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Her Alpha Is An Idol

Her Alpha Is An Idol

Author:Toluwanimi adeoye



Mariella sancruz is a girl with a dream of her own, all her life she was waiting anxiously for the day she would see her mate, to know how it feels to have a mate. She never thought for once that herate would be the popular and Playboy idol crystal Clinton, the alpha of full moon park. Right from the very start Mariella was never a fan of idols, she's always busy with her part time jobs to Carter for herself and her mom. Her dad died during the war between werewolves and vampires, he sacrificed his life for his wife and daughter to save them from the vampires, who as at that time rule over the werewolves. Mariella was shocked when she find out that the alpha who is an idol is her mate and she's going to be the next Luna of full moon park. She already knew it wasn't going to work between them, because she couldn't accept a Playboy and a man whore as her mate. They both hate each other for reasons best know to them. To crystal she wasn't sexy and hot as he wants, while for Mariella he was a Playboy, aanwhore and also known as the " lady's man" , because he fucks anything other skirt. But after the whole hatred and dislike, they never knew what fat has installed for them, because they both started falling in love with each other without knowing it...... Read this interesting and thrilling story, and you won't ever regret reading it

Mariella pov:

" Ding dong, ding dong, Mariella wake up" the alarm sang, and I groaned in frustration, I reached out for the alarm which was singing and dancing beside my lamp on the drawer.

" argggggggg" I groaned in frustration as I turned off the alarm.

" Why on Earth is this fucking alarm disturbing my wonderful sleep, I almost saw my mate, before this stupid alarm disturbed my sweet dream" I said ruffling my already scattered hair.

I reached for my phone beside my pillow, I gasped I saw the time, " jeez oh my world!!, am so screwed today" I said as I jumped out of bed, running inside the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and took my bath within 10 minutes.

I stood in front of the mirror and arrange my hair and tied it in a bun. I wore a simple blue hoodie and a blue baggy pants to go with it.

I seriously don't have time for makeup, so I simply my lip gloss my lips, took my bag and my phone running downstairs, and mumbling myself

" Mr Kingsley is sure gonna kill me today, this is my 3rd time of going to work late, oh my!! help me today" I said as I walked very fast to the kitchen.

" Morning Mom" I pecked my mum's who was toasting some slices of bread.

" Marie you woke up late again" my mum said and I sighed.

She heldy cheeks, " my baby girl, stop thinking about it you would find your mate very soon okay, it is either the day before your birthday or the day after, or maybe the day of your birthday okay" my mum cupped my cheeks and I nodded.

" So should I pack your breakfast for you or you will eat it before going?," My mum winked at me and I frowned, and then she started laughing.

" Mom you want Mr Kingsley to kill me!!" I asked my mum as she packed my breakfast for me.

I pecked her cheeks and ran out of the house, " careful Marie" I heard my mum saying from afar.............

I was really lucky to find a bus very easy, I quickly got in and it drove me straight to Mr Kingsley restaurant where I walk.

I stood in front of the restaurant, contemplating either to go in or not. I never knew Mr Kingsley was staring me from inside the restaurant.

He walked up toe, and I walk slowly to him avoiding his gaze. I tried explaining myself, " am sorry Mr Kingsley I slept late that is why I woke up late" I said look down...

" And did I ask you to explain anything?" He asked and I raised my head, looking at him confusingly.

" Sorry.........!!" I said trying to understand what he meant, " I said did I ask for an explanation?" He repeated and I frowned as to how cold he could be

" Because you always ask for an explanation" I mumbled to myself.

" I won't tolerate your lateness again Mariella, am sick of your explanation, is either you wake up late, or you didn't see a bus quick or something else" he said pointing his index finger to me, while I stared at the ground.

" I promise not to be late again" I said still not looking at him.

" Go change and get to work" he said flatly and I nodded.

If not for the fact that I have to cater for myself and my mum, I wouldn't be here but I have to do this, and I manage to deal with two to three part time jobs, and aliah my best friend is really helpful to me........................

Today was really hectic, because pinky was sick and I had to cover for her.

I drag my heavy feet home. I got to the sitting room, I didn't see my mom, usually she would be watching her favourite series, but no one was in the sitting room, I dropped my bag.

" Mum am home" I said as I checked the kitchen but didn't see her, I walked to her bedroom still didn't find her, I knocked on the door of the bathroom but didn't hear her voice and I begin to worry.

I dialed her number, but she didn't pick, I dialed it again and she picked up on the second ring.

" Mum where are you?" I ask worriedly

" Sorryy princess I went to the pack house and it was urgent, so I had to leave the house" my mum said and I breath in relief.

" Mum you got me worried" I said as I dragy feet upstairs to my room.

" Okay Mom see you when you're back" I said and hanged up.............


Mariella took a cool shower, wore a bum short and a big shirt which covers the bum short she wore, and lay on the bed with her phone in her hand.

Suddenly her phone ranged and she smiled seeing the caller's ID, it was aliah her best friend, she's also a stubborn and crazy wolf.

Mariella picked the call, " hello aliah" Marie said and smiled, as if aliah was there with her.

" Wassup babe, are you in?" Aliah said and she nodded, " yeah"

"Okay get dressed and meet me outside" aliah said

" Why would I get dressed, and where are we going exactly?"Mariella asked

" Just get dressed am waiting" aliah said, but Mariella needed an explanation as to where they were going

" No I won't get dressed.........."Mariella was interrupted by aliah who hanged up.......

Mariella sluggishly walked to her wardrobe and picked a simple floral gown, and slipped in it, tied her hair and walked out to meet aliah.

Aliah stood beside her flashy car with a sunglass, waiting for Mariella to come.

" Hey baby girl" aliah said, as Mariella walked towards her.

" Aliah why did you tell me to dress, and moreover where are we going?" Mariella asked and aliah frowned.

" Is that how to greet your bestie?" Aliah asked but Mariella said nothing.

" Fine we're attending crystal Clinton concert today" aliah said waving her hands happily in the air

" Aliah you an crystal Clinton, you know that i am an antifan of idols" Marie said rubbing her forehead.

" You can't run away from me baby girl" aliah said and laughed before entering the car, while Marie stared at her for some seconds before walking into the car with aliah......