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The Company‘s little

The Company‘s little




Talia works in a company, it's a secret matching companies, they are known for BDSM matching, you can find your future submissive from any kind, training courses, clothing, toys, and anything you want or imagine. They had a special way to discipline their employees, every time you did a mistake your supervisor would spank you. She saw many things, she saw all kind of BDSM relations, in one impulsive moment she decided to tries what she works in, and who else is better than her own friends to try with. That left her with a traumatic experience, she hate everything related to BDSM and being submissive, she's neither, and if she could afford leaving this whole place she would. Marco, he's a daddy dominant, a trainer, and recruiter, he had his eyes on a special girl in his workplace, he knew she's a little even if she didn't yet. He wants her, but is he too hurt and traumatized to accept what he have planned for her.

Talia POV.

Talia, the girl next door, not anyone special, I look like any girl from the neighborhood, brown locks with some highlights, brown eyes, I'm not small nor tall, I'm just average. I'm twenty one, I graduated college with a communication degree that I found no job in, so I worked in any available job, in a local company.

It's not a normal company, well my job is very boring and normal, I just help fill in paper work, make sure the documents are filled for both parties before they sign their part of the agreement, a contract. Now what we sign that's the special thing in our company, they match up dominant and submissive, offers training session, furniture, clothes, anything and everything for all kind of kinks and lifestyles.

My job is just to make sure both parts sign, my work is in the little section, I only deal with those little creatures, and their daddies and mommies. Well the daddies and mommies sometimes treat me like I'm a little one too, I get snacks, cooed at, kisses on the top of my head, and best part praised every time I do my job correctly.

It's not always rainbows and happiness around my job, any employee who mess up would get spanked by their dominant if they work with us, if not they'll be spanked by their supervisors. I know it's a weird place to be working in, but I enjoy my job, I enjoy meeting the dominants and the littles, I might be enjoying seeing the other submissive too.

The only bad part about the job is when my boss take me over his knee for a bum warming, I came late this morning, I didn't mean to, but my alarm didn't ring and I ended it up being late. I did run, I tried to come at time but I was thirty minutes late.

"You know what this means Talia?" my boss Felix ask, he's not really the big boss, but he's my section boss, head of the littles sections. I just nod my head yes, I knew better than being late, it's written in my work contract, they have my consent about everything.

"Over my knees, you were thirty minute late" he says and I gulp, I get a smack on the bum for every minute, that's a thirty smack waiting for me, I wasn't really happy or excited about any of those.

When I don't move on my own quickly enough, Felix who's a very firm daddy dom, he drags me over his lap for a promised punishment, I deserve it, but doesn't mean I'll enjoy it. The fist Smack is always the one that hurts the most, I yelped in pain, but Felix wasn't going easy on me, with every slap he'd increase the force of the hit, it hurt more and more.

I was a sobbing mess by the twentieth smack, I couldn't be just few minutes late, I had to be thirty minutes late, damn my alarm, damn the extra episode of blacklist I had to watch, damn it all.

I felt Felix hands moves from punishing slaps to simple massage, helping calm my pain down, but not much. He pulled me up and made me stand, fixing my clothes for me, wiping my face, and finally hugging me, it was a brotherly hug.

"You know better than being late Talia" he says and I nod, I knew all this.

"Now off to work you go" he says sending me outside, if I had a dominant at work, we'll get thirty minutes aftercare. But I had no one, all I got were those few minutes with Felix before I was sent back to my desk.

My first job for the day happened to be filling a new folder for a new little, he came with Marco, the little trainer. Every little spend some time with Marco to make sure he get's exactly what he needs, he got his ways with littles and he's never wrong. They all say he have an eye for littles, he'll know what you are even before you do, he's a sexy one for sure, with his blond hair, grey eyes, soft beard, he's a giant for sure, next to him I look like a petit person although I'm not for sure.

"You okay Talia?" he asks noticing how many times I changed my position trying to find a comfortable spot to sit on, Felix did a great job tanning my but for me.

"Yeah, I was just a bit late" I say with a blush, he understood what it means which made me blush even more.

I finished filling the new folder, smiled at Marco before he left with the current little.