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Arranged Dominant Love

Arranged Dominant Love

Author:Giana Sunshine



Antonio Giordano, for what I've known him, he was a vicious and dangerous Capo of Chicago city. After the death of his father he got to look after the city. My father sold me for his status now I am sold to Antonio under a business deal. Antonio forcefully married me. "You are my darling wife now." He whispers in my ear, my heart picks a rate at his closeness with my body. "Does it makes any difference?" I roll my eyes and take a step backward. He chuckles while taking a step forward, "it means now I can do whatever I want with you." His hand runs on my cheek making me shiver. What happens when a dominant mafia falls for a sinless girl? | This is a dark mafia Romance and contains mature contents. Read at your own risk. |


I gulp down embracing myself with my warm hands across my chest causing my body to get some warmth on this vigorous weather. Within the darkness I walk through the rain and make my path till home sooner as possible. The leather anorak feels colder against my skin thus is makes me tremble like a leaf. I ignore the liquid running down my nose and step into the patio of my home.

A feeling of safety flows through me and the rate of my heartbeat gets normal. Breathing for a while makes me feel better then placing my hand on the doorknob I twist it and push open it.

Taking off the drenched anorak from me I hang it on the hanger and walks forward toward the living room. My eyes wanders around the mansion until it lands on some members of my family including, mother, father and Luca. I wonder where Angelo is at this moment. I need him the most at this time.

Pursing my lips into a straight smile I appraoch near them and try hard to make my face appear prevalent. Father shots me with a suspicious eyes and Luca gives me one of the most arrogant look he has. Mother looks worried yet she does not say anything in front of my father and brother.

I glance them with a regular smile on my face. Deep down a feeling tells me that they know I am not fine right now, Father and Luca would never ask me at least mother could have talked to me.

"Good evening." When they did not say anything I try to break the silence.

"You should've been home by seven its nine and you didn't took any of the bodyguards with you." Father says, his voice is coarse and he seems extremely furious.

"My car broke down on the way home." I startle. "Thus I got to walk all the way here." I utter while trying not to miss a beat on my speech.

"She...She is all drenched in the rain. Go change, Arielle." Mother finally says and saves my life in a kind of way.

Father gives her a cruel look and she vents her head which makes me feel bad. Smiling at her I sync lip a thank you nervously afterwards I rush upstairs and within a swift I get inside of my bedroom and closes the door behind of me. Once I am inside I make sure the door is locked, in a blink tears begins to fall from my eyes and suffocation takes over me like someone is strangling me. I keep my whimpering silent so no one will hear me and let all the tears fall from my eyes.

Whatever happened today was bad. Worse thing of my life. Closing my eyes a dreadful scene plays in front of my eyes then I open it instantly. Mu heart is racing against my chest I can feel each pulse of my body and this is a bad sign of this situation. I don't have any idea what will happen when my parents will find the truth.

I should hide the entire thing from them. Father might kill me—afterall he does not love me. This anxiety might never leave me. What have I got myself through.

Slaughtering someone can cost me my entire life. Being a part of the mafia life sucks. I wish I was never the daughter of New York's Capo. This live was never meant to be mine in fact I never expected such thing to happen.

This secret should be seal for the rest of my life I can't let it out ever...

Where is Angelo why hasn't he been home yet, I need to talk to him. At this moment my brother needs to stay with me.

"My phone." I whisper to myself then begin to search for it everywhere. "Damn!" Its lost, perhaps I left it behind.

Sitting on my bed, my hand searches for the cozy bed sheet, pulling it I wrap it around me and sit in the darkness. Tears are flowing endlessly from my eyes my mind feels empty and I entreat to go some hours back in the past in order to make everything good—its beyond the bounds of possibility. What's done is gone I can't make anything alright now.

I sit in the dark for the rest of dusk until I feel someone hold my shoulders and tugs me on the bed while wrapping the sheets upon me. Angelo. A slight of assurance calms my heart. My brother is back.

He holds my palm into him I can barely see him through the darkness but I can feel the concern he has for me.

"Its all clear. No one will doubt you, Ary." He sighs and brushes his lips on my knuckles. "No one will cross you path now it's my vow to you." He whispers.

I feel the last drop of tears leaks from my eyes. Finally. I take a long breath before closing my eyes in order to reassure myself that everything happens today should be forgiven and forgotten at the same time.

Someone lost their loved one today and I have lost the peace of surviving. Deep insid I knew my acts can never be forgiven but at least I can get a second change to pay for my deeds.

"Do you know who was the girl?"

The word barely reaches me I might have fallen asleep.