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As Bright As the Stars

As Bright As the Stars



"Good girl, baby, we want a second baby." "Didn't we already have a son? Why do we have to give birth?" Mu Ran's eyes were red from the man's actions and he bit his opponent's shoulder. Boo-hoo, you bad guy! You only know how to bully people! "That's my son. I want a daughter." Zhou Linghan hugged him and coaxed him gently, "I want a daughter as lovely as you." "Uh-huh..." Mu Ran let out a muffled groan. Although he also wanted a daughter, he didn't want to talk to the bad guy who bullied him. "Please, will you?" Zhou Linghan gently kissed the corner of his eyes and said gently, "I promise, this is the last child." ... Once, Mu Ran thought that Mr. Zhou was too high to reach. As his sister, he had entrusted Mr. Zhou to drag him down. Mu Ran knew his identity very well and never dared to have any improper thoughts. Later, he learned that someone he had worked hard to fall in love with had wanted to trick him home a long time ago.

"Gulp... far away..."

The phone rang for more than ten seconds and was finally picked up. Mu Ran sat up straight from the sofa nervously and held the phone tightly in his hand. "Mr... Mr. Zhou..."

"... What's the matter?" A cold and calm voice sounded, restrained and seductive.

Mu Ran felt his ears go numb and his face turned red. He couldn't help but ask in a soft voice, "Will... will you come back today?"

"I won't go back," Zhou Ling Han said briefly.

The expected answer made Mu Ran feel a little depressed.

He lowered his head, and there was a trace of loss in his deer-like clear eyes. He whispered, "It's been a month, haven't you finished your work yet?"

"Yes." Zhou Linghan responded indifferently and asked, "What's wrong? What's the matter?"

"No!" Mu Ran immediately said, "I'm fine!"

That's right... I miss you a little...

He kept the last sentence in his heart and did not say it out loud.

"Mr. Zhou is so busy, how can I disturb him? What's more, even if that person knows that I miss him, he won't care. I'm afraid it's just a problem."

Why bother him?

Mu Ran's eyes gradually turned red. Her long eyelashes cast a shadow on her eyelids, making her look even more pitiful.

He sniffed, suppressed his emotions, and said with a smile, "I'm just asking for the housekeeper. I'm afraid that if you come back suddenly, he will be unprepared."

The phone was silent for a long time before Zhou Linghan's voice came out. "... No need."

The simple three words seemed to have a little coldness, which made people tremble in their hearts. No matter how slow Mu Ran was, he could feel that Mr. Zhou was angry at this moment.

As expected, he made Mr. Zhou angry again.

He moved into the Zhou family and had known Mr. Zhou for more than a year. He still didn't know how to get along with Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou's character had always been cold and indifferent, which made people scared. Mu Ran had been trying to avoid him as much as possible, for fear of making him angry.

But now, after that unexpected night, he couldn't help thinking about Mr. Zhou and couldn't control his emotions.

Outside the window, there were very few stars. The evening breeze blew in through the window, making people shiver.

Zhou Linghan's voice rang out again, "Is there anything else?"

The hidden meaning of his words was that he was ready to hang up the phone.

Mu Ran suddenly grabbed her phone, and his words were faster than reason.

"Wait a minute, Mr. Zhou!"

The other end of the phone quieted down again.

Mu Ran could almost imagine the expression of Mr. Zhou, who was thousands of miles away at the moment—his thin lips were slightly pursed, his handsome brows were slightly wrinkled, and there was a trace of impatience in his eyes...

But after all, he was a noble person and would not hang up his phone.

Mu Ran looked out of the window at the dark night and said softly, "Mr. Zhou, it's getting colder and colder now. I checked your temperature and found that it's getting colder at night. You must wear more clothes and lower your temperature before you go to bed. Don't catch a cold. A cold... is very uncomfortable..."

At the end of her words, Mu Ran couldn't help but whisper.

It was really uncomfortable to catch a cold. Her head was dizzy and her throat was uncomfortable. She was thinking about a person who didn't like her...

"What's wrong with your voice?" Zhou Linghan asked, "Did you catch a cold?"

"... No." Mu Ran muttered. His heart was aching and his tone was soft. "No one will care about it."

The other end of the phone was silent for a moment. After a while, Zhou Linghan's deep voice came into his ears again, and there was a faint smile in it.

"Muran," he said, "are you acting cute with me?"

The teasing tone and the low and magnetic voice almost made people's ears pregnant. Mu Ran's face suddenly became hot, and his big eyes were evasive. He was so shy that he almost rolled on the sofa.

"He, he, he! Is he acting like a spoiled child with Mr. Zhou?"

How dare he? This is the most handsome and rich Mr. Zhou!

"No! How could it be? It's impossible!" Mu Muran denied that he had attacked three times in a row, and he seemed to be trying to cover it up.

Zhou Linghan chuckled. "Oh? Really?"

"Of... Of course!" Mu Ran almost bit off his tongue. He quickly said, "It's good that Mr. Zhou is not back. Hurry up and work. I'm going to rest!"

After that, he quickly hung up the phone.


On the other end of the line, Zhou Linghan held his phone and narrowed his eyes slightly. There was a hint of danger in his eyes.

This child was so bold that he dared to hang up on him.

Moreover, what did he mean by not going back?

Children really needed to be taught a lesson.

He had to go back as soon as possible and have a good rest.

Thinking of that meaningful night, Zhou Ling Han's eyes darkened. He pulled his tie, and even his breathing became hot.

At the same time, in the Zhou's villa.

A child didn't know that he was going to be cleaned up. At this moment, he was lying on the sofa with regret. "Oh my god! What was he talking about just now? What did he mean by saying that Mr. Zhou didn't come back?"

He had been looking forward to his return all this time. He couldn't wait to see him come back, could he?!

It was really dizziness!

Mu Ran leaned on the sofa and patted her pillow in annoyance.

After a while, he calmed down again, and there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

However, this was also good...

He shouldn't have approached Mr. Zhou, and Mr. Zhou would never like or care about him. He was an insignificant passer-by in Mr. Zhou's heart, and his sister was the light in Mr. Zhou's heart.

Mr. Zhou... should have become his brother-in-law...