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Lord of Dragons' Hall

Lord of Dragons' Hall



In order to save his fiancee, Clarence was framed and sent to prison for three years. But when he was released from prison three years later, his fiancee was already with another man! Losing a snobby girlfriend wasn't a bad thing. In prison, He met a mysterious and powerful master, who taught him many skills in combat and medicine, and gave him a dragon-shaped ring. Whoever owns this ring can rule the world! But after being released from prison, Clarence still had not been treated in the eyes of others. One day, he rescued an old man on the way, and that man happened to be the richest man... This was the beginning of his legendary life.

"Aren't you a badass? F*ck you! How dare you throw a brick at me! You must be yearning for death!" A man in a branded suit kept kicking the thin man who was lying in a pool of blood.

The few bodyguards in black next to the man in the suit echoed, "Young Master, this son of a b*tch is too silly. It's his honor that you like his girlfriend. He actually hit you? How dare he!"

The man in the suit was tired of kicking. He spat on the ground and said, "Let's go, take his girlfriend away! Oh ya, I want to see this son of a b*tch in prison tomorrow!"

Clarence Ye had no strength left, but he kept staring at the man in the suit and his unconscious girlfriend, Amelia with his red eyes, and constantly coughed up blood.

He was just sending his girlfriend home, but he ran into Walter Chen, the son of a rich family with the worst reputation in Satbury City.

When Walter saw that Amelia was beautiful, he had evil intentions and started to molest her!

Seeing his girlfriend being insulted, Clarence went crazy!

He picked up a brick and smashed it hard on Walter's head!

However, to his surprise, he was immediately subdued by several bodyguards in black beside Walter. They gave him a series of punches and kicks!

Clarence, who was lying in a pool of blood at this moment, did not know that there was still an even more miserable future waiting for him...


Three years later.

"I'm finally out!"

Clarence breathed in the fresh air and roared out with all his might!

Behind him was the Satbury City Prison, which he had been in for three years. That day, he was finally released.

"I wonder how my parents and Amelia are doing?"

Three years ago, he was beaten to a coma. The next day, he was sent to the Satbury City Prison by Walter who had great power and influence.

In the beginning, he suffered in the prison because Walter deliberately arranged small gangs in prison to beat him three times a day.

But with the hatred for Walter and the longing for Amelia and his parents, he bit the bullet and endured it!

He could not die in prison!

He had made it through! He kept bottoming out and fighting desperately. Finally, he had won a place for himself!

In the meantime, he had also met a good teacher and friend.

Thinking of this, Clarence lowered his head and checked out the bronze ring on his right hand!

There was a lifelike dragon carved on the ring, and there was a character on the head of the dragon!

This ring was given to him by his prison mate, Mr. Long, when he was released from prison today.

Mr. Long was a very strange person. He kept saying that he was the chief of the Sky Dragon Palace and he was proficient in every field and could bring people back to life!

Everyone regarded Mr. Long as a madman and ignored him. They often beat and scolded him for fun.

Only Clarence couldn't bear it. He would chat with Mr. Long when he was free, help him drive away some bullies, and even give him some of his own food.

Mr. Long would tell Clarence some strange stories every day, such as the Sky Dragon Palace and the Dragon Island, things that Clarence had never heard before!

Later, Mr. Long asked Clarence to meditate and practice with him every day. Clarence was also bored, so he learned with him.

But who knew that after three years, Clarence had actually mastered all the skills and medical skills from Mr. Long! Now, no one in the prison could beat him. Even the most vicious bandits could be easily dealt with by him.

When he was released from prison today, Mr. Long handed the ring to Clarence and asked him to go to the Unnamed Island in the East Sea on the July 15th this year no matter what. Once he reached the island and showed the ring, someone would pick him up. At that time, Clarence would have a great opportunity.

Because he had indeed learned a lot of skills from Mr. Long, Clarence was very grateful to him and immediately agreed.

He decided that he would go to the Unnamed Island once regardless of what Mr. Long said was true or not, and then come back to tell Mr. Long the situation!

However, there were still a few months before the 15th day of July. Clarence was more worried about his parents. Why hadn't they visited him once in the past three years?

And Amelia...

What happened to that kind and beautiful girl? Was she still waiting for him at home?

Thinking of this, Clarence became even more anxious. He wished he could go home immediately.

When he was released from prison, the kind-hearted prison guard gave him some travel fees. It should be enough to take a taxi home in Satbury City.

But the Satbury City Prison was at the remote suburb, and there were almost no taxi on the road.

Just as Clarence was looking around by the roadside, a fiery red Porsche sped over from afar.

It was too fast and directly brushed past Clarence's left arm and knocked him to the ground!

Just as Clarence was about to stand up, someone shouted!

"How the f*ck did you walk? Are you blind?"

He saw a girl getting out of the Porsche. The girl was wearing a white dress and a pair of high heels. She was very beautiful, but at this time, she was looking at Clarence angrily!

Clarence frowned. This woman seemed to be very unreasonable. It was her who had driven too fast and crashed into him.

"What are you looking at? Was I wrong?"

The girl glared at Clarence and suddenly raised her foot to kick him.

The heels of the girl were like sharp knives. If she kicked him with it, there would definitely be a bloody wound!

"Florence, stop..."

Just as the girl was about to kick Clarence, a middle-aged man opened the car door and got out of the back seat.

The middle-aged man had an imposing manner despite not being angry. It was obvious that he had been in a high position for a long time!

However, at this moment, the middle-aged man's face was a little pale and he was short of breath. After he shouted just now, he held the car door and kept gasping for breath!

"Dad, why did you come down?"

When the girl saw the middle-aged man, she hurriedly ran over, held the middle-aged man and asked.

"Let's go to the hospital quickly. Don't waste any more time..."

The middle-aged man said to the girl.

The girl nodded and walked back to Clarence. She took out a stack of money from her bag and threw it to Clarence, "This is ten thousand dollars. Take it and leave quickly. We still have something urgent to do!"

Clarence did not go to get the money. Instead, he stood up and glanced at the middle-aged man not far away and said, "There's no need to go to the hospital. It's already too late."

After Clarence finished speaking, he turned around and was about to leave. He could see that the middle-aged man was already on the verge of death and could not hold on to the hospital at all!

"Stop!" The girl directly blocked Clarence and glared at him, "What do you mean? Tell me clearly, or don't think about leaving!"

At this moment, the middle-aged man also frowned and took a few steps closer to Clarence!

"Your father suffered from a hidden disease, and his old injury is in his left lung. In less than five minutes, he will have breathing difficulty and suffocate to death. Can you arrive at the hospital in five minutes?"

Clarence asked the girl calmly.

"You're talking nonsense. My father is just having flu..."

"Florence..." The middle-aged man called out to the girl and then took two steps closer to Clarence. His eyes were filled with shock as he said, "Young man, how did you know that my left lung has been injured?"