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Right Person, Wrong Time

Right Person, Wrong Time




Mitra. It's actually a different feelings. Because it's the first time I'm struck. You are yourself but, I'm not myself when I'm with you, Like f**k the damn consequences. It seems I'm always in the race with myself one time I want u near me and other time i don't want u. I should feel guilty but i don't know why I'm not feeling any kind



Life had sucked big time for her but still she get up every day sometimes with a heavy heart and sometimes with a light one.

No one can see it she had bad time looking at her as she always wears smile on her face.

After quitting her first job when she was depressed she got another job one year back she was thankful for that.

She has some good friends and family but she always feels some void in her that no one was able to fill in.

It was sunday,

A sigh left her, she had nothing to do...

So she did what everyone do nowadays she was scrolling through her Facebook feeds that's when she saw one of the people from her friend list had posted a song in it and it was catchy and she hadn't heard it.

So she commented,

Hey, whats song is this? I haven't heard it before?

There was reply with a YouTube link below from him.

Mitra heard it and it was little addictive.

It's seems addictive she replied to him...

Suddenly there was message pop up

Hey don't scold me ok! I'll share you one more song.

Ha ha.. funny. Why I'm going to scold you she replied back.

It's because of the lyrics he said and shared her one more song.

It was peppy too... She replied him...

He all laughed for that.

He wasn't a stranger to her, they know each other but not conversed much. They used to wish each other on their birthday..

Milan, He was one year junior in school. He is married with a kid and working as manager in some company that's what his profile said..

Even though they had met each other in many common function as they belong to same neighborhood, it was simply with a hi and hello nothing much. She had talked to his mom more than him.

That day they talked about their common interest in music and it seems to Mitra that there taste in music was quite similar.

There was no excitement or nervousness.

It didn't feel awkward for her to talk to him because she had know him like all throughout her childhood.

It was like some friends talking about some random things.

They were talking about all the language music they had liked and it went on like that.

Ok then I'll share you my Playlist, Milan said casually.

I don't think we can share audio file in messanger Mithra replied back.

Let's see what we can do he said it.

I'll share my number, you can send it to me in what's app she said casually without even a second that.

He said ok and the next minute he send her over many songs which he liked and she did the same..

It went on for many days.. just sending the songs and talking about what they liked in it.

Mitra just went on with her life just like always, nothing had changed.

She go to work, comes home same 9 to 5 routine. Just a normal life of a commonar.

After few months:

Mitra don't recall when it changed, but somehow along the days they started to talk so casually.

Just one day she remembered him saying to her, just because you are senior to me don't expect me to talk to you with respect.

May be that was the day it changed or some other time. But the dynamics changed from talking about music to talking casually....