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Sleeping With A Demon

Sleeping With A Demon




He needed sex, I was there. He needed a shoulder to cry on, I was there. He needed someone to yell at, I was available. But when I needed him the most, he neglected me. He left me to die and rot in prison. Despite the fact that Tyler Bresfort was a beast, Despite the fact that he left Aurbrey Chandler to rot and die in prison, without a care in the world. Aubrey still finds herself aching to meet his needs, Aubrey should hate him, but she just couldn't. She was involved with a Demon and no matter how hard she tries to hate him, she still finds herself, waking up in bed, sleeping next to her Demon, sleeping next to Tyler Bresfort.

Aubrey's pov

The sound of Tyler's voice, yelling at the top of his lungs, woke me up from my peaceful slumber. I stirred on his big bed, trying to block out all the noise I was hearing from downstairs.

One day, he's going to give himself an early heart attack if he continues like this.


I jolted up from bed immediately, I guess whatever was going on downstairs was getting pretty serious, the sound of the gunshot still resounded around the big mansion.

I put on my nightie robe and rushed downstairs.

"I gave you one job! Just one job and you failed! And I hate failure! I hate failure with everything boiling inside my system!" Tyler's voice grew clearer as I entered into the big living room.

I watched as Lucas's left leg bled out.

Seriously Tyler?

"I got the job done, bu—but they tricked me, please— please forgive me. Spare my life..." Lucas, Tyler's new clerk guy, begged for his life.

Tyler's laughter resounded around the hall.

"What makes you think I would spare your life! You failed." Tyler said, through gritted teeth.

I rolled my eyes. .

Typical Tyler, he hated failure, something about his dad's code of conduct, he had killed so many people because they simply failed.

Tyler was a beast in the eyes of so many people in Vino Da Vinci town. This small town consisted of the sweetest people ever... So many families came here for tourism and all that shit.

But in my eyes, Tyler was a big teddy bear who could be comforted easily, he had a huge heart and even though we don't really know each other that well, there was a reason why Tyler Bresfort came to me when things went haywire for him.

I'm not inlove with Tyler or anything, I know better that to fall in love with someone like him; Tyler Bresfort doesn't do love, he's just the 'fuck and leave type'

But something kept bringing him back to me.

Everyone in Vino da Vinci town referred to Tyler as a demon.

He takes husband's from their wives and make the wives widows within two to three days.

I don't fear Tyler, if all things, I pitied him, I worry for him that he was gonna remain alone for the rest of his life. He distanced himself from everyone who tried to penetrate their way into his life.

Even his mom.

Tyler Bresfort had a huge family, they were popular here in Vino da Vinci town, they had their own mansion nearby, but Tyler never visits.

He was stinking rich, one reason why people fear and work for him.

"I promise to do better next time, just spare me. Please i beg you!" Lucas begged, holding his bleeding leg.

"See you in hell asshole!" Tyler cocked the gun, preparing for the kill.

Immediately, I went over and held his arm.

Slowly, he turned to meet my eyes, his stare was hard and sinister.

"Leave him Tyler." I said.

Tyler scrunched his brows and scoffed. "Who the hell do you think you are?" He asked me.

I just rolled my eyes and went over to Lucas.

I helped him up. "Go home to your wife and kids, make sure you run away from Vino, or he'll find you." Lucas hopped on one foot away from Tyler's mansion.

Tyler lowered his gun.

"How dare you interrupt me, Gray?!"

I sighed and crossed my hands to my chest.

I wonder why he calls me Gray! He just keeps mistaking my name's for other girls, especially that Gray!

"It's Aurbrey! Not Gray!"

"I don't care! You can't interrupt me like that, who do you think you are?"

"Aurbrey Chandler! Daughter of your enemy Simon Chandler..." I told him.

He nods his head thoughtfully and immediately, pulled his gun to my head. "I see you want to take his place."

I smiled, "You're not seriously going to shoot me are you?" I said with pouted lips as I made my way slowly and seductively towards him.

"Pointing a gun at me, makes me very mad Tyler." I purred as I traced my fingers through his black body hug shirt.

My gray eyes met his emerald green eyes.

Slowly, I pulled the gun from my forehead to my mouth, licking the tip of his gun with my tongue.

"You really want to die don't you? Stop pushing my buttons Gray." His voice was low and husky... I knew then and there that whatever I was doing to his gun was affecting him.

"I want to die Tyler, I want to die in your arms." I said, already taking the gun away from his grip without him knowing, he was lust already.

He grabbed my dark blonde hair and I winced due to the pain, but it wasn't the first time he was doing this, neither was it the second... I knew what comes after it.

His full pink lips connected with mine with force, sparks of fire erupted in my middle, Tyler Bresfort was the only man who could make me feel this way for him... My body reacted sharply to him and him alone!

Dropping the gun on the ground, I wrapped my hands around his neck and he gripped my ass with his hands, he lifted me up, making my long legs straddle him.

Our tongues were fighting for dominance as he slammed me not too gently on a nearby wall.

"Fuck, you're so sexy." He whispered hungrily in my ears, trailing harsh kisses down my neck, I was sure to get love bites.

He pulled up my nightie and entered me with force, a loud moan escaped my lips.

He went in with fast pace, driving me into a world of bliss and pleasure.

I lifted my hips time to time to meet up with his pace.

I felt the pressure build up in my stomach, I was gonna cum...

"Fuck Tyler." My voice was laced with utter and complete pleasure.

This was another reason why I was always at Tyler Bresfort knees when he calls... He does things to me... Things that no other man could ever do to me.