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Castle blood

Castle blood



General Romance

Diane__boooksxoxo popuraly known as Christian princess is a writer and a blogger on YouTube, She also has a Instagram handle. For more information on the characters of her books and updates

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First edition

Aurthor: Christian Ubaezuonu


Listen to pain by Nessa Barrett

my name is Katrina

i wish you the best journey as you read.

On the night my mother past away the wind felt colder than usual, "phew, what am i going to do now.....? What should i do?" i yelled at the top of my lungs out at the brightly lit city but no one answered,

"what am i going to do now?" i said and took out my mothers photo from my pocket....tears streamed down my face.

"this is all because of that man, that brute....!, that bastard" i screamed

today was my moms funeral everyone left and i was alone in the church, when a man came in,

"Katrina" he said

"are you Katrina, you look like your mother" he asked

"who are you"i asked, i had never seen this man in my life. who was he and how does he know my mom?

"am sorry for only introducing myself after all this time"he said

"my name is Edwin Jacob, Alice was once my wife"he said


"I'm your father" he said

"your my father?, this not time for joke, my father has passed away..." i said

"i know that this must be had for you to believe, but is true"he said

the man pulled something out of his pocket, it was a cut out picture


i took the torn photo from him and held it up to the cut out picture i was holding, it matched....!

"w-why do you have this...!" i asked

"because am your father"he said

there was one logical explanation for this....

"are..are you really my dad" i asked

"yes my dear"

"so...i'm your daughter?,but you left us and didn't reach out to us , not even when...and now want to be my father...?"i asked in a angry tone.

"Katrina, i had my reasons, please let me explain..."

"no i don't need your excuses...,i have never missed you not a single day of my life...listening to your feeble excuses won't change my mind about you!"i said

" have every right to be angry, but i want you to give me a chance to put everything right.

i kept quiet

"..i came back here for you to come home" he said

"Mr Jacob, my father died a long time ago,so please....please stop..and leave me alone"i said

the man left an envelope on top of my piano, inside was a traveling ticket

"i will wait for you...for as long as it takes" he said

i kept quiet as he walked away,

since then the man claiming to be my father sent tickets everyday, but without opening it i always threw it away,

i was drinking away my anger, the city was sad, but still beautuful,

"it's so beautiful, i wish i could paint the stunning view, but i barely scrap by what i'm making could i even afford a canvas"my head whirled with those thought pushing me down and suffocating me. so i picked up the vodka bottle again,

"i think i feel little dizzy....better for my body to suffer than my hearth"i sighed and finished the bottle hoping to make me forget my worries,

i meant to put the empty bottle on the ledge, but just missed it.


the vodka bottle hit the the floor and shattered

"okay that's enough of that, it's time to go home" i said

at that moment, somebody started climbing the stairs.

"this fatty is so heavy, i told you we should have killed him where we where going to bury him!" the stranger said

"kill...?" i said

"what...who... are you?"the stranger said,

i tried not to panic

"i'm sorry, i thought no one was here...."i said

"get out of here"the stranger said

"oh, i'm sorry"

i walked past them as quick as possible, trying not to look at the still body.

"shit " i said

"hey..miss... are you okay...?" a guy asked

i screamed"ahhhh!!" thinking it was those guys i so before.

"miss...please! calm down!"the guy said

"someone..up..there..murdered...!"i said

"what? Calm down and tell me what happened!" he asked

"there where getting rid of a body...."i said

the man looked straight into my eyes,

"that was close"the man said


bang! bang! bang! the sound of gun fire continued...on and on.... bang! bang! bang!

"arrghhh" i screamed

"diane? you're there right?" the land lady said

still dazed, i fumbled around looking for a wound on my body.

"huh? i'm fine..was that a dream?"

"open up" the land lady said, my phone started ringing,

"ah no....." i said

i grabbed my phone and dove under the covers, i picked the call it was from my friend jiel

"hello? Katrina " she said

"hey, what's up"

"didn't you hear the news? it's crazy, you know that roof top that you always go to? the one with the great view? " she said

"yeah, what about it?"

"the street in front of that is covered in blood..." she says

"what!! blood?!"i asked

"thank goodness, your safe!" she said

"....yeah thank you for checking up on me, but right now isn't the best time to talk, i will call you later!" and i ended the call

"these things really do happen.....why am i so thirsty?, i guess i drank way too much last night" i said and drank water

" blargh! this water taste strange!"

the water taste strongly like blood.

"...whats wrong with me?"

"hey! i know you're in there! Open up"

"what should i do...?"

i opened slowly......

"do you think you can get away with it, when are you going to pay the rent?" the land lady said

"am sorry but i dont have any money right now....." i said

"you must have got some inheritance from you mother" she said

"what! inheritance? how could you say that?"

"why can't i?, you're three months behind on rent , what other choice do you have ?" she said,

"i have a job"

"you have a job? oh you mean all those worthless painting of yours?, and here i was hoping that your mother left some money......."she laughed

"...what?" i grabbed her by the collar and.... i lost it.

"apologize" i shouted

"let me go,how are you strong?!" she said

"i said apologize!!,i said

"arrrggggh"she screamed

the next thing i knew i was in the police station

"huh..." i said

"are you okay"the police asked

"arrrghhh, please help me that girl is crazy, her eyes went all red and she tried to kill me"the landlady screamed

"is this through "the police asked me

"that's not true" i said

"why you little .....!"the land lady said

"so what actually happened" the police asked

i told the police what happened in detail

"woah, ma'am, that was very inappropriate"the police said to the land lady

thank fully the police seemed to be on my side

" can'be physical with other people because you're angry" the police said to me

"i'm sorry"i said

"you're just gonna let her go?, i told you she is crazy" the land lady said

"that's enough ma'am the police said

i was released with a warning, but i had to move out immediately.


"wait but you can't do this!" i said crying

all of my belonging are packed outside, the land lady emptied the house without asking me and left all my stuffs outside.and a post man was standing nearby my belongings awkwardly

" that for 3B give it to me please, its that plain ticket again"

i was about to put the envelope in the return box with a sigh

"is he reach enough to send me plain ticket everyday"

there was a small note in the envelope with a ticket for a flight departing today

"i never realized there was a note "


when you arrive at the airport my assistant will be there to guide you to the castle.

from your father.

"an assistant,how rich is he...?"

the land lady yelled at me through the window"why are you still here!?, i told you to leave"

"fine,i'll go!, if you really want me there!, for once you will be a father for once.

i packed my bags,and i saw myself in the mirror, i looked like a downright mess,umm...i wonder if Jacob is living with someone else.


"am so tired"

i arrived at the airport Jacob talked about before, travelling 4 hours by plain is not easy, this is odd the note in the envelop said that i'd have an assistant waiting for me. i noticed a young girl and she met my eyes.

"um are you here for Katrina Taylor"i asked

"oh! it's you my lady!, i'm so sorry for not recognizing you" she said

the girl explained, looking extremely sorry.

"let me introduce myself properly, my name is Lexi , the maid for the house of Jacob my master sent me to fetch you" she said

"nice to meet you my name is Katrina"

"your much beautiful than imagined!"she said

"thank you" I said