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The Carefree Woman

The Carefree Woman


Realistic Urban

My husband can't fulfill my physical needs, I'm not satisfied, and I've been forced to go looking elsewhere...

"Honey, aren't you hard yet?"

I am lying in bed, my face blushing as my naked body leans towards my husband, the warm yellow light in the room is making me yearn for it.

He seems a bit lacking in energy, and sighs, "Perhaps we should wait a bit longer, I am not in good condition today."

"No, no, I want it!"

I hummed, my fingers rubbing his soft thing, I can feel a bit of hardness from my husband, he is still seduced by my mature body.

After all, I am in my prime at the age of twenty-eight, it's the time when women are most beautiful. In terms of looks or physique, I know how irresistible my body is in men's eyes.

However, my husband remains uncomfortable and gently pushes my hand away, "Let's wait for a few more days... I've just taken medication, it hasn't kicked in yet...You're too tight, I might not be able to enter."

"Honey, I really want it."

Under the drive of desire, I didn't care if he was willing, clutching his hand and guiding it down.

"Honey, touch me, see how much I want it."

I'm already wet with floral juices down there, longing to be filled, I wonder if it's because of my husband's prostate inflammation, he is gradually unable to satisfy me. Lately, my body has been frighteningly sensitive. Anything related to this matter would involuntarily heat up and itch my body, I can't control it at all.

"Ah...Honey, I'm so itchy..."

Feeling my husband's big hand touch my moist bud, the sensitive stimulation makes me lose control, a soft moan unintentionally escapes from my mouth.

But my husband only touched me once, he suddenly became very unhappy, avoiding me, "Xu Jing, why have you become so frivolous?"

My husband turns around gloomily, leaving me his back view. The mood just now was completely interrupted, looking at his figure with his back to me, my heart is filled with indescribable grief.

Ever since my husband was diagnosed with prostatitis six months ago, our quality of life has started to decline. The friction and arguments have increased gradually, and he's become more silent than ever. Sometimes, he wouldn’t even come home all night.

When I confronted him, he claimed it was all due to the immense pressure from work. However, with each treatment, it seemed as if he was distancing himself further from me, becoming a stranger with each passing day.

Tomorrow, he is set to return to our hometown for a half-month vacation, while I am swamped with work and couldn't manage to take any leave. Tonight, I wanted to spend some intimate time but his attitude has left a bitter taste in my heart.

"I am leaving for home early tomorrow. You don’t have to see me off since you have work to attend to. It will be tiring, so use the chance to catch up on lost sleep." he said, breaking the silence of our room, and switched off the bedside lamp.

"I'm sorry, honey, I didn't mean to be like this. During my stay in the hometown, I will definitely take good care of myself. Once I get better and the workload eases, let’s plan on having a baby." His voice was still soft.


I whispered in agreement and he instinctively reached out to cuddle. We ended up lying there, wrapped in each other's arms and sleeping.

My loneliness is still there, yet my mood seemed to have improved a bit.

Strangely enough, I found myself fantasizing about having fun on my own. Especially the thought of using either fingers or adult toys gave me a quickened heartbeat. The thought of my delicate spot being stretched gradually was too exciting.

I felt a desperate itch, a longing. Down there was moist and incredibly sensitive. Although it was tempting to surrender myself to the desires, I chose to suppress it in respect for my husband. I wished for his quick recovery and regain his undefeatable spirit once again.

After a long time of internal struggle, I finally drifted off to slumber.

When I woke up, it was broad daylight. The side of the bed was empty. My dear husband had already departed without disturbing me.

His thoughtfulness touched me. Despite the little quarrels we have over our marital life, we did love each other. I looked forward to the life after his recovery.

I yearned for my husband's forceful thrusts, to be filled up completely by him.

Perhaps this anticipation alleviated my mood slightly.

However, on the third night after his departure, an unexpected incident took place which momentarily satiated my longing to be filled up.