The company ain't running away dad.”

“Why can't you just be serious Alfie? It's not like you're not smart, all you have to do is settle down. You can enjoy your life later.” His mom says.

“Leave me be mom, I don't want to.” He groans in annoyance. A maid comes behind him and stretches out his phone to him.

“You have a call young master.”

He collects the phone and glances at the caller before answering.

“Yo man, what’s up.”

“Come over to my place, my parents are out. So we gon' have a pool party.” Peter, his friend, says on the other side of the call.

A broad smile crawl on to his lips, “A pool party?”

“Yeah man.”

“I coming then.” Alfie says with a smile before hanging up.

He turns to the maid, “Go bring me my shoes.”

The maid nods and quickly dash out to bring it.

Alfie stands up but his mother holds him back by the wrist.

“Are you goin to a party again?” His mother asks.

“Yeah.” He answers curtly before withdrawing his hand from his mom's.

“I get that you wanna have fun Alfie, but this ain't the right way to do it. I and your father simply wants the best for you and you shouldn't...” He cuts her off.

“Fine, fine. I hear you mom.” He says turning to leave.

“You ain't leaving this house Alfie.”

“Says who?”

“Alfie!” His father hits the table again in anger.

“Come on dad, you should be at the company and leave me to live my own life, okay?”

He starts walking away.

“Alfie!” His mom screams after him but he didn't turn. He simply goes to sit down at the sofa waiting for the maid to bring his shoes.

The maid runs down carrying few shoes. She gets to where he sits waiting and shows the shoes to him.

He points at a high top white canvas and another maid quickly takes it wears it for him. He stretches his legs to the maids as he relaxes into the sofa.

“Ron!” He calls out and a young man in his mid 30s runs to him.

“My car key and wallet.” He says to him.

“Which one if the car keys, young master?”

“The black chiron.”

Ron quickly runs to get it while his mother walks to him.

“Where you goin Alfie?”

“I'm goin to meet my friends mom, can I f**king just go?”

“I'm so f**king ashamed to even call you my son.” Mr Brooks says as he walks to he Alfie sits.

His mother turns to him, “Don't say that honey.”

Alfie only sighs and dips his hands into his pockets as he stands up.

“Alfie, can't you at least...” Mrs. Brooks says with her eyes becoming teary but Alfie cuts her off.

“There's no need to be emotional over something like this mom, relax, I know what I'm doing.” He reaches for his mom's face and wipes her tears.

“Here is your key and wallet young master. Should I drive you?” Ron asks handling the car key and wallet to him.

“No, I'm driving myself.” Alfie says taking the key and wallet before turning to his parents.

He smiles, “See you later, I love you.” He throws a kiss at them.

“Alfie!” He father shouts after him but he didn't stop nor turn around. He walks out of the house banging the door behind me.

Mrs. Brooks flinches, “Oh Alfie...” Mrs. Brooks breaks down in tears slumping in the sofa.

“Can you stop crying like someone f**king died?” Mr Brooks says frowning at her.

She turns to him in anger, “Why you f**king putting this on me? I'm not the one giving him all those cars and money!”

“Oh, now you're saying I'm the who spoilt him?”

“I don't know, just leave me the f**k alone!” Mrs Brooks yells slumping into the sofa as she cries. “My son sleeps around with women, party around and God knows what other things he does and you want me to be smiling? Is it f**king wrong to treat your child nicely when you have the money? What did I do so wrong?”

Mr. Brooks sighs and squirts before her and places his hands on her hair.

“It's fine, it's not the end of the world. He will change, it's just time.”


Alfie nods to the loud music playing in his car as he drives. A call enters and Leo's name shows on the screen.

“Yo Leo, what's up.”

“Cool man, can you pick me up?” Leo's voice says at the other end of the call.

“What happened to your own car?”

“Oh come-on man.” Leo whines.

Alfie chuckles, “Fine, but be outside your house before I get there.” He hangs up and increases the speed of his car.

After picking up Leo, he drives to Peter's house where loud music is already playing. He parks his car at the garage and they both steps out. They both makes their way into to the back of the mansion where the party is taking place. There are few boys and but no girls except the one Peter is holding by the waist. Peter smiles at the sight of his friends and leaves the girl to meet them.

“You guys came together?” He asks giving them a brother hug each.

“Why the f**k ain't there any hot girls Peter?” Alfie asks frowning.

“Relax man, the party has only begun.” Leo jokingly hits him on the shoulder.

Peter smiles and shakes his head, “You will see lots of them soon. Let's go inside first.”

The three walks into the mansion and goes into Peter's room.

“Let me show you the girls coming over today.” Peter says taking his iPad from the table. He scrolls through some pictures before handling the phone to Alfie.

“You guys check them out. These are the girls I invited myself. Any other apart from them are invited by the other guys.”

Leo glues to Alfie as they both scrolls the the pictures of the girls. Alfie keeps scrolling and didn't find anyone interesting until he stops at the last slide. Nice curvy body, nice firm ass, nice lips, and her huge nipples nearly visible from the light top she is wearing. Alfie smiles as he stares at the picture, she's just what he wants.

“Who is she?” He asks Peter.

“That's Lucy. She's a stripper from club 88. She's hot right? I know you'll like her, it took me hard to invite her though.”

Alfie smirks, “You know just what I like my friend.”