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Unanticipated Turn

Unanticipated Turn

Author:Maryam Shu'ayb Yaqoob



Born with a silver spoon, Ameenah Zayn was the perfect kid, perfect grades, perfect looks but stupid friends. All these changed the day she met her father's young boss, Saif Iqbal. The mysterious powerful young man who always gets what he wants by all means.

Ameenah lay sprawled on her bed staring at the ceiling. She then closed her eyes trying to get some sleep.

Click. Clack.

Meenah stiffened at the sound of heels echoing in the hallway. There was a halt,a brief exchange of words and it's continuation.

A soft knock on the door made her breath hitched,she stood up and walked slowly to the door slowly opening it.

Standing at the door was a tall beautiful woman with long blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. She brushed a strand of hair out of her face. She smiled at Meenah and ruffled her hair.

"Thank God you're awake dear. I thought you were sleeping?" The  woman said smiling.

"I'm trying to sleep." Meenah said with a yawn. She rubbed her eyes and managed to stifle another yawn. The woman chuckled at how cute her daughter looked when she rubbed her eyes.

"What are you doing? Are you preparing for school?" Her mum, Nuwaira asked as she touched her daughter's cheek affectionately.

Meenah yawned and went back to her bed before answering her mum lazily,"I'm just trying to catch up with something important."

Nuwaira's blue eyes widened with shock. She sat on her daughter's bed and glared at her daughter who cowered under her gaze.

"Mum please!" Meenah said in a whiny voice.

"Don't tell me that important thing is sleep Meenah. Are you serious?" Nuwaira questioned in an annoyed tone. She kept glaring at her daughter who was pretending to be half awake and half asleep.

Meenah rolled on her bed and opened one eye eyeing her mum."I'm tired,very very tired indeed." She said lazily.

Nuwaira huffed in annoyance. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm down.

"You know that your Dad won't hear of this,most especially about the sleeping part!" Nuwaira explained.

Meenah sat at the edge of her bed with puppy eyes trying to persuade her mum to let her sleep.

"Mum I promise,I will be downstairs as soon as he is there. Just let me sleep,please." She pleaded.

Nuwaira smiled and patted her daughter on the head."Okay I will make some snacks,will you help me so that you can stay awake?" Nuwaira asked quietly.

Meenah whined and yawned."I'm sleepy mum and I'm tired." She complained.

Nuwaira sighed and stood up to leave. She leaned on the door staring at her lazy daughter. She rubbed her temple and smiled at Meenah.

"You can rest for a while and I will make some hoagies." She said with hesitation evident in her voice.

"Thanks mum, you're the best mum ever." Meenah said as she stood up and hugged her mum tightly.

"I will send Aafiyah when it's ready. Don't be harsh on your sister." Nuwaira warned and walked away.

Just as Meenah closed the door and sauntered back to her bed,she heard her mum shout from downstairs,"Meenah someone is looking for you and that person is coming upstairs."

Meenah rolled on her bed and groaned in agony.'Oh God.'

As she was about to sleep for like the hundredth time that day,the door was suddenly flung open and in came a girl.

The girl wore a short pink floral dress. Her hazel brown eyes were lit with excitement and glowed against her dark skin. She wore her hair in bunches and jumped on her feet which made her hair bounce up.

"Hola Meenah,I miss you dearest." She screamed in overly excitement.

Meenah rolled her eyes and brushed her hair back as the girl hugged the life out of her. She backed away and a sigh escaped her lips.

Meenah scurried to the mirror and stared at it. The girl joined her and smiled."You look more beautiful,better than before and better than what he expects to see." The girl said trying to suppress a giggle.

"Aurora what got into you,you always spoil my mood by calling his name. I just came back and I'm not in a good mood today." Meenah said annoyed. The girl,Aurora pouted and shuffled on her feet."I'm just trying to make you laugh,you look gloomy." Aurora said in a sad voice.

"When did you start being nice?" Meenah queried.

Aurora bumped their shoulders together and chuckled."I am always nice." She said with a small smile on her face.

"You've never being nice to me because you're always mean to me." Meenah said rolling her eyes. Aurora placed her hand over heart with an offended look plastered on her face.

"I'm hurt Meenah,how dare you say that. Okay for your own information I'm acting this way because I miss you and I'm here to apologise about what happened before you left,I hope your pea sized brain get it." She ranted and tried to leave the room. Meenah grabbed her hand and glared at Aurora.

"Are you sure that you are not bipolar Aurora. One moment you're extremely happy and the next moment, you're sad. Are you okay?" Meenah questioned with a frown.

"Are you going to apologise because you didn't even acknowledged my presence or did you want me to leave immediately?" Aurora retorted twirling her hair.

Meenah smiled and squeezed her hand tightly."I'm sorry." she mouthed. Aurora frowned and tilted her head in an amusing way.

"Apology not accepted," She said grinning evilly,"Only if you will let me sing."

Meenah knew this would happen.'Aurora and her stupid songs.' She thought. She didn't say it aloud because she never wanted to face Aurora's wrath most especially when she's not in the mood.

"I knew it,you never want me as your best friend." Aurora said as she walk to the door her head hung low in false disappointment.

"Wait!" Meenah cringed as she heard herself scream.

Aurora stopped with a smug smile on her face."Which song will you sing?" Meenah asked curiously praying it won't be one of those Hispanic songs she detest.

Aurora walked around the room smiling like a maniac."I will sing Un Poco Loco." She said happily. Meenah looked at her with utter shock written on her face.

"What?" Aurora asked in an annoyed tone.

"Nothing." Meenah mumbled in surrender because she knew Aurora liked singing the song just to piss her off.

"You know that's one of the loveliest songs ever." Aurora explained waving her hands wildly in the air. Meenah knew that but she can't bring herself to love a song Aurora liked with all her heart.

Aurora grinned sheepishly and cleared her throat. She took a deep breath and started singing,

"What color is the sky,ay mi amor ay mi amor

You tell me that it's red,ay mi amor ay mi amor

Where should I put my shoes,ay mi amor ay mi am...." Meenah interrupted her by pressing her palm against her mouth.

"It's enough,you can continue later." Meenah said as Aurora stared at her.

Aurora swatted Meenah's hand from her mouth and gave her a bone crushing hug. She started sobbing quietly. Meenah pulled away and stared at her with a frown.

"What's wrong Aurora?" She questioned. Aurora sniffed a little and dabbed her eyes.

"I just missed you like crazy." She whined and pouted. Meenah scoffed and then burst into fits of laughter. Aurora glared daggers at her while wiping away her tears.

"Are you really serious Meenah? What's so funny?" She asked feigning anger.

"Nothing dear bestie. Stop acting like a whiny kid." Meenah replied sarcastically.

Aurora huffed and rolled her eyes."I'm not whiny also I'm not a KID!!!" She yelled.

"Oh God, you're scaring me." Meenah said in an annoyed voice.

"I miss you." Aurora stated again looking at her feet.

"We weren't even on talking terms when I left and I thought you were so happy when we left and you prayed that I should die?" Meenah queried unable to suppress her anger.

"Of course I did,I prayed that you should die in the sea and your funeral should take place in Maldives,so that I can visit the country." Aurora babbled.

Meenah punched her on her arm. She dragged Aurora with her and they both fell on the bed with a loud thud. They chuckled and hug each other again.

"How did you know that we are back?" Meenah asked with her brows knitted in confusion.

Aurora sighed and answered,"My mum told me. I was lonely through out summer break."

"I thought Jason promised to keep you company?" Meenah asked curiously.

At the mention of Jason's name, Aurora's eyes lit with excitement and she started jumping on the bed. Meenah narrowed her eyes at her. Aurora suddenly masked her happiness with a bored expression.

"Of course he did but not the way you expected. I'm tired of your questions please," She replied nonchalantly,"And I guess we aren't playing 20 questions?"

"We are." Meenah responded in an arrogant tone.

"Okay It's now my turn to ask questions." Aurora said with a stupid grin plastered on her face.

"Okay,go on." Meenah said unimpressed.

"Why didn't you call me back there?" Aurora complained. She bounced slightly on the bed trying to get more comfortable.

"I just want you to spend some time with your Jason." Meenah replied laughing. Aurora glared at her and snorted.

"School is starting tomorrow. Are you ready?" Aurora asked trying to change the topic.

"I don't know. Only if you will meet Jason." Meenah replied. Aurora tossed one of the pillows at Meenah and she quickly ducked it.

Aurora kept hitting Meenah with the pillow till Meenah raised her hands in surrender.

"I brought you a present." Meenah said as she stood up and started searching for something in her travelling bag. Aurora's eyes widened with surprise and she said quietly but loud enough for Meenah to hear her,"That's kind of you." Meenah scoffed and rolled her eyes playfully.

"Did you forget that we're best friends and whatever happened between the two of us is just childishness." She said with a serious expression on her face.

After a long awkward silence,she jumped in happiness."Here!I got it." She screamed in pure delight. She handed a wrapped present to Aurora. Aurora scanned it with fake doubt filled in her eyes.

"Please don't open it now." Meenah pleaded.

"Okay what is this?" Aurora asked examining it. She threw it on the bed and nothing happened,she then picked it and brushed it with her fingers.

"Don't tell me it's a bomb,the moment I open it,boom. And I'll be blown out of the world. Just like the one Captain Hook sent to Peter Pan." Aurora rambled.

Meenah face palmed and rose up to use the bathroom. As she disappeared into the bathroom,Aurora continued with her song.

"The way you keep me guessing

I'm nodding and I'm yessing

I'll count it as a blessing

That I'm only un poco loco

The loco that you make me

It's just un poco crazy

The sense that..." Meenah interrupted Aurora again as she shouted from the bathroom.

"Aurora please stop. You know the way you keep mimicking Hector's and Miguel's voice makes me think I will never watch Coco again."

Aurora rolled her eyes and shouted back,"You should stop talking in there or did you want me to report you to your mum". With that Meenah instantly shut up while Aurora hummed quietly.

Just then the door opened and a head peeked in."Aurora!" A little girl screamed and rushed into Aurora's open arms. She hug her tightly while Aurora smiled.

The girl pulled away and stared at Aurora. A small smile on her face as she held her hand."Where's Diego?" The girl asked as she tried to brush away the fringe covering her eyes.

"He's at home doing his holiday assignment. Have you done yours?" Aurora asked.

"Yes,I did mine since before we travelled. Father said whoever didn't complete the assignment won't go on the trip." The girl answered brilliantly. Aurora was amazed by her answer.

"Aafiyah dear,you've really grown up." Aurora complimented as she looked at the girl up and down.

"Really?" Aafiyah asked nervously twiddling her thumbs.

"Of course dear,when last did you look at yourself in the mirror?" Aurora asked fake amazement clearly written on her face. Aafiyah's face went crimson and she covered her face with her hands.

Meenah stepped of the bathroom, she glanced at the duo and answered rudely.

"This morning,or am I lying?" She then joined them on the bed and stuck her tongue out in a playful gesture.

"Meenah!" Aurora shrieked as she landed a punch on Meenah's arm.

"Ouch!" Meenah groaned in pained and rolled on her bed,"What was that for?"

Meenah eyed Aafiyah and said in anger,"I will surely get you for this. It's all your fault." Aafiyah blushed in embarrassment and turned her face to the other side.

"You're as red as tomato. What are you doing here?" Meenah asked in an annoyed tone.

" se..nt t..too te..tell you the hoa...gie is re..rea..d..ddy." She managed to stutter a reply. She played with her fingers while staring at her feet in discomfort. She rushed to the door and scurried out of the room as her sister's glare intensified.

"Why are you so harsh on this pretty girl?" Aurora asked Meenah,who huffed and ignored her,"Or is it because she's more beautiful than you?" Aurora asked sassily trying to annoy Meenah,who just rolled her eyes and ignored her again.

"And those weird eyes,one blue,one green." She said and started laughing. Meenah took deep breaths trying to calm down while Aurora kept laughing and rolling on the bed.

Suddenly,in the twinkling of an eye,Aurora was tackled on the floor. They started wrestling on the fluffy rug carpet in the middle of the room.

"You two should come down now." Nuwaira shouted from downstairs. They stopped fighting breathing hard.

"I'm coming up there Meenah!" Nuwaira said even though she's downstairs Meenah heard the threatening tone in her voice.Both girls rose and scampered downstairs.