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Love And Revenge

Love And Revenge



General Romance

"Love at first sight, that's nonsense" Rachael said until she finally met him. Finally she fell in love, but he's so cold to her, doing everything she could to make him fall for her. He loved her so much but won't tell her how much he loved her, after being hurt by his first love he swore never to fall in love again, she claims she's different. Will she be able to open up his already frozen heart and make him say how much he loves her or will he regret it when his heart is finally warmed and she's already far from his reach. When he was finally able to tell her how much he loves her she suddenly became wanted by an organization she thought she had left in her past. Would he help her to get through her past and help her revenge or would abandon her when he discovers a secret.

"Doctor!, Doctor!, where is the doctor" a young woman wearing a white gown shouted as a stretcher was hurriedly wheeled in by the nurses, a man with a pale face but was as handsome as anything in this condition, was on the stretcher covered in blood, the woman likewise was also stained with his blood, her original white garment was already dyed red, only if one looked closer would one discover that the cloth was actually white before it was dyed with blood turning it red, but the woman could be less concerned about that.

The man on the stretcher was constantly growling in pain as the woman expression continued to change due to the man growling in pain beside her she felt as if she was the one in the pain.

Soon the doctor came running over, upon seeing the state of the man he shouted, "to the theater room", the nurse wheeling the stretcher quickly changed direction and wheeled it straight into the theater room, on seeing them enter the theater room the woman tried to follow them but a nurse stopped her " please wait outside" the nurse said politely, she nodded as she resigned to fate and sat down on the chair nearby.

She sat down as she put her hands on her face as she prayed for his safety, she thought on how she had dragged him down in the mess she was in, she remembered again when she first met him at highschool then and how cold and icy he was to her simply because he was hurt by his first love, as she thought of this, she drifted into her memory lane as she remembered both the happy and sad moments in her past, especially the time when they first met and how it had all began and how they had later ended up in the hospital today.

Five years ago in All star high school a red car sped in at a high speed into the school gate, all the students walking or staying by the gate quickly gave way for the car as not be hit, dey all knew who was in the car, James the son of the principal and also a renowned playboy, he always get what he wanted, although he is very handsome but he was not the moat handsome in the school, although it was because of his handsomeness girls usually throw themselves at him.

After the red car was out of sight, another blue car came to pass through the school gate, this time the driver was not as reckless as the driver of the first car that had just passed, laughter was heard in the car as the people in the car talked and laughed happily, it was Alex the most handsome guy in the school with his friends, every one preferred Alex to James as he was more humble than the latter, as the latter was very rude and arrogant.

All the girls of the school wanted to become Alex girlfriend but since the time Lydia his first love and also his girlfriend coupled with the fact that she was the hottest girl in the school broke his heart by cheating on him with James, since then they knew they had no chance of approaching him cause he had become cold and indifferent towards girls as he swore never to fall in love again, the only girl he wasn't cold to and indifferent to was Elizabeth who was his female best friend.

The blue car finally came to the parking lot and then parked next to the red car Alex and his friends alighted from the car at the same time James and lydia also alighted from their car as Lydia was busy with her makeup so she did notice see Alex and his friends.

James and Alex eye met when Alex turned around, immediately Alex felt anger boiling in him as he had the urge to beat James while James stood in Alex other side with a taunting gaze, On seeing this Eric, Alex best friend quickly dragged him away from the parking lot as he did not want a fight to break out.

He remembered the last the time Alex fought James, the latter was beaten up badly, as the former had a black belt in karate, but afterwards he was suspended from the school for a month, since then the two had became like water and fire never to meet in a place.

All star high school and was a school were many students from rich families go, so it was had to see a student who didn't come from a rich family, that was why there was even a parking lot for the students where they could park their vehicles or motorcycle.

"Dude, calm down, don't be disgusted by him, he's not worth it" Eric said trying to calm Alex down when he had successfully dragged the latter out of the parking lot.

"Okay! Okay, I feel better now, let's head to the class" Alex replied after some minutes of silence.

At the principal's office, a woman clad in trousers and suit in her thirties, although she was already in her thirties she still looked beautiful as many people would think she was still in her twenties was sitting down facing him.

"That's all I can do for you" the best principal told the woman who was facing him.

"I appreciate it very much" the woman smiled and replied, then she turned to a teenager who was sitting quietly by her side, about the age of eighteen, on a closer look at the teenager one would notice that the teenager had inherited all of the woman's features making her look flawless as she was also exceptionally beautiful, from there one could detect that she was her daughter.

"Be a good girl and try to make new friends, as this is your final year in high school and I do not want to hear any complain from the school, I would also make sure to be checking in you" the woman smiled and said to her daughter.

Rachael which was the teenager name nodded her head obediently as she wished that her mother would be with her, her mother was a business woman and would travel from one place to another every two years, she was so busy that she rarely had time for her daughter so Rachael could only be by herself, she would always leave enough money for her to spend thus she did not lack anything, as for her father she had never seen him and was forbidden by her mother to talk about him thus she did not know anything about her birth father.

"Come on, let me take you to your class and also introduce you to your new classmate mates, I hope you would get along with them" the principal said snapping her out of her thoughts.

Rachael's mother stood up as she departed from the principals office leaving only her daughter and the principal, seeing her mother departing she stood up and followed the principal out of his office intending to start off her first day at her new school.

In the classroom Alex was seating alone on his seat, he calmly put on a headphone and was listening to music at the same time he was observing everyone in the class with the a pair of cold eyes stopping all the girls who had the intention of approaching him.

"Have you heard about a transfer student in our school" one of the girls whispered to her friends.

"We've not heard anything about it, but what's so special about this particular student, as she's not the first transfer student in our school" one of her friends replied.

"Hmp! All of you are as clueless as ever, but let me tell you, this particular transfer student is from Sky high school in London and she's transfered directly to our class, meaning she is here just to complete her last year at high school which has never happened before" she said to her friends.

All the people nearby looked up in shock as it had never happened before, a transfer student at the final year?, that was literally crazy.

The girl who had told her friends about it looked proud as he continued " I also heard she's a great beauty as her beauty would not loose out if she's compared to lydia" she added.

Eric who was nearby the girls who were gossiping and was originally not interested in the conversation looked back as his attention was diverted, maybe he may have a chance to date her, he thought, but soon his face fell as he looked at both James and Alex who was the most handsome guys in the school, "James already had a girlfriend but he was not sure if he may try to woo her as James was a playboy so he's quite not predictable, the person he was the most curious about was Alex maybe this new girl would be able to make changes to him as since the incident regarding Lydia cheating on him, he has been cold and indifferent towards girls and would completely ignore one that approach him, the only girl that did not receive that treatment was Elizabeth and it was just because she was his female best friend, they all wished she would be able to create a sparkle in his heart" he thought.As this thought was going on in his mind the door to their class was pushed opened as the principal entered, everyone quickly sat on their seat, Alex also removed his headphone adjusted his sitting posture.

Following the principal closely was a teenager about thier age, she was clad in a white shirt and black trousers her hair was flowing down her back like a river peacefully flowing down the mountain, her looks was so mesmerizing, coupled with the clothes she wore which brought her figure out perfect figure, all attention was focused on her, the boys were drooling except for Alex who only threw her a glance and averted his eyes, while the girls were feeling jealous, although they've been informed that she was beautiful they were still jealous, her looks had even surpassed Lydia's.

Rachael frowned as her face sweet round the class as she noticed the drooling gaze of the boys, this was the reaction of all the boys she had ever met, so she thought of them as repulsive.

The principal coughed making all the boys who were drooling quickly averted their gaze as he said "this is your new classmate a transferred student from sky high school from London, I hope you would all treat her well, and also her name is Rachael".

While the principal was talking Rachael suddenly glanced at a corner in the classroom she then noticed that it was only Alex gaze that was not intensifying as he had only took a glace at her and averted his eyes, she was filled with curiosity as she looked at him, suddenly Alex turned his head and their gaze met, her emotions suddenly became chaotic as her heart fluttered, some kind of strange feeling welled up in her heart, she that the eye she was looking at was not cold anymore but filled with warmth, love and care, her emotions continued to swirl up as she had no control over it, her heart started beating very fast.

"What kind of feeling is this" she asked herself.

"Is this what they call love at first sight" she thought again.

"How stupid am I, let me just focus" she said to herself averting her gaze from him.

Although their gaze only met and lasted for not more than two second it was what caused Rachael to become chaotic.

Alex on the other hand had no ripples in his black eyes as he calmly averted his gaze again.

"Go and have your seat" the Principal said to Rachael interrupting her of her thoughts as he pointed to a seat near Alex.

A trace of shock appeared in Rachael's eyes as she was asked to seat near Alex she could only nod her head, while the others looked at Alex with a hint of jealousy in their eyes Alex could be less concerned about it as he did not care.

When the Principal left the class Rachael walked slowly to the seat beside Alex as she sat down.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Rachael Fernando, what's yours" she said to Alex immediately she sat down.

"Alex", Alex replied stiffly as he turned around and was about to put on his headphone.

"Alex what's wrong with you, can't you just reply more nicely, even if you're not interested in talking" Elizabeth suddenly said as her seat was right in front of Alex so she heard the conversation between then clearly.

She then pulled Alex ear as she apologized to Rachael "he's very sorry, by the way am Elizabeth his childhood friend and also his best friend" she said as she stretched her hands towards her for a handshake.

Rachael smiled at Elizabeth as they shook hands "I really don't mind, can we be friends" she said as she thought that Elizabeth was an easygoing person and was her type.

"Sure, am sure you would soon be able to make a lot of friends" Elizabeth replied.

Soon the teacher came in, they were already informed by the Principal about the transfer student in this particular class so none of them disturbed her and just continued with their classes as per normal.

Some hours later, school had already ended for the day, as every one was going home either in their private cars or in a taxi.

Elizabeth approached Rachael as she said "mind if we go home together" she asked.

"Thanks for your concern, but I really don't know where I will be living, am new in Cambridge I just moved here from London so I really don't know where I would be staying, but my mom would soon come and pick me as she would have already prepare a place I would be living" Rachael replied.

Elizabeth nodded as she changed the topic as the two were conversing happily the two had gone along well.

While they we're talking a blue car came to halt in their front as it honked loudly "oops I would have to go or that blockhead would leave me here" Elizabeth said to Rachael when she saw the car naturally she was referring to Alex.

Immediately Elizabeth got into the car Alex drove off not giving her a chance to bid Rachael goodbye.

"What an asshole are you, you wouldn't even wait for me to greet her goodbye" Elizabeth pouted when after the car had drove away.

Alex just shrugged his shoulders and did not reply.

After the car had left another car pulled up in front of Rachael, it was her mother.

Hop in, let's get to your new apartment" her mother said from the car.

"Mum where is the apartment located" she asked curiously immediately she entered the car.

"Its at Harvard square, not too far from your school, the houses there aren't too bad either" her mother replied.

Rachael nodded as she looked through the window of the car as it moved admiring the beauty of Cambridge, it was way more beautiful than London, the tall building and the others.

Soon they arrived at a street after driving for over ten minutes, the houses in this particular street was a little more beautiful and bigger than the streets they had passed through, although the houses here were more dispersed within the area.

"Here we are, this is Harvard square and this is the apartment where you would be staying for the time being" Rachael mother said after she ha stopped the car in front of a building, next to it was another building like it.

"Mum isn't this apartment too large for me" Rachael said as she observed the building.

"No its not too large, I think you would like it in here", her mother replied.

"Come on let's get into the house, I have all your luggages moved in before we arrived, am sure you would like the interior design more", she continued.

On getting into the house Rachael looked around in amazement, her mother truly know what she likes, everything was to her liking.

"I hope you like everything in here, I would take your silence as yes, I have already looked for someone who would come here every morning to clean the house and also cook your meals, if you don't want them too cook your meals you could just ask them to leave it, by the way I have already transferred enough money to your account to make sure you do not lack anything, don't forget to tell me once its finished, I need to go now, duty calls", her mum said not giving Rachael a chance to reply.

As her mum was about to go out she turned around and pulled Rachael into a hug as she said "be good to everyone, ohh by the way I have already informed the neighbors about you so they would soon come visit make sure you don't give them a cold shoulder", she then turned around and left the house.

In the house next to Rachael's "Alex we have a new neighbor" his aunt Maddy yelled from the kitchen.

"Is our neighbor a he or she" Alex yelled back from the dining as he was having his lunch.

Ever since his parents had lost their lives to a car accident as he was told, he had been living with his aunt Maddy since then.

"What's your business about the neighbors being a he or she, coke and take this meal am preparing after you've finished your lunch" his aunt replied.