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Return of the Unstoppable Son-in-law

Return of the Unstoppable Son-in-law

Author:Shining Star



Unable to afford expensive betrothal gifts, I was trashed by my mother-in-law and my girlfriend left me. But now....

"98,000 for engagement, 48,000 for gold, 60,000 for banquet, 11,000 for addressing the groom's mother as mom, 5,000 for getting in the wedding car, and 5,000 for getting off...."

Looking at the list given by his future mother—in—law, Noreen Leigh, Alister Clark felt a bit depressed.

Alister and his girlfriend had been dating for quite some time, and he wanted to settle their lifelong business during this vacation. But he didn't expect that he would get this sky—high price list the moment he entered the room.

It had been roughly calculated that the expenses on the list were more than 300,000!


This was an astronomical figure for Alister, who had an ordinary family condition!

Alister's mother, Raquel Bullen, who was beside him, revealed an expression of embarrassment.

Raquel said embarrassedly, "Isn't the bride price ... too much?"

On a monthly salary of 3,000, Raquel worked in a restaurant. But she had to bear the tuition fees for Alister and his sister, as well as her husband's medical expenses. How could she pay so much money?

"This is too much?" Alister's future Noreen, Noreen Leigh, was unhappy, putting on a gloomy face.

"The things on the list are just the beginning, I haven't included the house and the car yet. My daughter is so noble. After getting married, she cannot live in a rented apartment, right? It isn't an excessive demand to ask you to buy a house in the suburban district, is it? Besides, you shouldn't let my daughter condescend to take buses or subways, right? I won't ask for too much. A car worth over 150,000 is the bottom line."

"What?" Raquel was stunned.

Alister was also completely dumbfounded.

He thought that the list of over 300,000 was an exaggerated claim, but he didn't expect that Noreen would ask him to buy a house and a car as well!

City D was close to Shanghai, and the housing price was high. Every square meter was worth close to 40,000. Any apartment would cost several million. Alister had never dreamed of having one.

"Noreen, buying a car and a house is not a small matter. I have an idea. I will graduate in a year. After my graduation, I will earn money to buy a car and a house as soon as possible. Don't worry. I will make Yvette happy!" Alister said in a solemn tone, wanting to show his determination.

However, Noreen did not buy it.

"What a glib talk! But only Yvette will be fooled, for she is innocent!" Noreen said in a sarcastic tone, "Look at your family's poor condition. How promising can you be after you graduate? You will just be ordinary working staff. You even dream of buying a house and a car. Forget it!"

"I...." Alister was speechless.

"Alright, since you are so poor that you can't even pay this little money, then don't waste my time. Anyway, Yvette is so beautiful and she has many admirers. She will definitely marry a rich guy. Take your things and leave!" Noreen directly asked them to leave.

In fact, from the moment Alister entered, Noreen had prejudices against him.

In plain clothes, Alister and his mother came by tricycle. To be honest, Noreen felt embarrassed that her daughter's boyfriend was so poor.


"Cut the crap!" Noreen shouted with anger. "Although our family is not an established one, it doesn't mean that anyone can be my son—in—law. If you continue screaming and ruin our family's reputation, I will not let you off!"

"This...." Raquel fell silent in fear.

"Yvette?" Alister turned to look at Yvette Beaton, his last hope.

Yvette had a face full of disdain.

Before Alister could say anything, he and his mother had been kicked out of the Beaton's. The gifts they bought had been thrown out. free—range eggs Raquel carefully chose shattered all over the ground.

Alister didn't care about this and quickly dialed Yvette's number.

After he made several calls, he finally got through.

"Yvette, talk with your family. I will think of a way to give you the betrothal gifts," Alister hurriedly said.

"No need." Yvette's voice was unusually cold. "Alister, I think you don't love me at all!"

"What?" Alister was shocked.

"My mother makes such a low demand. But your family doesn't agree. "

"In your eyes, I’m not even worth so little money, right?" Yvette sobbed and complained.

Alister was anxious.

"No, Yvette, you know how I feel about you!" Alister hurriedly explained, "But my family really can't afford that much money...."

"What about your parents' house?" Yvette shouted harshly," It is located in the center of the town. If you sell it, you will have money to pay the bride price and the down payment on a new house!"

"If the house is sold, my parents won't have a place to live...." Alister was in a difficult situation.

"They can go back to live in the countryside! Coincidentally, your father is sick. Your mother can take him to live in the countryside, so we don't have to worry about him," Yvette said.

"They are my parents. Absolutely not!" Alister frowned.

"You only care about your parents. It seems that I am not important to you at all! Since that's the case, let's break up!" Yvette said angrily.

"What?" Alister did not expect this outcome.

"Today is your last chance. Now I see through your family. So, do not contact me again!"

Before Alister could say anything, Yvette hung up the phone impolitely.


"Yvette, that man isn't worthy of you. He's so poor. I'm ashamed of your bringing him home!" Noreen had a disdainful look.

Yvette was also impatient.

She thought that Alister could get a good price of several million for his house, which was not bad, but she didn't expect Alister to disagree. Now, Yvette felt that she had suffered a huge loss.

Fortunately, Yvette didn't only target at Alister.

She then took out her phone and sent a WeChat message.

"Kaden, you said yesterday that you wanted to invite me to the bar. Are you available tonight?"

After leaving Yvette's house, Raquel went to the market, planning to sell those free—range eggs. Alister went home alone.

Noreen's humiliation and Yvette's determination to break up with him reduced Alister to a mental wreck.

Half an hour later, when Alister returned to his dilapidated house in the old district, he was stunned.

More than a dozen cars were parked in front of the house. All of them were luxury cars like Rolls—Royce and Maybach!

This was the first time Alister had seen so many luxury cars.

He wondered as to why so many luxury cars appeared in front of his house.

An old voice suddenly came from the front.

"Grandson! Is he really my grandson?"

The crowd moved aside and an old man wearing a traditional Chinese garment walked out with tears streaming down his cheeks.

He looked at Alister with excitement and tears in his eyes.

Alister was shocked, and then smiled bitterly.

"Sir, are you mistaken?"

The old man shook his head.

"No, I am not. You look the same as my son Norton when he was young! You are related to the Lorenz family by blood."

Alister was a little annoyed. 'How absurd this old man is! I look like his son. Does it necessarily mean that I'm his grandson?'

Just as Alister was about to say something, a beautiful lady walked up to him.

This was a woman in her early thirties. In a high—end professional suit, she wore high—heeled shoes and black stockings. She was good—looking. With a pair of golden spectacles, she gave off a very knowledgeable feeling.

This woman satisfied all men's demands of the opposite sex!

Alister had never seen such a beautiful woman before, and his eyes couldn't help light up.

"Hello Alister, my name is Trina Fletcher. I'm the assistant of the Lorenzs. Nice to meet you!" Trina's voice was gentle.

"You know me?" Alister was surprised.

Trina smiled sweetly, "Of course. We've been investigating you for a long time!" "

"Investigate me?" Alister was a little confused


Trina took out a stack of documents and handed them to Alister. "Take a look at these and you'll understand."

When Alister saw the contents of the documents, he was startled.

The document was filled with information about Alister, including the results of a DNA match between Alister and a man named Norton Lorenz.

It clearly stated that the similarity was 99.999%, and they were identified as the father and the son.

"Twenty—two years ago, when you were only several—month old, your parents and you happened to a car accident. Your parents died, and you were taken away by a human trafficker who passed by. There has been no news of you since then. We have searched for you for more than twenty years. Finally, we locate you. This document contains the detailed result of a paternity test. Alister, you are a Lorenz!" Trina said calmly.

"What? How ... how is this possible?" Alister felt that he was dreaming.

However, the result was presented in front of him, and there was the seal of the hospital on it. Obviously, it was not fake.

Barlow Lorenz hugged Alister excitedly.

"My grandson, you must have suffered a lot during these years! Don't worry. Our family is one of the richest families in China. From today onwards, you will be the successor of the Lorenz family! Grandpa will never let you suffer again!" Barlow shed tears.

Alister felt like this was a dream. He never thought that he was actually born with a silver spoon.

Moreover, his family was uncommonly wealthy and influential.

A moment later, Alister finally came to himself.

"Are ... you really my grandpa?" Alister burst into tears.

Alister found it hard to accept for the time being. But if it was all true, how painful would Barlow have been in the past twenty years in order to find him.

"Grandson, my good grandson!" Barlow was extremely excited. "I will take you back to City Y. Let's go home!"

"Home?" Alister was surprised. "No, I can't go back with you now!"


Alister revealed an awkward expression. "Because my parents and younger sister...."

Barlow immediately understood. "I know. You are reluctant to part with your adoptive parents. We probed into your past. I know back then when you were abandoned by that human trafficker, your adoptive parents took you in. They are good people. I can give them a large sum of money in return."

However, Alister shook his head. "No, I don't want to do this. It's not easy for them to raise me. I ... I want to continue living with them."

Even though his foster parents were now in complete poverty, they had a happy life. If Alister suddenly left, their happiness would be completely ruined. Alister did not want to see it!

Barlow nodded thoughtfully. "I understand!" It's good that you love them! Grandpa respects your choice! Stay here for the time being. You can go home when the time comes. "

"Thank you, grandfather!" Alister excitedly shouted.

Hearing Alister call him grandfather, Barlow was overjoyed.

Immediately after, Barlow waved his hand. Trina, who was beside him, immediately understood. She hurriedly took out a black bank card.

Barlow handed the card to Alister. "This black card has 100 million in deposit and 300 million in overdraft. Take it."

When Alister heard this, his hand trembled in fright and he almost dropped the card on the ground.

Did he hear wrongly? A hundred million? His grandpa actually casually gave him a hundred million?

Barlow said something more to Alister. Afraid that Alister's mother would come back, Barlow left with his men.

Looking at the departing luxury car convoy and the black card in his hand, Alister felt as if he was dreaming.

However, he knew very well that this was not a dream. He had truly become a rich man!

Alister's first thought was to tell Yvette the good news.

Alister couldn't wait to know how his girlfriend would react when she found out that he was an heir of a wealthy family!