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Faded Memories

Faded Memories




A young feminine born with a silver spoon. Losing my father too soon was a silent cry, we needed to get over this dilemma so, I had to migrate from the state with my mom to South Korea. How do I adapt to this new environment with Angelo? A rich, cute, and famous kid in school. He is fair enough to my taste and endowed with attractive pink lips. So I'm not surprised to see many girls tripping over him, although am new to college, and with that, mom felt am too young to fall in love. The day I met with Angelo, it was like love at first sight. He got choked up with the cookies, I had so much lust and pity on him that I let him drink from my water. I thought he felt something for me only to find out that he's been hanging out with Catherine the college bully. I can't let go of him because of some paranormal activities between us which unraveled the secrets between the squad, Catherine, Angelo, and mom.

"Wake up Faye you are running late to school baby girl," Cornell said carrying a tray of hamburgers but Faye kept dumb. She didn't move to stay still cold-blooded.

"Faye! My goodness, but Faye..." She said in confusion tapping on her phone screen. Immediately Cornell looked front, Faye winked her eyes and closed it back covering herself with her duvet.

"Hello doctor, I don't know what is wrong. I thought you said she was free? And now." Before she could complete her statement Faye screams cut her in.

"Yay! April fool mom, I got you." Faye screamed out of her cloak.

"Faye?" Mrs. Cornell asked in awe and gasped in the air.

"Yes, mom am free today." She said and stood up as she hurriedly put on her bedroom footwear.

"Oh! Right, it's April, which means your birthday is around the corner. Mrs. Cornell responded.

"Ringing bell for surprises and pre-party," Faye said remembering Cornell.

"Indirectly?" Cornell asked looking into her eyes.

"Alright have your breakfast and get yourself brushed up, you are going to school." Mrs. Cornell said.

"But mom?" She tried interrogating.

"Okay. Once you're done with school today, I have a surprise for you." Mrs. Cornell said watching to see her facial reaction.

"Is that a bribe?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"Whatever you call it girl, get ready." She said leaving the room and slamming the door.

Mom has been the best I will ever ask a thousand times. Don't get it twisted, my stepmom. Oh! What did I just say? Okay yes, I lost my mom at the age of ten. My father Mr. Cornell found it stressful taking care of me and at the same time managing his company is really like jeez! Drained out. So dad thought it's fair getting a second wife after seven years. Of course, he tried, he is my best pal and he is doing great when it comes to that word 'FATHER'.

Maybe I will just put down my pen by saying, that my seventeenth birthday was the worst of me. It was at my party that poppa got poisoned by a masked being.

I felt bad, I felt the guilt. Late Mr. Cornell my love for you is irresistible. Faye cleaned her face coming out from the lavatory in her uniform.

Pom! Pom! Pom!

The school bus honks.

"Jeez!" She exclaimed picking up her backpack from the table running out of her room.

"Don't keep the bus waiting Faye." Mrs. Cornell yelled.

"Coming mom," Faye responded. She heads to the cuisine and dropped the shabby plate, then she came to say goodbye to her mom.

"Alright baby girl, be good to other students and more also be very attentive when class is on." Mrs. Cornell said kissing Faye on her cheek.

"Alright, mom my surprise still waits," Faye said.

Pom! Pom! Pom!

The bus honks again.

"Okay let's go." Mrs. Cornell said taking her car keys from the table and locking the door. She hugs Faye once again, "alright mom." Faye said with a smile.

"Catch ya! Mrs. Cornell retorted waving at her.

This has been our morning routine. After my father's casualty, she ensures to see the bus taking me to college and...

Zoom! She's off to work.


So mesmerized.

" After the long boring talk with Hannah, we finally arrived at school. Every student got down from the bus carrying each of their pouches.

"My goodness is that Angelo?" I asked myself and screamed to shake off some boredom.

"Faye Cornell," Gabby called to lose Faye.

"Angelo!" Faye screamed waving at him. Angelo stood Faraway licking his pink lips as he came to say Hi to me, but unfortunately, Angelo kissed Catherine. I almost burst into tears seeing Angelo kissing Catherine and some students laughing at me.

"Faye," Gabby called again.

"Good morning Gabby." She said after recovering from the loss and trying to cheer up.

"Huh! So you're infatuated with Angelo?" Gabby asked.

" But I don't think he wants me, so what's the point?" Faye heaved and asked.

"The point is, why don't you tell the squad?" Gabby questioned.

"Squad? That's gonna worsen everything." Faye responded.

"At least he needs to be kept on the ass." Gabby tried persuading.

"Listen Gabby. I was mesmerized when I saw him but jilted by his actions, I don't see a need for these because he will be graduating soon, and mom said I would be seating for an institutional exam which is in some weeks ahead. So I'd get over it." Faye responded.

"If you say so but you ain't eighteen yet?" Gabby asked.

"I would be eighteen in some days," Faye said opening her eyes as if she could swallow Gabby with her hands on her waist.

"Okay," Gabby said bringing some notes out of her locker.

"Good Morning Faye Cornell." A random student greeted.

"Good Morning." Faye greeted back.

"Good Morning Faye Cornell." Another student greeted again.

"Good Morning.." She could barely reciprocate the greetings when another salutation interrupted.

"Good Morning Faye Cornell." This time, her biology teacher greeted, and here comes the boss lady from an indefinite location.

"Why do they keep hovering around you like flies?" Clara interrogated from nowhere.

"Maybe I gat the answer, she's an affluent famous kid of a nobleman from the school board," Gabby spoke out for Faye.

"That was before. And you said famous? Famous indeed. What will you say about Angelo? Why should he leave you for Catherine? It's because you don't have all it takes to be called his woman, Faye Cornell." Clara said.