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He Is the Warrior From Ancient Times

He Is the Warrior From Ancient Times


Xuan huan

Fifty thousand years ago, the mysterious race invaded the Three Realms and the Divine Realm fell! Ten thousand years ago, a peerless expert refined the Nine Heavens Star River and spied on the Divine Realm. The Immortal Realm was thrown into chaos! The divine path was gone, the Immortal Realm was in turmoil, and the mysterious young man, Jiang Feng, walked out of the Small World at this moment. In this chaotic world, he had started a heaven-defying journey against the rest of the world. From then on, the entire world had started to go berserk...

In the Mu Mansion of South Hill City, Qin Kingdom.

"Rongxue, pay attention to your steps and keep up with the speed of the sword in your hand. The tip of the sword needs to be pressed by another three times to be more powerful."

"Yes, that's it."

Mu Rongxue, who was wearing a light blue dress, was practicing hard in the backyard. The three-foot-long sword was like the ripples of autumn water, and the sound of wind breaking could be heard, which seemed to be very powerful.

The person beside her wasn't an old man, but a young man in black — Jiang Feng.

The two of them were about the same age, both of whom were fifteen or sixteen years old. However, Jiang Feng was like a master of swordsmanship as he pointed out all the shortcomings of Mu Rongxue's sword moves, making them more perfect.

With Jiang Feng's guidance, Mu Rongxue's sword skill was close to perfection. Under the flickering of sword shadows, there was a faint burst of sword qi.

A set of sword skills was quickly completed. Mu Rongxue put away her sword and came to Jiang Feng's side. She smiled and said, "Big Brother Jiang Feng, can my Autumn Water Innate Sword be considered completed?"

Jiang Feng nodded, "The ripples of the Autumn Water. When the human heart moves, the sword will follow the heart. When the human body and the sword become one, it will be a perfect level. You've already found its charm. I believe you'll soon be able to cultivate the Autumn Water's Innate People Sword Art to perfection level."

"The other sword skills can also be used. In the future, your achievements in swordsmanship will definitely be extraordinary."

"It's better if Big Brother Jiang Feng gives me pointers. Otherwise, with my talent, I wouldn't be able to achieve such an achievement even if I were given another three to five years." Mu Rongxue's smile grew even wider as she blossomed like a flower. As the eldest daughter of the Mu family and the most beautiful woman in South Hill City, her smile was exceedingly beautiful.

Mu Rongxue was able to cultivate martial arts techniques. Although she had a direct relationship with Jiang Feng's pointers, her talent in sword skills was not bad. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to comprehend the essence of sword skills so quickly.

"Xue'er, Jiang Feng."

At this moment, a middle-aged man strode over. It was Mu Chengshan, Mu Rongxue's father. A complicated expression flashed across his face, and there was a hint of excitement in it. However, he soon calmed down and calmed down.

Mu Yuanshan, the patriarch of the Mu family.

A few years ago, Jiang Feng came to South Hill City with his grandfather and met him. Mu Yuanshan was kind and treated the two of them very well. He even often invited him to the Mu family to cultivate with Mu Rongxue. It seemed that he wanted to match them up.

"Father, my Autumn Water Innate People's Sword Art is close to perfection. I believe that within a few days, I will be able to communicate with the Spiritual Qi and break through to Tempered Body 7th Layer and become a true martial artist." Mu Rongxue's smile grew even wider as she showed off to her father.

"Okay, my daughter is destined to be extraordinary." Mu Yuanshan patted Mu Rongxue's shoulder kindly, and his arm was trembling slightly.

Then, Mu Yuanshan looked at Jiang Feng with a complicated look in his eyes. "With the help of martial arts techniques to sense the Spiritual Qi, you can kill two birds with one stone. Jiang Feng, your comprehension of martial arts techniques is so strong. If you can... Alas..."

He hadn't finished his words, but the sigh was full of a different feeling.

Mu Rongxue's expression also changed slightly. The thick smile on her face gradually disappeared. It was as if she was disappointed and melancholy...

Jiang Feng's comprehension talent was extremely strong. No one in the Mu family could compare to him. However, when the heavens opened the gate of talent for him, he forgot to open another more important gate. That was the gate of cultivation.

Three years ago, Jiang Feng had trained to the sixth level of Body Tempering. However, he hadn't been able to gather spirit energy in the past three years. This was absolutely a nightmare for any martial practitioner.

On the path of martial dao, the first step was to temper one's body, and the twelfth level was to temper one's body. Those below the seventh level were all mortal. Only by absorbing spirit energy and stepping into the seventh level could one be considered to have embarked on the path of martial dao. The spirit energy was the foundation of a martial practitioner and was unable to condense spirit energy. In the end, it was just a mortal.

So what if he was at Tempered Body 6th Layer? He was merely a slightly stronger mortal.

When he heard Mu Yuanshan's words, Jiang Feng remained unmoved and only smiled faintly.

Seeing Jiang Feng's reaction, Mu Yuanshan let out an imperceptible sigh.

No matter how great one's comprehension talent was, it was nothing more than a piece of paper. What could he do if he couldn't become a real warrior?


"Let's not talk about this. Jiang Feng, you must have worked hard. Go back and rest early." Mu Yuanshan changed the topic and smiled gently. He was very gentle.

"Okay, Uncle Mu." Jiang Feng frowned slightly but instantly relaxed. He bowed and left the Mu Estate.

Watching Jiang Feng's back gradually disappear into the distance, Mu Yuanshan's originally gentle face gradually became cold, as if a sharp light flashed away.

"Xue'er, come with me." He flicked his sleeves and walked inside.


Night fell, and the night seemed to give people despair.

Jiang Feng's expression was a bit dim as he walked home.

He could feel the change in Mu Yuanshan's attitude. Not only that, but even the attitude of the servants in the Mu Mansion was changing.

In the past, when he entered and exited the Mu Estate, the servants would respectfully address him as Young Master Jiang Feng. However, today, no one paid him any attention. The expressions in their eyes were already filled with a different feeling.

"Perhaps they really care about me." Jiang Feng consoled himself.

"Hahaha, kid, you're lying to yourself."

Suddenly, a strange laugh entered Jiang Feng's mind. "You are a smart person. You should understand the attitude of those fellows in the Mu family. In the world where the strong are respected, strength is what they care about the most. If you don't become a martial practitioner, you will always be a piece of trash. They..."

"Get lost!" Jiang Feng roared lowly, his face exceedingly gloomy.

Three years ago, he knew that this old devil existed in his body. At that time, he felt the Spiritual Qi and was about to enter the seventh level of Body Tempering. However, the Spiritual Qi was swallowed by this old devil and accidentally awakened him.

Without him, Jiang Feng might have long since blossomed with the glory that belonged to him.

Therefore, Jiang Feng hated this devil to the extreme.

"Tsk tsk, strength corresponded to dignity. Little child, don't tell me you don't want to become stronger and rule the world?" The old devil wasn't annoyed. His strange smile remained the same, full of temptation.

"Don't think that I don't know your purpose. You want me to practice the Devilish Skill and help you recover. In the end, with me as your guide, you will possess me."

Jiang Feng laughed coldly with disdain and his tone was resolute. "Old devil, even if I'm mortal for the rest of my life, I'll never absorb a trace of spirit energy and allow you to regain your strength and possess me. I'll then use my hands to bring disaster upon the world."

Three years ago, when the old devil had accidentally awakened, he'd wanted to possess Jiang Feng. It was a good thing that he'd just awakened and that Jiang Feng's sense of Spiritual Qi was limited, resulting in his lack of strength. He hadn't succeeded in taking over Jiang Feng's body.

From that moment on, Jiang Feng had imprisoned his body and didn't absorb the slightest bit of spirit energy. Even if he wasn't a martial dao practitioner, he wouldn't give the old devil the slightest chance to recover. This was to the extent that in the past three years, the old devil could only maintain a trace of his soul's state and didn't have the strength to possess it.

Therefore, the old devil had taken possession of Jiang Feng at first, and then tempted him to cultivate his demonic arts. He knew that if things went on like this, Jiang Feng would never be able to be reborn in his ordinary life.

"The Devilish Skill can intimidate the world. It is the head of the Devil's Practice. There is also the Devil's Practice in the Orthodox Path. The Devil's Practice also has the Orthodox Path. The Devil's Practice is also the Tao. Whether it is the Devil's Practice or the Devil's Practice is only in the mind of the cultivator."

The old devil's voice was rare to be serious. He said seriously, "If you cultivate the Devilish Skill, not only will you rule the world and dominate an area, but you will also have a chance to kill me completely. The victory or defeat between you and me is at fifty percent. Don't tell me you don't even have the courage to do so?"


Jiang Feng laughed coldly. He didn't believe the old devil's words.

"This is not a matter of courage. Even if I win, I have joined the Devil."

Shaking his head, Jiang Feng said with a serious expression, "Evil can't defy justice and doesn't join the devil. A good man with an upright spirit and an indomitable spirit. This is what grandfather has taught me. I won't let him down."

Jiang Feng's words were full of determination and deep concern for his grandfather.

"Bullshit. The devil is the way, but not the devil."

The old devil cursed and was very dissatisfied with Jiang Feng's opinion, but he didn't think too much about it. He changed the subject and continued, "If I don't disappoint your grandfather, would I have the heart to disappoint that girl? I can tell that you care a lot about that girl, but you've seen the Mu family's attitude. If you're ordinary, how can you match her?"

"What's more, that girl seems to have some secrets. If you don't join the Devil, the gap between you two will become bigger and bigger."

Jiang Feng still shook his head with a shallow smile on his face. "Using my comprehension talent to guide her up the mountain step by step and see her shine. This is also a kind of happiness."

"Do you think it's realistic? You're a smart person. Why do you lie to yourself?"

"From the Mu Estate's attitude today, it can be seen that they only care about strength and don't care about how you train that girl."

"You made her shine, but she thought that you were not qualified to accompany her to rule the world."

"Hey, little boy, stinky boy..."


Jiang Feng cut off all communication with the old devil. No matter how tempting the devil was, he remained unmoved, because he'd long since had his own attitude in his heart.

However, his attitude towards the Mu Estate was probably just a wishful thinking.