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It's Complicated

It's Complicated

Author:Sophia Li


General Romance

A recently engaged couple, Lawrence Gering and Jake Hemmings, move to Fish Creek, Wisconsin together and befriend a struggling Hope Wilson. But their relationship soon begins to unravel when they both secretly develop feelings for Hope. Will the couple's relationship survive the secrets and lies or will it crumble as the storms of life batter its very walls? Find out in this twisted vignette of deciet and villainy.

Hope giggled loudly, arm being yanked into a bathroom stall. As soon as Carson locked the door he had Hope pushed up against it. Their lips met harshly. Hope's hands grabbing desperately at Carson's shirt, 'Mmm this is just like my first kiss.' Carson held Hope's shoulders to the door, biting at her lips. Head foggy with lust, not to mention the body shots she shared with Carson, Hope whimpered pitifully.

Carson grinned darkly before sliding his hands to Hope's neck, tangling his fingers in the blond hair, and angling her head. Hands knotting Carson's shirt, Hope vibrated with need. 'Why did I wait so long,' Hope thought, 'This is the best.' She boldly leaned back against the door, lifted her leg to wrap around Carson's waist, and hopped up; silently thankful she didn't fall on her butt. Knowing Carson was supporting her weight had Hope frantically kissing him, 'Holy crap he's strong. That is so hot.'

Carson laughed wetly against Hope's lips and pulled Hope's legs tighter around him, grinding their bodies together. Inhibitions lowered, Hope rubbed against Carson at a sloppy pace. Hope's crotch tightened and she felt hot all over, her head fuzzy, sweat making her blouse cling to her skin. Holding onto Carson's wide shoulders Hope giddily threw her head back against the door.

Nipping at Hope's exposed throat, Carson whispered, "OK there baby girl?" Fingers teasingly thumbing behind Hope's ears, Carson smugly smiled, proud to have turned Hope into such a royal mess so soon.

"Uh huh," Hope sobbed out, Carson's words causing her to shiver, "So good." Hope pulled Carson into a juicy kiss, "So, so good."

"You're so sexy, fuck," Carson groaned. 'Damn those tequila shots were a great idea.'

"You make me feel sexy," Hope looked at Carson, blue eyes innocently wide and genuine. Carson grinded harder, 'Fuck, this schoolgirl act gets me so hard.'

Carson slipped his hands down to cup Hope's ass, hips thrusting even closer. Feeling bold, Hope dragged her hand to Carson's firm cock. Squeezing and running his palm along his length, she languidly sucked on Carson's tongue. With her head spinning and the walls practically vibrating from the bass of the music Hope pulled back and grinned dirtily at Carson.

Carson adjusted his stance, holding Hope against the stall door with one arm; he brought his free hand to Hope's mouth, gently touching her full, pink lips. Leaning their foreheads together Carson directed Hope, "Get on your knees."

'This is the best idea ever,' Hope grinned to herself, eye level with Carson's dick.

"I want to see those perfect lips wrapped around my cock," Carson moaned out, loving Hope's innocent smile. Quickly unzipping and pulling himself out, Carson teasingly traced the head of his dick against Hope's lips. Hope licked her lips and whined at the faint taste of precome Carson left behind. Just as Hope's mouth was hotly panting on Carson's cock, the bathroom door burst open, startling them both.

"Hope," Jake's desperate voice yelled out. Eyes frantically searched the small space. Focusing on the familiar shoes on the floor Jake stomped to the stall and banged on the door. 'I knew it. I never should have let Hope go out with that asshole.'

Scrambling away from Carson in a panic, Hope clumsily unlocked the door, staring up at Jake from her knees. "Hi," Hope slurred out, tilting sideways.

Catching an eyeful of Carson, Jake yanked on Hope's arm, harshly pulling her up," Get off the damn floor, Hope." Turning to Carson, Jake seethed, "What the fuck are you doing?"

"She's the one that offered," Carson lied with a shrug, stuffing himself back in his pants, livid that they were interrupted, "Like you would turn her down." With a smirk, Carson glared right back at Jake.

"She's drunk and deserves more than to be on her knees in a dirty bathroom stall," Jake argued, refusing to acknowledge exactly what the sight of Hope on her knees did to him.

Carson snorted harshly, "Shouldn't you be with your fiancé instead of playing white knight for pretty little damsels?"

Ignoring Carson entirely Jake turned to Hope. Jake was concerned when he saw Hope swaying and eyes unable to focus, 'Fuck, how much did she drink?'

Taking Hope by the hand Jake slowly walked her out the door, steering her towards the exit. He hushed Hope's babbling and helped her inside the car, buckling her in safely, and closing the door. Jake got in the driver's seat and drove off.