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Author:Abigail busayo



Daniel and Henry hated each other, that was one fact everyone knows about them, they were captains to each other's rival teams and they were always at each other's neck, everything turned into a way to One up for each other. But then the two of them happen to find themselves alone in a bar bathroom and soon they get stuck in an enemy with benefits arrangements that can only turn messy. "You are so fucking annoying" Henry just shook his head at me. " And you are a self-centered dickhead" I glared at him. Henry laughs lightly at the insult. " You have such a nice thing to say about a guy who just fuck the hell out of you".

Chapter 1

We lost. We fucking lost.

I was trying not to let myself believe it was all my fault, but it was my fault, I was the captain of the football team, and my team looked up to me for leadership and guardianship. When I'm off the game it reflects on the rest of my team members.

So that is why I was here, at the Red City, the college local bar, to drink away my sorrow.

A few of my teammates joined me but most of the football team was out at a party. I couldn't get myself to show up at the party, partially because I wanted to wallow in self-pity but also because I wanted to give my team members some space to talk shit about me and also to be able to say whatever they want to say without my ears around to hear it.

" I'm buying a round of shots" Dave clapped me on my shoulder.

"Let me" I fished out my wallet.

"No, no, no let me spend some of my money, while you sit around wallowing forever".

"I'm not wallowing" I argued even though we both knew It was a big lie.

"We win as a team, we lose as a team, stop putting every mistake on yourself, be both know you are not the only reason for that mistake out on the field tonight.

"Whatever, get the damn shots and stop lecturing me".

"You are an asshole" Dave laughed before waving at the bartender for some shots.

I was creating a nice buzz for myself, and with the shots, Dave brought I was on the road to getting drunk by the end of the night.

"No you guys have fun".I waved them off.

"Ok, fun killer". Dave sighed, falling on the chair next to me.

"Let's have fun my way"

"When will this start getting fun?"

"Fuck off, if you are so miserable just go with James". I shoved my friend's shoulder.

I knew Dave wouldn't go, out of all the guys on my team Dave was the only one close to me. He had my back all the time and I guess he was sort of a best friend.

"Someone has got to drag your sorry ass home"

"I'm going to get another drink". I grumbled getting up to return to my spot.

I had just ordered another shot when a flash of blonde caught my eyes.

Swooping through the bar was Debbie

Dave's girlfriend and my best friend. I watch as she throws herself at him. I was sort of relieved that she showed up, it would get Dave off my back for the rest of the night.

"Heard you lost".

My whole body tensed at that voice, I was already feeling like shit and now I was gearing up for a fight.

Here to gloat? I spat, turning to face none other than Henry.

Henry was the captain of our rival team and well he was a giant dickhead. Just seeing that stupid face if he was making me want to slam my fist into it over and over again. Even if it wasn't for our team's long-standing rivalry, I would still want to wring Henry's neck. He was cocky and tended to act as if he was better than everyone.

"I'm here to drink". He shook his head leaning against the bar.

I tried to ignore how his body stretched out in front of me. It was such a shame that a body like that was wasted on a personality like Henry's. And the alcohol must be seriously getting to me because I was acknowledging a body like Henry's in any sort of positive light.

"What are you doing here Henry?" I was losing patience, it wasn't like this was a private bar, but it was close to my territory not in Henry's territory. So it just didn't make sense that if Henry was looking for a drink he'd come here.

Though I'd come for the show, I figured out that you might be wallowing about the loss. I didn't want to miss when the tears started. He grinned mockingly.

" Fuck off, the only thing you did be seeing is my fist slamming into your face".

"I would like to see that you asshole ". Henry taunted.

"Fucking dickhead"

"Always an empty threat with you, let me know when you get some actions to back up those words". Henry rolled his eyes, grabbing his drink from the bar.

I didn't want to fight him, well I did want to punch him but I just didn't want to do it here at the bar. If I start a fight with Henry here, where everyone could see it would turn into a whole thing, my team would declare war with his team and it would throw us off for our game next week.

My night of drinking was sour and my bad mood followed me back to Dave.

"I'm done". I told him.

"Done being a whiny little bitch?" Dave laughed.

"I just want to sleep and forget this night ever happened ". I drowned the last of my drink.

"Glad to see you happy Dan". Debbie teased.

"I'm going to ease myself then am going to leave with it without either of you" I strolled off to the restroom.

The restroom at the bar was small.

There were two stalls but luckily for me when I entered it was empty. And it stayed that way until I was at the sink washing my hands.

The door to the bathroom swung open, I didn't bother looking up as I dried my hands, but then there was a click.

The lock.

Some had flipped the lock.

I turned to see Henry leaning against the door.

What is your game? I asked not trusting the guy in front of me.

"I like riling you up". He chuckled.

"Well, you can fuck off " I walked towards him ready to push him aside.

"I don't think I will ". He grabbed my wrist stopping me in my place.

"Do you want to get punched? I threatened.

"Go right ahead". He dropped my wrist.

"Get the fuck out of my way dickhead". Instead of throwing a punch, I went for the door lock.

I had expected Henry to grab my wrist again because I knew he was just that much of a dick but when I hadn't expected him to lean forward. He leaned in, causing them to be only inches away from each other's faces.

I blamed the next event on temporary insanity. It was the only way to explain why I leaned right in pressing my lips against his.