Let’s Read The Word

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Author:Authoress Kim NaNa



In 1985, there lived a king who ruled over the vampire Kingdom for many years, his name is Hemlock,the people has always complained of his wickedness.the wicked king,has kidnapped many werewolves and turned them into slaves, this news got the King of werewolves named Adalwolf who became very angry in hearing this which later lead to a bloody war which claimed thousands of lives. King Hemlock also killed human beings while King Adalwolf protected humans. One day a female human named Calissa was kidnapped by the vampire so King Adalwolf's bodyguard rescued her , then King Adalwolf got married to Calissa , this made King Hemlock angry then he called for a war, in the war all his guards were killed except for his bodyguard. King Hemlock went home with his body guard defeated. Will king Hemlock call for war again? Will he kidnap Calissa again? Find out.

King Adalwolf was in the throne room when his bodyguard came in. The guard bowed to the King but the King only nodded his head.

"Your highness, King Hemlock has Kidnapped one of the human beings again" His bodyguard named Amoux said

"What?? Go and rescue the human" King Adalwolf said.

"Your highness, The human is a female" The guard said.

"Go and rescue her before Hemlock kills her or turn her into a slave" King Adalwolf said.

"Okay, your highness" The guard said and bowed his head then he left.

"Hemlock, you are so wicked" King Adalwolf thought.

Few minutes later, the King was in the throne room with the priests when one of the maids entered. The maid served King Adalwolf a drink, she was about to walk out of the throne room when King Adalwolf called her.

"Yes, your highness" The maid answered and bowed her head.

"I want you to drink the tea" King Adalwolf said.

"Your highness, the tea is yours" The maid said.

"Keep quiet right now and do what the King said" One of the priests said.

"But… your... highness…"

"Drink it" The King interrupted.

The maid glanced at the priests then she took the cup up of the tea.

"Your highness, i can't drink it...the… tea is… poisoned" The maid stammered.

"What??" The priests said.

"Who told you to poison me?" King Adalwolf said, then the maid pointed her hand to one of the priests.

"You are lying, it… is… not me that… sent kill… the King" One of the priests named Arnou stammered.

"Your highness, he was the one that sent me to poison your drink" The maid said then the King called one of his guards.

"Arnou, who sent you to poison me" King Adalwolf said.

"Your highness, I can't tell you" Arnou said.

"Go and put the two of them in the dungeon and torture them" King Adalwolf said to his guard.

"Adalwolf, the person who sent me will come and rescue me" Arnou said.

"Keep quiet" The guard said then they left.

"Why did he do that?" One of the priests said.

"You guys should leave right now" King Adalwolf said, angrily.

The priests was walking out of the throne room when Amoux came in.

"Your highness" Amoux called and bowed to him.

"Is this human Hemlock kidnapped?" The King said.

"Yes, your highness" Amoux said, raising his head up.

"What is your name?" King Adalwolf asked, pointing to the human.

"My… name is… Calissa" the lady said.

"Okay, can you tell me how you got here" King Adalwolf said.

"I don't know... how... I" The lady, who called herself Calissa stammered.

"Okay… Amoux, take her to the guest room and told the maids to change her clothes" The King said.

"Okay, your highness" Amoux said and bowed his head then he left with Calissa.


King Hemlock was in his room with the Kisaeng when one his guard barged in.

"Why do you barge in?" King Hemlock said.

"I'm sorry, your highness" The guard apologies.

"Kill him" King Hemlock told his bodyguard named Darren then he walked out of the room

"You girls should go out" Darren yelled then they ran out of the room.

"Darren, please don't kill me" The guard said.

"There is nothing I can do… I have to kill you" Darren said, bringing out his magic sword then he killed the guard, he left.


King Hemlock was in his throne, when Darren came in, he bowed to the King.

"Your highness, I have killed him" Darren said.

"That's good… Adalwolf's bodyguard has escaped the human" King Hemlock said, angrily.

"What?? I am sorry, your highness… I don't know" Darren said and kneel down then he bowed his head.

"I want you to call the guards, the war has begun" King Hemlock said.

"I will do that right now" Darren said, getting up then he bowed his head and left.

"Adalwolf, you will pay for this" King Hemlock said, angrily.