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The Princess Is a Spy

The Princess Is a Spy



He had been reincarnated to be the legitimate eldest daughter of his stepmother. Facing his father, who only cared about profit, hypocritical and cruel stepmother, selfish and vicious sister... Haha, if you want family conflicts, I'll fight! Number one scholar, we've already broken off the engagement. Don't bother me. Young Master, it's not good to get married. Your Highness, you're going to ascend the throne tomorrow... You'd better go back to the palace as soon as possible. And that prince, rebellion is a very hard job. Don't waste time here!

"Again?" Ling Xuanyi frowned in disgust. His thin lips curled into a mocking smile. "Can you be a little new?"

Yun Weihan also frowned. The man in front of her was wearing a long robe embroidered with several dragons, a gold crown on his head, and a jade belt around his waist. Such a costume...

"Why aren't you leaving yet?" Ling Xuanyi's icy gaze swept across the beautiful woman.

Yun Mo Han was stunned. He looked up at the man standing in the shade.

Just as she was about to get out of bed, memories flashed through her mind one by one. She covered her head, endured the pain in her mind, and sorted out her memories.

Seeing that the woman was pretending to be weak with her hands covering her head and refusing to leave his bed, Ling Xuanyi walked over impatiently.

He stretched out his big hand and grabbed her slender shoulder, ready to throw her out.

As soon as the big hand in the color of wheat fell on Yun Fenghan's shoulder, it was held by a white and slender little hand.

Without waiting for Ling Xuanyin to lose his temper, Yun Weihan twisted and threw the tall man on the carpet at the head of the bed!

Ling Xuanyi's face was filled with shock. He admitted that he didn't take this woman seriously at all. He had somewhat underestimated his enemy.

But even so, he had never seen a woman who could react so fast and throw him out so easily.

However, she felt that the quality of her body was very poor. With just a simple movement, she almost used up all her strength.

Perhaps because she had exerted too much force, she felt something unusual in her body-she was familiar with this kind of feeling.

The man on the opposite side seemed to have noticed the problem. He quickly grabbed a teapot and poured all the water into the Bo Mountain Furnace.

Then, he bent down and pinched her chin.

"How dare you use such a dirty trick?" The man's posture and voice were like the intimacy between lovers, but his words and the strength of his hands seemed to squeeze the woman in his hands to death.

With a snap, her delicate hand hit the man's hand. She exerted a lot of force and made a loud sound.

Ling Xuanyi suddenly narrowed his eyes, and a murderous aura spread out from his body.

Yun Weihan didn't care. She imitated his tone and attitude and said disdainfully, "Take your hand away." She glanced at the man and said, "What's wrong? You lit that kind of incense and then came close to me. Do you think you can seduce me?"

Ling Xuanyi shook off her chin and stood up.

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket, carefully wiped his fingers, and then threw it in front of her arrogantly. "D intended to seduce you? I don't even like to touch you. Who knows where you came from?"

Yun Weihan stood up. Although he was only tall enough to reach his shoulder, his momentum was not weak at all.

She sneered and said, "Why did you touch my face instead of seducing me? Why did you come so close to me if you didn't seduce me?"

Ling Xuanyi was speechless when he saw this woman who was self-righteous and self-righteous. "Think about it clearly. Just now, you were lying on my bed." He looked down at her from above. "You're still wearing this kind of clothes. Why didn't you come to seduce me?"

Yun Weihan lowered her head and looked at herself. According to what he said, it was probably her. No, this body was trying to seduce him? There was no relevant memory in her mind. However, even if this body took the initiative to seduce her, she would not easily admit defeat.

She snorted and said, "When I woke up, I was here. Did you knock me out and kidnap me?"

Ling Xuanyi said angrily, "Nonsense!"

Looking at the proud woman who was raising her chin in front of him, Ling Xuanyi suddenly changed his mind.

Although he knew that this was a trap set up by someone, for the Eternal Emperor of the Tang Empire, he would be more at ease when it came to a self-control prince who was greedy for women.

Yun Weihan did not resist. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Ling Xuanyi laughed coldly in his heart, "He knew it. Such a woman..."

Before he could finish his thought, Yun Weihan's hands on his neck squeezed hard at the same time and pinched his artery!

In less than a second, the man's head slipped down.

Yun Mo Han, who was also exhausted by the poison, struggled to push away the man's body. He bit the tip of his tongue hard and felt a smell of blood, and his mind became a little sober.

She bent down to pick up the man's robe on the ground and put it on. Then she staggered out of the door.

When they saw a woman walking out of the room in her master's robe, the guards outside looked at each other and heard that there was no movement in the room, so they hurriedly called out a few times.

Ling Xuanyi, who had been awakened by the guards, slammed the bedside table into pieces...

What the hell was going on? She had just completed a SS-level task. She went back to her villa to take a vacation and was going to travel around the world. How could she come to such a strange place when she woke up? She was still lying on a man's bed. It was really ridiculous.

According to the memories left behind by the original owner, she had come to the imperial palace to attend the mid summer festival. The sixth day of the sixth lunar month was the Valentine's Day of the Grand Xia Dynasty. Every year, there would be a three-day banquet held in the royal palace during the mid summer festival. All children of officials of the fifth rank and above could attend as long as they were not married.

Today was the first day of the mid-summer festival.

After having lunch with her sister, she was sleepy and had no memory of it.

It seemed that she had been set up and stuffed into the bed of the prince.

The original owner didn't seem to pay much attention to the world around her. In her memory, the most impressive person was a tall and elegant young man. He was her fiance, Yu Xianzhi, who was the top scholar in this year's exams.

At the thought of this Yu Xianzhi, her heart was faintly filled with expectation and joy. It seemed that this body still left some feelings for the original owner.

After soaking in the pool for nearly an hour, they finally calmed down. Yun Mo Han climbed ashore from the shadow of the rockery by the lake and walked to the place where he remembered to live.