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A Granted Wish In Every Billionth Blink Of Eyes

A Granted Wish In Every Billionth Blink Of Eyes

Author:Authentic darky



"In every billionth blink of your eyes, wish will be granted" that's what the elder said to Gemini yet she didn't believe the elder's words , she thought maybe the elder hit his/her head on something and were spouting fictious things. As she goes on with her daily life, weird and mysterious things slowly started happening. A guy named Polaris who has weird numbers on his arms and his palms, the atmosphere around polaris exerts mysterious aura that made Gemini wants to know him and about his mysterious life, what would she be able to unveil? Thus would Polaris who has a cold heart fall on the stubborn,super active , and charming Gemini?

Gemini's POV

It was a wonderful morning to wake up, where its comfy on the bed as "Ahh this is a lovely weather we have today ",I thought to my self seing as the green leaves vibe with rain outside, with the cold breeze coming from the window. As I got up out of bed, and went through the kitchen, I walked to the cabinet and made myself some coffee.

"Gemini, can you make some coffee for me please." Said mom,I replied "sure thing mom!" , and made some coffee immediately. "Of course a coffee that is sweeter than honey is what she likes!" , I said to my self. I gave the coffee to her while she's on the balcony reading some weird book with the titled " The wish a century ago",I noticed my great grandmother and my grandma reading the same book years ago and so as my auntie-

my mother's sister

. It was like a novel, I have an urge to read it, it's so confusing, it looks old,yet interesting, I kind of feel it's calling me to read it."Gemini???GEMINI! ", I came back to reality as I hear the loud voice of my father calling my name, "yes pa?" , I replied, what are you spacing out of? He asked! I uttered nothing, even me, myself, I didn't know, arrrrrg! I shook off my head in front of them, and go back to my room without saying anything. I go to my room, I lay myself on the right side of the bed with my eyes looking on the ceiling, I'm still thinking of the book, WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MEEEEE!!!, I shouted, later on I realized I left my coffee in the balcony where mom and dad were at! "WHY DID YOU READ THAT BOOK, IN FRONT OF GEMINI? dad asked to mom, I just want to finished reading it, since the book's will didn't choose me! Mom replied. Choose what? I asked to myself, wait, why is dad didn't want mom to read that book in front of me? What's the deal with that book? GEMINI!! I flinch as my sister, hit her shocking approach on me, HAHAHAHA, she laughed! "SISSSS! Don't scare me like that", I sighed! "Gemini?? Athena? Were you two there a while ago?" Random questions of my mom, they were both shocked, as my sister answered, " no, I came here just now, and I found Gemini, sneaking here so I surprised her", They look at each other with worried in their face,I looked at them confused, I heard everything- I added with teasing on my face, " why you didn't want me to see mom reading that book dad? What's with that book? And what will are you talking about mom? I asked a random questions. They both looked at me, then laugh heuristically! Ahhh it was nothing sweety, dad replied... There's a lot of possessive series on this book, that's why I forbid your mom to read this in front of you, you might be curios and find this book interested, he added! And in the books wi--- "In the book's will honey, It was the author's will that no youth who didn't reach at their legal age yet,can read this book", mom cutted! But I'm almost 18 mom, you shouldn't worry bout me that much, I replied! "yeah, you're almost 18 that's what I'm worried about, said dad! Forget it honey and they both go outside. They left me there alone, confused and unsatisfied of their answers, I blink fastly and shook my head off, to forget those confusing situations coz it irritates me a lot! I looked at my coffee and now it's full of black ants, I laughed when I saw the ants floating in my cold coffee, " good for you"- I added!

I got back to my room and close my eyes... I woke up because of the sobs, who's crying? I asked confusedly, I open my eyes and I didn't recognize the place I'm in, WHAT IS THIS PLACE?? I'm nervous! It's a forest, it gives me a creep as a I hear a lady's sob again, I follow the sounds of the cries to find it out, I saw some footsteps on the way, it's weird, the footsteps isn't on the mud, it's in the grass,I follow the footsteps and it led me into a beautiful rose garden, the view is satisfying and I'm almost at where the sobs came from, cause it's getting louder... As I draw closer to the sobs, now it's mixed with water flowing sounds, I knew it! It's a river, I hid on the wood as a I see the back of the lady sobbing while facing on the clear water, she's wearing a beautiful dress, A white gown that reaches the ground with a rose flowers design on the back,with a transparent cape in it, her hair is long but it's curly, she's white and she got curvy body, to sum it up she's a beautiful woman! I stared at her, she's sad, she's crying, I tried to catch a glimpse of her face's reflection on the water but I failed, it's kind of blurry but I can say she's pretty, later on, a drop of blood dropping in the water, came from her eyes... She stood, and I knew she's about to jump, as I sense her next action, I run towards her, NOOOOOOOOO,I shouted... As she's about to face me, Awww!! Someone slap me, as I open my eyes it was Athena my great sister! What's that for Athena? I asked," you have a nightmare,she replied.I realized it was all a dream,but it felt so real, I just stare at the bed, being paranoid because of it, someone shakes me, and I look around. My grandma is there, beside my mother, they look so worried about me, "maybe it's time for her to know about it,said grandma... Mother!!! My mom inserted, " A lot of signs are happening to her, maybe she's the choosen one, my grandma replied. What sign, what's choosen? I asked confusedly! I sat on my bed and waited for my grandma's reply, she walks around and grabs the weird book my mom was reading earlier... " In the billionth blink of your eyes, wish will be granted... That's what my mother taught me, our eyes blink 15-25 every minute, as science describe, it'll took us century before we reached billionth blinks Gemini. Then?? I asked, HAHAHAHA what's that kind of beliefs grandma, it's hilarious HAHAHAHAHA I laughed hardly, as I hear that beliefs, another fictional story of my grandma again, sighs elder seems nonsense sometimes, I thought to my mind." It was a century ago, when a lad--- ahhhh cut that story off! I don't wanna hear it grandma, I cutted her when she's about to tell a weird story again, I laughed and get out of my room where they're around, GEMINI, LISTEN! My grandma's angry voice,GET BACK HERE, OR YOU'LL REGRET NOT LISTENING TO ME! she added, whatever I replied... I took a shower, and then I'm facing on the big clear mirror with just a towel on my body, I remember the lady on my dream, she seems to have the same face shape as mine... But I have a straight short hair, I uttered to my mind, I smile and find out I'm cute... Plashhhhhh...My heart beat faster, as I saw the faucet turn on, on its own, it does sound like the river on my dream, GOSH! I shouted, this dream haunted me, it makes me paranoid, I uttered! I turn off the faucet and get out of the shower. . BANG! a loud noise as I slam the door hardly, GEMINI!! Athena's shouted! "Don't destroy your shower door like that, go get some chainsaw instead, she added with a teasing tone. SHUT UP! I shouted, yet she laughed! I just felt my blood got high up to my head, and my irritation burst! I picked my jacket, and pack some clothes, I will sleep to my friends house tonight... "Mom, dad! I shouted... They're not here, they've got some meeting to attend of! Athena replied." What?? It's summer, as far as I've remembered they don't have any business when it's summer!! I replied. I don't know, they just told me, not to tell you, she added! What?? I asked, I didn't hear it clearly, "Nothing, she said! C'mon, I just hear not tell--- kring, kring, the phone's ring! Hello? I asked as I picked up the phone," Gemini, it's me! Saucet. Oh! It's my friend, I'm on my way there,

I replied. Just hurry, me and my cousin's are ready already, she replied. I'm coming, I said! And I hung the call! Since they call me stubborn, I won't ask permission to my parents, maybe when I get there, I just let them know that I'm sleeping on saucer's house." Where are you going? Asked Athena! It's none of your business, dzuh! I replied! I'll go since I insisted.