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Entrapped In A Toxic Relationship

Entrapped In A Toxic Relationship

Author:Vivian, a 5'8ft tall model joine



Vivian, an 18 year old final year student, graduated from university and got entangled in a love situation. Growing up, Vivian had always dreamed of becoming a top model and working with top models. But what happens when her crush in the university asked her out and she got too attached in the newly found relationship, forgetting that she had dreams to fulfill?. And what happens when she found out that her longtime crush turned out to be the kind of boy she doesn't want to be with? Her mother died when she was just two, she didn't have much memory of her, but she was blessed with a caring father that Carried out both the mother and father role. Life of course has its own way of giving you a beautiful thing but taking it in an unexpected way. This story will make you cry, laugh and even hate some of the characters at some point, but most important, learn that all that glitters are not gold.'

The scorching sun of Los Angeles penetrate right into the room of a young girl through the little openings in the window. Vivian rolled over her small sized bed for the umpteenth time, she was so exhausted cause of yesterday's event and all she needed now was to sleep on her soft bed and don't give a damn about the world but not until something hit the back of her head

"Christ!" She flung the duvet to the other side of the room and got down from the bed. "Vivy, no, not again" she said while rushing straight to her bathroom. She took hold of her toothbrush and added some paste on it, she looked at her reflection while brushing her teeth in a swift motion like she will brush off her gums. She made some bubbling bubbling sound and pulled off her clothes, got under the shower. She didn't care where she discarded her clothes all she wanted was to get to her classroom before 10:00.

After some minutes, 18 year old Vivian stepped out of her dorm, struggling with the keys on her hand and snacks on the other hand, she finally succeeded in locking the padlock but not without sweating on her forehead.

"Final year students of Knowles University" a man that appeared to be in his late forties said to the students that were seated in the exam room with at least 5m gap from one another. "As you all know, today marks the end of your stay in Knowles University and we are amped to have nurtured the great final year student of Knowles right from the very first day you all got admitted, and today we can proudly boast of diplomats. Surgeons, lawyers, Stylist and many more from Knowles. We celebrate you all today for coming this far, for every aspect of your growth in Knowles, and as you go out there never forget where you came from, represent Knowles and always be the first among equal." Mr David continued his speech. The students couldn't help but cry to his hear warming speech.

After his speech, he distributed the exam papers, the invigilators did their works and not after 2 hours they were done and submitted.

"Class 2022 of Knowles, we are done!!" A boy shouted from the back.

"Hurrayyyyyy!!!" The students chorused together. The lights went off and switched to party lights and ribbons fell from the celling, champagnes were popped all blending with the hip hop music that played in the hall. Some of the guys were already shirtless using their shirts to dance. Some were going around with marker to sign their names on people's cloth.

"Vivy!" A girl called from behind with excitement. Vivian turned to see one of the friends she made in Knowles.

"Hey Kiki, what's up" they hugged each other, Vivian trying not to spill the drink she held.

"I didn't see you during the exam, where did you sit today" Kiki asked moving slowly to the music.

"Oh I got the back seat roll today, girl I can't believe we are actually done with Knowles, reminds me when we skip classes" they both chuckled

"We really have hella memories here, so what are you plans after Knowles" she took Vivy's wine and sipped from it.

"A lot, a whole lot girl and I can't wait to get started"

"Hey look" Kiki said and Vivy turned to see what she was showing her.

She caught sight of the only person she's been crushing on, in Knowles, he was talking to some guys. She has always dreamt of talking to Romeo and today their last day in Knowles she didn't know how to approach him. She bit her lips at the thought of it. Kiki saw her friend worried on what to do she said "Vivy, why don't you let him know of your feelings for him, what if he feels the same way for you"

"Omg Kiki, that sounds so sweet and easy, but to do it" she touched her chest "is very hard"

"I know but give it a try girl, remember this is our last day here and who knows maybe the last time you will see him" Vivian's eyes snapped at what Kiki said

"You are right, give me that" she demanded for the wine

"Here" Kiki gave it back to her

"You can do this Vivy, you can" she gulped the whole liquid and gave Kiki the empty glass "here I come, Romeo" she said and disappeared to meet Romeo

"Yesss" Kiki beamed for her friend