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Urban Doctor Is a Martial King

Urban Doctor Is a Martial King


Realistic Urban

"I have endured for ten years and become an immortal in one day. I am a god and also a devil. Good and evil only exist in the blink of an eye."

"Brother-in-law, are you off work?"

Fang Yu was dealing with the medical record list. Outside the emergency room, a sexy woman in a short skirt, black, and red dress sneaked in. She had lace wrapped around her chest and tied her legs. Her skin was white, soft, and delicate. As soon as she came in, she pounced on Fang Yu.

"Zihan? Why are you here?" Fang Yu was shocked. His sister-in-law had never been kind to him. He must have taken the wrong medicine today.

Lin Beichen's face was flushed, and he was bashful.


"Zihan, what's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?" Fang Yu's expression was strange.

"Brother-in-law, I, I seem to be ill. Please check it for me."

Sitting on Fang Yu's lap, Lin Mengya breathed like an orchid, as if she were an unmarried woman.

Fang Yu stood up immediately. "That's not good. I'm your brother-in-law."

Lin Beichen took two more steps forward and blew on the air. "It's time to get off work, and no one has seen me. Besides, I'm going to check on you. I have to go to the Department of Chinese Medicine. Can you help me?"

Fang Yu's face was flushed red. He was about to refuse when he was pushed onto a chair by Lin Xiaohan. Following that, her soft body rode up to him. She covered his mouth with her hands and said affectionately, "Brother-in-law, you haven't tasted a woman's taste yet, have you? It's been almost a year since you've married into my family, and you haven't even touched my sister's hand. You've always been scolded and scolded, and I feel so sorry for you. My sister looks down on you and thinks you're poor, but I think you're a man. You're tolerant of my sister's temper and willy. I like you very much."

Then, he buried his head in Fang Yu's arms.

Fang Yu also sighed with emotion. These words really touched his heart. Who didn't like gentle and considerate women?

"Brother-in-law, let me serve you."

Lin Qinghan was hanging on Fang Yu's body, soft and delicate at the corner of her mouth. She didn't wear much at first, but now she was pressing on the body of a young man. Anyone would go crazy. They couldn't wait to turn over and get on the horse with their guns.

However, Fang Yu finally suppressed his desire. With a faint smile, he held her in his arms and was about to put her down.

"If I get Zihan here, how can I continue to stay in the Lin family in the future?"

But at this moment, the door of the emergency room was kicked open. Lin Yan narrowed her eyes, and her whole body was full of murderous intent. She took out her mobile phone and flashed wildly on the camera, taking down the behavior of the two people. She shouted, "Fang Yu, you bastard. You failed to plot against me, so you attacked my sister? Are you still a human?"

Fang Yu looked extremely embarrassed. "You misunderstood. It was Zihan who said that she had a cervical disease and asked me to see her."

Lin Yan was so angry that she laughed, and her eyes were terribly cold. "Palalalal? When did Fang Yu become a see-through doctor? Well, I will report your confession truthfully to the police, and you will be ruined."

"Oh, no, you don't have a reputation or anything to lose. At most, you will be put in jail."

Fang Yu smiled bitterly and explained in a flurry. The truth was not what she saw at all. It was so unfair. He didn't know what was going on with Lin Beichen. Wasn't he trying to hurt him?

"Zihan, hurry up and explain it to your sister. I won't be able to wash away even if I jump into the Yellow River."

He turned to look at Lin Fenghan and was stunned. Lin Fenghan's face was even colder than her sister's.

She stared at Fang Yu with disgust and contempt. "Fang Yu, in the past, I thought you were just poor, loser, at least you were not bad in nature. Now it seems that I was wrong and I was wrong. You poor people are so cheap in your bones. I am your sister-in-law. How could you be so evil to me? Do you even use this as an excuse? Almost, almost my innocence was ruined by a bastard like you. This matter is not over yet. Just wait and see!"

After that, she ran to her sister's side with tears in her eyes. "Sister, it's all Fang Yu who cheated me. She said that I had a cervical disease and wanted to help me check my body. She also asked me to wear less clothes. Sister, if you came a little late, my... my life would be ruined."

Lin Yan was still recording, and all these conversations were recorded on her mobile phone as evidence.

She wanted to take it home and show it to her grandparents and elders. She wanted them to know who Fang Yu was and ask him to get out of the Lin family. Such a poor man didn't deserve to have anything to do with her, let alone be a couple.

At this time, Fang Yu sat back in his chair, and his expression was surprisingly calm and indifferent.

"Aren't you tired of acting like this? For what? For me to leave the Lin Family? For you? Although we've only been married for less than a year and I've taken the initiative to marry into your family, I've treated you well, haven't I? I've taken care of all the household chores and served you to eat and sleep. Apart from giving you billions of money, what else can you not be satisfied with? Why do you have such a deep grudge against me?"

Lin Yan smiled and turned off her phone. "Being poor is an original sin. You just treat me like a grandmother. If you don't have money, I just don't like you. I would rather be a maid for Mr. Wang and Mr. Li. I don't want to be an ancestor in front of a loser like you. Shame, disgrace, and shame. Every time my sisters talk about you, I feel as disgusted as if I have eaten shit. I can't lift my head or stand up. I have lived enough of this kind of life."

"Also, Fang Yu, you really think too highly of yourself. If your teacher isn't the famous Jin Ling doctor, why do you think you can marry into my family?"

Fang Yu looked at her quietly. "I see. But since you know that our marriage is arranged by your teacher and your family elders, you should know that it's not easy to get a divorce."

"It turns out that it's not easy, but it's different now." Lin Yan shook her mobile phone, which contained the evidence of Fang Yu's crime.

The two sisters held hands and left happily.

Fang Yu had a headache. He sat on the chair and rubbed his temples.

He didn't have to marry into the Lin Family as a piece of trash that could be bullied!

He was the son of the Fang family, a wealthy family in Yan Jing. When he was 10 years old, his parents were killed. Before his death, his mother warned him not to go back to Yan Jing for the rest of his life. He saw his mother was stabbed in the chest and fell in a pool of blood on a rainy night. This blood feud was unforgettable.

After more than ten years had passed, he had already cultivated the long life scripture, half reaching the heavens. He had also gathered more than half of the intelligence regarding his family's internal conflict back then. Who were the ones who killed his parents? He was quite clear on what was going on.

However, he still lacked one thing, which was to establish a business empire that could destroy the Fang family. Before he could complete this, he could not easily expose himself.

It was getting closer.

Perhaps, it was time to show off.

After a while, he picked up his phone and dialed an invitation. "Xiao Zhang, go to the Lin family at seven o'clock in the evening. I want to see you and Lin Daoran."

On the other side of the phone, the old voice was shocked. "Teacher, you want to see me and the head of the Lin family? Did something happen?"

Zhang Yazhi called Fang Yu 'Master'. If anyone was here, they would be scared out of their wits. One of them was a famous doctor of the generation, the Saint of Jin Ling, and the other was an intern in the emergency room of the hospital. The two of them were of different ages, seniority, and reputation. There was a huge difference between them.

In the main hall of the Lin Family, Lin Yan couldn't wait to gather her men and call for her peers and elders. She cried and shouted, and her voice was as loud as that of a pig being slaughtered.

Soon, the two gossipers of the Lin family, Old Master Lin Daoran, and the old lady appeared.

Lin Daoran was a little unhappy. "Ziyan, what happened again? Are you going to tear down our Lin Family?"

Lin Xueyan was so wronged that she was about to cry. She held her mobile phone and complained about what her sister and Fang Yu had done in the emergency room. In her description, Fang Yu had almost killed Lin Mengya. Hearing this, everyone gnashed their teeth in anger, especially some of Lin Mengya's relatives. They wished they could catch Fang Yu right now and beat him to death.

"I didn't lie. The evidence is in this mobile phone. I took a video and was about to transfer it to the police to arrest him for rape."

"Zihan, come and testify." Lin Yan pushed her sister and winked at her.

Lin Beichen nodded repeatedly and said with grief and indignation, "Fang Yu is a beast. My innocence has been tarnished by him. I'm not married yet. How can I live in the future?"

The whole Lin family's headquarters was in an uproar.

All the evidence and evidence were present. No one suspected that the two sisters were playing here.

A few youngsters of the same generation rushed out, filled with righteous indignation. They were about to order people to capture Fang Yu.

"A wise man doesn't know what he is thinking. He thought that Zhang Yizhi's disciple, no matter whether he is successful or not, was at least a gentleman. I didn't expect that... beast, even his sister-in-law wanted to kill him."

"This person is so cunning. I'm afraid he did not have any good intentions in marrying into our Lin Family. If we are not careful, our Lin Family will be destroyed by him. This kind of time bomb must be removed!"


"I agree..."

Everyone had the same opinion.

The old lady of the Lin family nodded and said, "Then do as you say. Do it well, do it well."

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin Daoran, who was sitting next to her, slapped on the armrest. The mahogany armrest was broken in an instant. He stared at his bloodshot eyes, out of breath, and spit. His face was not angry, but frightened.

"You b*stards! A bunch of b*stards! I'm not a good-for-nothing, Lin Yan! Lin Fenghan! I'm so angry with you!"

"Cough, cough." Lin Daoran coughed up blood.

"You two fools, do you know who he is? You want to bring a catastrophe to our Lin Family!"