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Vengeful Sisters

Vengeful Sisters

Author:Henrietta Otu


General Romance

Being born as twins, Phidelia and Phidel were separated at young age due to one or two reasons. Phidelia lived with her aunty in Netherlands whiles Phidel lived with their parents in Australia but they had always kept in touch. On one way or the other, Phidelia mysteriously went missen, making her parents return back to Netherlands with Phidel with the bid to find her sister. They tried to find out more from the school authorities but nobody seem to give them any good answers. Phidel then thought there was only one way to find out the where about of her sister and that is to get enrolled in the school which she did. She, from her research found out that her sister lost her life to bullies. She felt bitter, seeking revenge for her sister as her spirit hoovers around her and She is the only one who can see her. What really happened to Phidel? What is the reason behind their separation? And how is Phidelia going to get back at her sister's murders? Will Phidel's spirit ever leave her

The Genesis


March 6, 2018.

Phidelia stood in front of the sink, staring at her reflection in the mirror as she washed her hands under the running water when Tina and her friends barged in, slamming the door opened.

She jolted in fright deftly turning her gaze to face them.

"Well..., well, guess who we have here. The weakling." Tina said, leaning on the door of one of the washrooms as her friends took their stand beside Phidelia. "Guess what, I have been searching for you in the entire school. Am I just not thoughtful..?" she added, a wicked smile dancing merrily on her lips.

Phidelia with a shaky hands, slowly traced her hand to her bag which laid beside the sink, picking it up.

"Where do you think you're going?" she snatched the bag from her, giving her a dirty slap on the face. Stepping back, she gestured her friends to take over, "Get her." she ordered.

Before Phidelia could utter a word, Roxy grabbed a fistful of her hair, shoving her aside roughly. A wince of pain flashed on her face as she hit her back on the door.

"Get her cloths off."

"No, please..." Phidelia grasped, holding on her shirt as Roxy and Bella rushed on her with Tina turning on her phone's camera. She struggled with them for about 30minus. Feeling suffocated, her asthma kicked in.

She gasped for breathe as she slowly reached into her pocket for her inhaler. Just then, Roxy snatched it from her, stepping back with a smirk.

"Ple...ase...give it back." she murmured faintly, reaching for it.

"You want this..?" Tina took the inhaler from Roxy, lifting it up in the air. "Come get it."

"Please Tina," she gasped for breathe. "Please the inhaler..." she begged, struggling for her life. But Tina and her friends looked on, laughing their hearts out. They thought they were having fun but little did they know of the impending danger.

After a while of pleading and struggling for breathe, Phidelia collapsed on the floor. The smiles on their faces slowly fading away. They looked aghast at each other then Roxy knelt over to Phidelia, passing a finger beneath her nose. With bated breath, Tina and Bella waited for the result.

"What happened to her?"

Roxy raised a horrified gaze at them, "She..., she is dead.."

"What..? What do we do?" queried Bella.

"This...this is not good." she ruffled her hair, " Alright, calm down Bella, no panicking. I think I have a plan."

Bella and Roxy waited anxiously as she strolled over to the door and pecked through. When she was sure they were save, she sauntered back to her friends.

"Let's hide her body and bury it later."

"No Tina, that's too dangerous." replied Bella.

"And do you have any better ideas...? Let's hear it."

Bella who had no special plans nor ideas just growled, not saying anything in particular.

"Then it's sorted then. Come help me."

They carried Phidelia body to one of the washrooms, tossing her bag on her as they locked it up. They kept the key with them and hurried out of the washroom.

The rest of the school hours passed by and soon it was evening. Tina and her friends waited until it was 12am then they returned to the school. They waited for the security man to leave his post then sneaked into the school. They hurried off to the washroom, wrapped the body up with a white cloth and with much difficulty, carried it into the woods. The moon light was up in the skies giving out it light with the whimpes of the birds filling the atmosphere giving out a tensed and creepy aura as they dug the pit. After several hours, they were done. They carried the body into the pit, throwing her bag on her and hurriedly covered it up.

They heaved a sigh, dusting off their hands as the sweat on their faces shone under the moon light.

"Let's go.." Tina urged and they rushed out of the scene.


The Birth Of Phidel and Phidelia


February 4, 2000.

Sitting anxiously in wait in front of the labour ward, Randy instinctively runs up to any nurse who approaches from the ward wanting to know what's going on with his wife but nobody seems to tell him anything.

He slammed himself on the bench overwhelmed with exhaustion as he ruffled his hair.

After about Two hours of waiting, the doctor finally came out of the ward with a sweaty face, wearing a bright smile.

"Congratulations Mr. Hoods.., your wife just delivered two bouncy baby girls." said the doctor as he neared him.

"Two girls...?"


"Can I go and see them now..?"

"Yes but you have to wait for some few minutes so to give the nurses time to transfer them to their wards."

"Alright, alright, thanks so much doctor..."

"Welcome.., excuse me." He remarked, sauntering off to his office.

Randy returned back to his seat overwhelmed with joy. Within 10 to 15minutes later, a nurse walked up to him.

"You can go see them now.."

"Really...?" He rose from his seat. "Which ward please?"


"Thanks so much..." Shaking the nurse's hand, he shuffled off to find the ward in which his wife was.

The nurse noticing his excitement, looked on with a smile as his back faded away through the corridor before returning back to his work.

After a while of searching, he got to the ward with the tag 204. He glanced through the glass door with a smile before staggering into the room. He got in to meet his wife and children deeply asleep.

He strolled over to the cot and stood beside it, staring down on his daughters. Everything felt like a dream to him. Having been married for years without kids and here he was, standing before these pretty little angles. It was like a dream come true.