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The Billionaire's  ASSASSIN

The Billionaire's ASSASSIN

Author:Asia David



A fearless and ruthless Assassin, Brianna Peters, was now able to finally execute her long-planned revenge against the person who ordered her parents’ untimely death when she was just five years old. Her first step was to get close to her enemy. That step was to become the new Personal Assistant and Executive Secretary for the founder and CEO of the LM Realtors Group, Lucien Michaelson. The only grandchild of her mortal enemy. What will happen if their worlds collide in a way one hopes, while the other despises it to be? What if Brianna, who was supposed to kill Lucien, turns out to be guarding him subconsciously against his enemies? Find out about the exciting romance of Lucien and Brianna. The CEO and the ASSASSIN.

“Come over here,” demands the short and fat middle-aged man to a beautiful young girl dressed in a very short and exquisitely seductive one piece of scarlet red color.

She was wearing a glittering silver half mask. Her naturally curly hair was down to her waist as she swayed her way to the fat dirty old man who asked for a sixteen-year-old girl to serve him in bed sexually—a minor.

But as sad as it may sound, some of these girls are actually willing to sleep with him in exchange for the amount of money that they have agreed to be received by the girl. Fifty percent before they do the deed and the remaining amount after the deal is done.

Yet many of the girls were abducted and sold to this old man, while some are presented to him as a present or gift in exchange for something he would have to do or for a favor of any kind.

This man is a predator.

His prey is these young virgin girls. He enjoys how they cry in pain when he penetrates them without considering how they would feel.

He doesn’t even care if they are enjoying it or not. He enjoys seeing them bleed and walk awfully after he is done with them and send them out unceremoniously when he gets annoyed by their cries.

He keeps and lets the nice girls stay until he is totally satisfied with their services. Some even agree to be his sugar babies. He can call them whenever he wants, and they will make sure to come and give him a good time.

Too bad for him, he made a huge mistake abducting and abusing the daughter of someone rich and powerful who was able to avail B’s standard job order fees.

And now that she is standing before this pig in a man’s clothing, she is disgusted beyond belief that she even considered changing her mind about receiving the payment to eradicate this despising fool.

“Patience, B, that money can be put into good use.” She whispered to herself. She is supporting a group of helpless women, young and old, through a foundation her friend, a missionary, had founded, through the earnings that she gets from bounty hunting, but her job is to finish them, not surrender them to the law enforcement.

“How about a glass of wine to loosen up my nerves?” She sweetly asked as she held the bottle of wine to her right with two elegant wine glasses on her left.

“Whatever makes you ready,” He lewdly bit his lips as he literally eye raped her. Not even hiding his obscenity.

She started to pour the wine charmingly as soon as the guy held his glass. It actually had a strong content of Sildenafil and Nitrate. Two drugs combined to make his death appear like he had a heart attack while having sex with an erectile enhancer.

Even if his family requests for an autopsy report, they will only find the cause of his death to be a heart attack due to his greed in bed by taking such sexually enhancing drugs beyond prescription.

“I am so nervous as it's my first time, so please have patience with me. I promise I will make your wait worth your while.” Brianna was acting so natural that the guy could not find any reason not to believe her.

A beautiful girl, although she has a mask covering her face, her lips and uncovered half of her face down to her neck cannot hide the milky white skin that she has.

Slender body with healthy fleshy rounded breasts upfront and a voluptuous butt that sways and bounces lightly when she walks, emphasized clearly by the thin, soft fabric of the scarlet red dress she was wearing.

“Damn! What a ripe body for a young girl like you!” He praised her.

Actually, he did not care right now if she was more than sixteen. All he wanted to make sure is if today is really her first time.

And if not, he will use it as leverage to hold against her and call her to ravage that delicious body whenever he would miss her.

But he had been with girls who must have had it in their genes to have their body physically turn mature even at early ages. Some are just fifteen, but their body becomes well-proportioned as a young adult, no longer minor.

And as for this girl, she is not resisting. That was already a good impression she made on him. He likes young virgins. Being the first to enjoy their youthful body is his strong appetite for sex. And this girl in front of him is driving him crazy as he had never felt before.

The mere look of her is making him feel excited and deadly hard.

He already took two blue pills to make sure he will enjoy himself to the fullest, and so he did not need the alcohol boost anymore, but he couldn't deny her request of patience as she pleaded with her innocently seductive sweet smile.

He can feel his manhood poke out of his hotel gown as he sat on the bed where he was when she came in.

All showered up and ready for wild fun.

“Baby, I think I need you sooner than I thought.” He sounded raspy, and his whole face to his chest was turning red.

He was expecting the medicine to take its effect, but he realized he was feeling somewhat in discomfort. Like the effects today were quite stronger than they used to be.

“Oh, but I don’t think I am ready, sir.” Brianna seductively got closer to tease him more. She knew she had to make him cum now for it to look like he had sex before his blood pressure decreases due to nitrate, and dramatically drops and causes critical stenosis.

She held his now very hardly erect manhood and started to slightly wank it with her leather gloves-covered hands.

It wasn’t her first time to see a man’s private part, although she herself is a virgin, even at the age of twenty-six. Yet, it didn’t bother her at all. She knew it was part of her mission. She knew the weaknesses and strengths of both genders to make use of them when she had to.

Right now, she was doing her job. She had to do it according to her standard perfection, even if it includes jerking this dirty old man to his orgasm!

She sat behind him so she wouldn't have to see his face as he seemed to enjoy the pleasure and endure pain at the same time.

His grunting and muffled groans of pleasure and pain were so audible to Brianna that she was starting to feel annoyed.

She vigorously and roughly jacked him off to quicken his release, and as if that was all that was making him hold on to his life, he curled his body down to his belly with his hands on his chest and neck as if suffocating until he dropped face down on the bed.

He wasn’t dead yet, but Brianna had to bear his weight, making him lie curled on his side as if he just had wild sex.

She made sure his pulse was already gone before she left the hotel room, still looking the same as how she came, properly dressed with a half silver mask.

She elegantly walked out of the hotel area. The old man is known to meet girls here by the hotel staff, and so they were not surprised to know he was booked in a room, but they did not know who came to bed with him.

They just realized he was already dead when the room service came to clean after a knock without reply. She thought the room was empty and proceeded in to do her job only to find him lying cold on the bed.

The news confirmed his death, and Brianna received her payment from her client. She called the contact number.

“I received your payment. Thank you.” Without ado, she stated her reasons for calling.

“I should be the one saying thank you to you.

You helped me execute my revenge towards that piece of trash.

His death will never be enough, but him being gone will at least lessen the predators in this world.” A baritone voice answered from the other line.

“I am glad to be of help.” B politely replied. They do not know each other, but it doesn't matter. They are doing business.

That is enough to be polite and professional.

“Nice working with you. I will keep your number just in case, is that okay?” He asked.

“Of course. Thank you for the trust.” B was not worried about anything. Anyways, the contact number her clients knew were all burner phones.

She can dig whatever she needs to find out if it comes to that point of need and knowing her. Nobody had crossed her and lived to tell the tale.

She can be the worst nightmare of whoever dares to piss her off and threaten her life. A joke she never takes lightly.

She believes that she did not die with her parents because she has a great purpose of living and nothing more than getting her parents’ death justice compares to that, so business rivals or petty competitions are dealt with by her as soon as they show signs of popping out.

And that is one reason she is feared. But everyone around her can stand as proof that she never makes foul and dirty moves. She stands up to rules and principles.

Self-respect that radiates from her makes the people around her, colleague or not, regard her highly.