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I've Got Seven Gorgeous Beauties

I've Got Seven Gorgeous Beauties


Realistic Urban

Before Yun Tianlong grew up, his master had arranged seven little girls as his future wives. Therefore, when he made huge progress in martial arts and medicine, he decided to look for his future wives. The youngest wife was the first one he looked for. She was the dream lady for the local city and she got billions of assets. A rich young man grabbed the contract Yun Tianlong's master prepared for him and pretended to be the future husband. She believed in the young man, which made Yun Tianlong furious. He kicked the young man hard, and decided to find his other wives...

Atop the Canglong Mountain, Yun Tianlong settled on a stone, cultivating with his eyes closed. Master Lin stood at his side, protecting him.

Yun Tianlong shouted, "Ah!"

With that, a powerful burst of Qi spread out of his body, sending Master Lin tumbling five meters away.

Yun Tianlong cheered, "I've made it! I've finally mastered both medicine and martial arts!"

He was over the moon.

"Mmm... Not bad. You've achieved great feats in just five years. It's time to descend the mountain and gain experience in the mortal world."

"Mortal world?"

Yun Tianlong cast a confused gaze at Master Lin. Recently, Master Lin would whisper in his ear about the plenty of beautiful women and scrumptious food to enjoy in the mortal world. It seemed that he had some ulterior motives.

"Master Lin, I am indebted towards you for raising me until now. I haven't repaid your kindness, so how can I leave your side?"

Master Lin shot Yun Tianlong a scowl as he spoke in a disdainful tone, "Brat, stop putting on a pretentious act. How can you possibly be so kind?"

Yun Tianlong put down his façade and asked, "Master Lin, tell me the truth. Why are you driving me down the mountain?"

"Well..." Master Lin was seen briefly hesitating before he spoke with a sigh, "In two days, Madam Liu, who lives halfway up the mountains, will be coming over to stay at our place."


Realization dawned upon Yun Tianlong, who shot Master Lin a sly grin. He teased, "When did you hook up with her, Master Lin?"

Compared to the women living at the foot of the mountain, Madam Liu looked quite average for a forty-year-old woman. She had long passed her peak.

Yet, in comparison to the other women on Canglong Mountain, she was like a deity. Owning a curvaceous figure, the most notable part of her was her seductive alluring eyes. With merely a slight wink, one's soul would be hooked and captivated by her.

How could mountaineers like Master Lin, who spent most of his time alone in Canglong Mountain all year round, not help but be fascinated and have his heart flutter at the first sight of Madam Liu?

Master Lin retorted, "What do you mean by hooking up? Such unpleasant words. We're in love."

His tone was riddled with dissatisfaction.

"Well, even so, you don't have to drive me down the mountains. I'll leave the house to make way for you two to spend time alone and stay in the mountains and forest during the period she's here."

Yun Tianlong crossed his arms. He had lived in the mountains for nearly 20 years, so he was quite reluctant to have to descend the mountains on such short notice.

"There's one reason why I'm sending you away from the mountains." Master Lin turned around to take out seven yellowed marriage certificates from the cabinet and threw them towards Yun Tianlong, "These are some women I've set you up with when I traveled down the mountain. You're an adult. It's time for you to meet them."

"You've set me up for arranged marriages?"

Yun Tianlong couldn't help bursting out chuckling. Although he lived in the mountains, he was well aware that in modern times, youngsters were keen on having the freedom to choose their partners rather than compromise to arranged marriages.

"Old man, tell me the truth. Did you trick the girls into signing the contracts?"

Master Lin shot Yun Tianlong a glower, "Do I look like someone who would deceive young girls?"

"You don't just look like one, you are one!"

Master Lin, who was at a loss for words, didn't bother to explain, "Anyway, I've given you the marriage certificates. As for whether you go searching for them or not, it has nothing to do with me, but I have to remind you that the seven girls are all beauties popular among boys down there."

Yun Tianlong gave the notion some thought and opened the marriage certificates one by one.

On each of the marriage certificates, there were photos of the girls back from when they were children. Judging from the date of the signed contracts, the certificates originated from 15 years ago. Right then, the youngest was probably twenty, while the eldest was nearing her thirties.

From the photos, it seemed that the seven of them were indeed one-of-a-kind beauties.

"Well, I didn't lie to you, did I?" Master Lin gave a hearty laugh, "Go ahead and see if any of them are compatible with you. If you click with one of them, marry her as you find fit. If you're capable enough to do so, bring all seven of them back. Oh, by the way, they joined the sect earlier than you did, so they're considered to be your seniors."

"What do you mean by seniors? They're my wives!"

Yun Tianlong was confident that with his handsome appearance, unparalleled martial arts tactics, and peerless medical skills, he could win them over with a snap of his fingers.

"Having confidence in yourself is great, but don't overdo it. Now that it's still bright during daylight, get lost."

Instead of leaving, Yun Tianlong stretched his hand out towards Master Lin.


"Give me some money. If you don't give me money, how should I survive after descending the mountains?"

"F*ck, you're my disciple. After leaving the mountains, you obviously have to rely on your own capabilities to survive. Without such basic skills, don't even introduce yourself as my disciple. I'd feel ashamed!"

"So you're not going to give me anything?"

"I'm poor as f*ck. How can I do so?"

Yun Tianlong's outstretched hand curled to point a finger at a box not far away, "Master Lin, there's a wine-red panty in the box there, right? Madam Liu lost it three years ago, didn't she?"

Master Lin was left stunned by his words.

"There is a flat panel under the bed board, which seemed to store five..."

"And the stack hanging from a beam appears to be a 'sports' magazine..."

"Enough. I'll give you some money, all right."

Master Lin cut him off at once. He had hidden the items well. Little did he expect them to be discovered by Yun Tianlong nonetheless.

F*ck, had the brat been learning from him in secret all those years?

"I don't want much. 3,000 yuan will do."


"If you don't give me that amount, I'll go up to Madam Liu to..."

Had Madam Liu known that Master Lin had been the one stealing her undergarments back then, things would be over between them.

Having no choice but to suffer in silence, Master Lin gave in!

"Fine, I'll give you the money!"

He hurried to the bedside table and retrieved the bag of money hidden under the pillow. After gathering 3,000 yuan, he handed it to Yun Tianlong with great reluctance.

Yun Tianlong accepted the money and gleefully counted the notes. After confirming that it was indeed 3000 yuan, he packed it up with the seven marriage certificates and fled the fastest he could.

"I'll be heading down, then!"

Yun Tianlong's delighted steps were seen trotting along the mountain road.

Master Lin was heartbroken. After all those years of saving up and careful spending, he had saved up only 5,000 yuan to live a comfortable life with Madam Liu, but never would he have expected himself to lose 3,000 yuan just like that!


Two hours later, Yun Tianlong arrived at a path at the foot of the mountain. When his gaze fell on the road that seemed endless, he made some swift calculations in his brain.

His first wife was Lu Xueying, who lived in Nanhai City. She had been ten when the marriage contract was signed. A distinct facial feature of hers was her huge watery eyes.

His second wife, Wu Xueai, lived in the capital. She was eight back when they had signed the contract. A talent of hers was that she had photographic memory.

His third wife went by the name Qin Yun. She lived in Hongwu City and was seven when Master Lin signed the contract with her family. She was well known for her stunning figure!


His seventh wife, Du Hongyue, lived in Hongwu City and was five when signing the marriage contract. What was unique about her was that she was skilled in managing businesses, and she had a birthmark on her chest.

Hongwu City was relatively close to Canglong Mountain, so he figured that he should start by searching for his third and seventh wife.

"My third and seventh wife, your striking husband is coming!"

The corner of Yun Tianlong's mouth curved into a wicked smile as he gripped the marriage certificates tightly.