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Toxic Love

Toxic Love



General Romance

No matter how fast you run, nemesis always catches up in the end~ Aaron, a black American in the United States trying to cover his past but it's impossible to do so. He did drugs, a professional Playboy, a gangster, locally fuck boy, until he was moved over to the US and he tried to be a better person but seems it's already rooted. He is just an antisocial nigga with trust issues and a high sex drive. He tried his best to stick to his childhood love but it is almost impossible but then Becky kept pushing forward to help him with his trust issues. Can an old dog learn new tricks? Definitely Not.

I'm not Barry Allen, a speedster or Oliver queen, a midnight vigilante trying to save the city. My name is Aaron Benson. I'm 18 years old, dark skinned with dreadlocks. I was born in Brazil but my parents relocated to the United States last week.

Back in the hood, I was a big time gangster. Doing drugs, narcotics and some shit. Didn't really have shitty time for school. I hated school for real. I Did some crazy things in school but those were in the past.

First day at Chicago college. It was going to be a big day for me.

"Aaron!!! It's morning get your lazy ass downstairs this minute!" Mrs Benson shouted.

Funny to think that I already snoozed that alarm clock for the tenth time.

"In a minute mom, I'm almost dressed."

"Your dad is washing his truck all by himself young man!" My dad yelled from the garage.

I know you think that I like sleep. No you are wrong. I love sleep.

I quickly climbed down my bed I turned on my computer and checked for any new information but it was blank. I literally blocked all my high school friends on Facebook page and anything that is from Brazil. The past should stay in Brazil.

I took a quick shower, dried my hair. My hair is the most important part of my body so I take my time when applying my lotions.

I wore a pair of Lakers shorts and a 69 hoodie. I Had some Gucci hair band on.

I picked up my bag and stacked my laptop in before heading to the dinning table.

"Hey Mom. You look sexy." I said as I kissed her cheeks.

"I bet that what you tell your Little girlfriends when you want to get them laid"

"Mom! It's just a compliment."

"Your dad looks jealous" Mom teased dad.

"What the fuck! I'm not jealous why would I be jealous" My dad Walked into the room.

Anyways, meet my dad Mr Evans Benson. Typical Brazilian, a disciplinarian, short, dark, beards of king Kong, bald head of dywane Johnson.

"Ok fine I'm jealous" He said as my mom tried to flank him.

Crazy family you may think.

"Ok boys, breakfast is toasted eggs and bacon!" Mom announced.

Meet my Mom, although She isn't natural my biological mother but She has been the one I called Mother since my biological mom died of cancer. She is tall unlike my short dad, She is white from California, fluent English.

"Your eggs are not well cooked you ain't following the instructions of time" dad frowned.

"Says the man who doesn't follow the instructions of time when drilling his wife" Mom replied.

I spitted out water laughing.

"Mom!" I laughed.

"Listen Miss Benson Leah, I'm gonna put in twenty four positions in a one night stand, I'm gonn eat you till you pass out" dad boasted.

"Says the man that nutted from eating me out"Mom laughed.

Jokes aside, my dad was really good during sex. I could tell the way mom screams every night for two hours straight. Thanks to my headphones I don't get a Bonner.

"You dare me?" Dad questioned looking furious at my mom

"I dare you Mr lover" My mom replied, seductively bitting her lower lips.

My dad pounced on her as the started their irritating love play.

I packed my breakfast into a sachet and put it in my bag, drank my tea and head for the door.

"Dad! Mom! I'm leaving for college" I yelled

"Have a nice first day son mummy loves yo...ugh...ohh...yes...hmm...right there cow boy" Mom said in-between moan.

I left the house without looking back. Those two loved each other so much. My dad is a mechanic. He owned a scrap yard. He got many workers so he would come at any time he wanted plus its Saturday

It took me hours to locate my room. I held my bag firmly as I stood facing the door. Room 36, last room in the row, security doors, nice smells.

"Hey there bro, nice to meet you I'm Tony. I'm a computer engineer, still a student though but I can do crazy stuff like......" A white guy with glasses was cut short by a huge white skinned guy.

"Hey new boy, I'm Derick. The dude over there is Jefferson, and this nerdy dick is Tony"

"Nice to meet y'all niggas" I greeted.

Their facial expressions could tell that they weren't happy. The fuck! I mean that's how we Dawgs hails ourselves.

"Weird, but there is your bed" Tony said.

"You'd better mind the language you use here black boy" Derick scoffed and left the room.

My house wasn't far from the school but still, I loved staying in the school campus. It was far better than the house.

Sundays are the most annoying days of my life. I was a Christian but not the best anything, I hardly go to church but today I decided to see how a new church would be like.


The huge signboard display, I wore my usual wears, shorts and hoodie.

Damn I have forgotten all the procedures of a mass. I just stopped and watched the priest do his thing.

"The mass is ended my brothers and sisters, go in peace the Lord is with you" The old priest said signaling a close of service.

Back to the hostel, I just feel into a deep coozy sleep.

Time check: Six pm.

The Loud alarm went off as I opened my eyes, the boys were already putting on their clothes for the day some cooking some delicious food.

I wore my sweat pants and a tank, strapped my phone to my arms as I went out for jogging.

I got this athletic build and cute black face so jogging was normal to my family.


Good morning to the newly admitted students. I'm professor stogner. I will be taking to history and I'm also your class Governor.

I waked into the class and headed straight to the front seat.

"Hi prof, what's Poppin" I asked in slangs.

"Leave this class! Foul language is prohibited and disrespectful!"

"I'm sorry man, forget y'all ain't from the hood" I replied.

To be very honest, I wasn't trying to form some slangs. That's how we speak back then in Brazil. This country was just too weird.

Literature classes are naturally boring so I'd just have to leave the class then I bumped into someone.

"Arrgh watch your way boy" the white boy yelled in pain.

"I'm sorry dawg now get your lazy ass up" I held him by the hand and dragged him up. It was Tony.

Meet Tony. Nerdy straight A student. Canadian, flowing blonde hair and always on a pair of glasses. He is a computer geek. 16 years old, skinny body, always scared, doesn't wanna get into trouble.

"Thanks bro" he said removing the grass cataracts from his pants.

"We cool nigga"

"Stop calling me a nigga. I'm not black and an not stupid" he looked annoyed.

"I'm sorry dawg"

"I'm not a dog"

He punched me slightly and we laughed.

"Why are you not in class bro" he asked touching his phone.

"I could ask the same question nigga. I mean a straight a niggas outside the classroom" I laughed.

"I'm creating a biotech nano compartment that would initiate an illegal access into any computer network as soon as they make connections with my hotspot reception and..."

"Nigga cut that crap. My brain too tiny" I cried out.

Tony is really a geek. He could make a robot using a mobile phone.

"Ok I'm working on a micro chip that can make me gain access to anybody's Mobile phone or laptop as soon as they connect to my hotspot"

"That's some cool shit dawg"

"Yeah, sneaking up on some girls" he laughed.

"Who you got in mind?"

"Jancita, my crush" he looked up like so kid scared of his mom.



The bill board spelt out.

This court was wow. Thick floor, good baskets, Olympics standard.

Some boys were Changing on the pitch. Other arranging the squad.

"Yo Aaron, you play?" Jefferson asked wearing the captain arm band.

"A little"

Back then in the hood, I was good at street basketball. Not this Olympics standard court with pretty cheerleaders.

"Good then, get a practice bib and get your lazy ass into the pitch" He yelled and ran to the centre of the pitch.

I picked up the bib and maneuver my way to the dressing room. It had two doors. One was for females the other for male. I quickly changed into the sport wears.

As I was about walking out I bumped into a fair skinned girl. We both moved left and right

"I'm sorry" She said.

"It's nothing, people bump into people" I said staring at this beautiful creature.


I noticed She was on her beautiful mini skirt and bikini a hot cheerleader. With this one cheering me up I'm definitely going to win against the Chicago bulls!

"I'm Aaron, my niggas call me A-run" I offered a handshake.

"Pearl, call me Pearl." She replied laughing.

"Why you laughing" I asked frowning.

"Your tone hahaha. You from the hood?"


"Nice meeting you. I gotta go practice now"

"Same with me, Jefferson called me up into the squad"

"Ohh Jefferson, my baby. Can't wait to watch him play" She ran out into the pitch.

Weirdo but cool.

These boys were good I have to admit but they ain't got that stamina to hold shit up for long. I mean back then In the hood we play this game for 5 hours non stop.

The game was still a tie at the first one hour and the boys were getting tired. The ball passed straight to me and I took a dunk shot to give the wining score before the referee blew the whistle for a stop.

"It's just practice. Y'all go to your hostel. Play tomorrow" the coach a white bald man said from the lines.

I went to the dressing room to take a shower before putting on my outfit because I'm the sweaty kind. Yeah I sweat a lot.

"Aaron! She is leaving" Tony cried.

"Jeez!" I totally forgot that Tony had a plan with me earlier about his crush.

We both ran out of the pitch and tracked her to her usual seat up in the pitch after practice. But She was with a group of friends.

"Aaron wait She is the one with a pink top" Tony stopped me.


"What's your plan" he asked.

"Well I'm going to walk up to the ladies and tell her I wanna hack your phone so your horny admirer would read your chats and stuff" I laughed.

"Cut the crap dick its not funny" he said lowly.

"Just watch the master and learn nigga. I got this" I said walking away.

"Ok bro, meet me at the canteens" he shouted after me.

One thing about me, I'm used to females. Like I known a lot of them so I just had to make an impression.

"Hi ladies, sunny days looks good on you" I winked at them.

"Hey" they all replied simultaneously.

I climbed down and took snaps of the court, the ball, some dummies and intentionally and obviously taking shot of them.

"Hey, why are you taking snap of us?" Jancita blasted me.

They all rushed down to collect my phone.

"Hey ladies calm down, I'm not some horny teenager that wants to snap ladies wearing cheerleader wears. Just wanted to get snaps of the pitch so I'd show my high school friends" I responded mature like

"Ok then let's see the pictures" another girl took the phone from my hand.

Trust me, I'm a real photographer. I just like taking pictures of everything. I wanted to study theatre and media arts but my dad wants his son to be a lawyer.

"Those snaps are awesome, my God I look so pretty" Jancita blushed.

"Ohh it's nice?" I asked perplexed.

"Yeah send it to me" She replied stretching her phone to me.

I quickly connected her phone to my phone hotspot. After that airdropped it to her iPhone.

"Thanks" She said with the best feminine voice.

I left the pitch and made way to the canteen as the girl earlier


blocked me.

"Hey, how are you doing?"

"I'm good girl what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing, nothing, nothing" She smiled eyes down.

"Ok, bye"

"What? Wait, your are new right?"

"Yeah I started classes today" to answered.

"Do you want my phone number" She asked.

When my dad told me that white women naturally loves black men I thought he was lying. This girl was literally doing what I was supposed to do.

"Sure sure" I dialed her number in my phone.

"Alright I will give you a call" She said and ran off to an SUV parked outside.

I ran to the canteen to met Tony.


The school canteen was wow compared to the kiosk we buy snacks from back in Brazil.

"You got it?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, its in my phone" I replied

"Alright let's get back to the hostel so we spy on her" Tony said starting his motor bike

Long drive to the hostel as there was uncalled traffic on the toll gate.

"So, let's try this shit out" Tony announced to the whole room.

"Who you talking to?" I asked.

"Albert Einstein, sir Clifford and a whole crowd of scientist and technicians"

"What?" Now I looked confused.

"Never mind"

He plugged the micro chip to my phone and all jacinta information came out. The device accessed her WhatsApp, her Facebook, text messages and many other private stuffs. Really cool. I know this was bad but I didn't give a fuck.

"Woah, She is currently chatting with her boyfriend" I announced.

"Ohhh my Gosh, this is bad Aaron. God forgive me." He cried.

Tony was indeed afraid. A strong Catholic boy.

"Ok fine. We'd stop"

He removed the device crushing it to piece

"What the fuck!"