Let’s Read The Word

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Author:Archson KE



Oh, she was kidding who? Emma was aware that if she went to the tattoo parlor with her best friend Allie, she would be harassed until she eventually had a needle pierce her flesh. She had no idea that she would land face down on the store's floor with a busted lip. Or doing it in front of the sexiest man she had ever seen. Emma was so embarrassed that she never imagined returning to Skin Deep. But fate steps in, with a little assistance from Emma's erratic best friend and a happy accident involving a fudge bar. Emma is currently divided between playing it safe with good ol' reliable B.O.B. and taking a chance on having her heart shattered by the mysterious, handsome Lucas. Emma is informed by Lucas that he gets what he wants, which is her. Emma is taken aback by how swiftly her heart's defenses break down after she gives up on pushing him away. She's even more shocked that her eccentric, outlandish family only makes him like her more. Nobody is aware that someone wants her more and will do anything to get her, though. Due to HOT sexual interactions, mature circumstances, and language, this book is advised for readers 18 and older.

“Oh my good… glory to... Lord love a beautiful Jesus the child." I inhaled.

Allie raised an eyebrow at me and pushed my elbow. "Will you shut your mouth, sweetheart? And how many proverbs can you fit into a single statement, anyhow?" She laughed.

Since elementary school, Allie has been my best friend, but she also has the potential to be my worst enemy, particularly during moments like this. She is a stunning woman with olive skin who stands a tall five feet two inches. Her short, thick black hair is now highlighted in purple and styled in a pixie-like manner. She is fiery as hell and has startlingly bright blue eyes that dance with mischief.

"And then some more cuteness?"

She is constructed out of bricks, which is unfair and who came up with such expression in the first place?

As Allie chuckled softly by my side, I roused myself from my trance. "What? Come on, wouldn't you be a little put off by a tower of goodness like the one that is only a few steps away from me? What do you mean, drooly?"

My arm was seized by Allie, who then began dragging me farther into the store and toward the counter. I suddenly realized why I wasn't thrilled with her in the first place as I started dragging my feet and battling her.

"I told you, Allison, I'm not getting a tattoo! I made a vow to be there to observe as you got your tongue, toe, or whatever other strange part of your body you choose, pierced, but that's it!" I attempted to free my arm from her hold, which grew tighter as she drove her fingertips into me, but I only came out as a petulant child acting out.

When I realized that there was an audience, I stopped short. That excellent stack I mentioned? Yeah. focusing on us. Smirking. "Oh. My, God." Allie released her hold on my arm after I stopped scuffleing with her. I cleared my throat and smoothed down my shirt, which had begun to ride up throughout my struggles.

Allie rolled her eyes and walked by me to get to the counter.

Allie jerked her head in my direction and peered over her shoulder at me, saying, "My friend here, um, well, there... she wants to get a tattoo." That pile of goodness gave me a quick wink as it turned to look at me.


But she seems a little afraid.

That made me a little tense. "What? Scared? Me? Oh, well, pshaw. I was. Who cares? Who really wants to spend hours with someone poking their flesh with sharp, pointed objects that buzz loudly?"

The stack of yummy said, "Aw, sugar, don't be afraid." Why don't you join me up here and choose something?

"I'll take care of you by myself, and I'll be gentle."

Whoa. What a clever double entendre!

The voice of Stack of Deliciousness was rich as sin and as silky as silk. Lord, what a pair of eyes! From beneath a shock of untamed black hair that flowed down over his right eye, intense dark, blue-grey eyes glared at me. His elbow-length sleeves of a black, long-sleeved t-shirt were on display. His arms had black ink swirls on them, but without getting closer, I couldn't make out any particular patterns. I unintentionally ran my tongue over my own lip because of the silver ring that was piercing his left lower lip.

He then raised an eyebrow at me as a result, "Ooh."

Allie turned her head to stare directly at me for a moment before returning her gaze to Stack. "Emma will come up and choose something, but until she gets her ass moved, I'd want to consider getting my tongue pierced. Do you also perform those?"

Stack gave Allie a quick look. "We do that, yes."

"I'll set you up with Brandon, who is also available right now, and then we'll see what we can do about those green eyes over there." He challenged me to approach by casting a gaze my way. He gave Allie some paperwork to fill out after turning to face her once more.

Please respond truthfully to the questions before signing and dating the document at the bottom. He asked, "So, honey, you simply going to stand there all day?" while turning to face me.

I inhaled deeply and made the decision that I couldn't back down from the challenge he was posing to me. I told myself in my head that I wasn't afraid and that I could handle this. I carried myself proudly as I made my way through the waiting room and lobby toward the desk

I was so lying to myself

. That was bad. Idea. Evidently, I ought to have kept my head down and instead paid attention to where I was going. Then, perhaps, I would have seen the modest, low table next to the inviting-looking black leather couch.

However, I didn't, and the next second, my shin brushed across the edge of the table, throwing me off balance. As a result, I fell to the ground on my face. Ouch.

Okay, so everyone who is familiar with me knows that I have zero grace. They call me Grace as a result. Not really, just when I trip and fall. Which, paradoxically, is a lot considering that I can't even walk straight, let alone stand still on my own two feet! And that's why I'm currently lying face down in shame on a tattoo parlor floor, hearing Allie yell my name and what sounds like an elephant herd charging towards me.

Strong hands seized me and began turning me over while assisting me in sitting up. Standing behind Stack, Allie exclaims, "Oh my God! He's touching me!" and covers her mouth with her palm in disbelief.

She murmurs, "Emma, you're bleeding."

I raised my hand to my face and cautiously began to prod around in an effort to identify the source of the blood. Stack swiftly yanked my hand away from my face after grabbing it. I looked—and I mean looked—UP! He must be at least six feet three inches tall!

at him bewildered.

"Sugar, when you fell, you busted your lip. Come on, let's come back here and clean you up." Stack escorted me beyond the counter and into the rear area, where I entered a large room that, oddly, had characteristics of both a hospital and a dentist's office. One entire wall was covered in pictures of what I imagined were tattoos that he had had done; the walls were a rich burgundy color with black and white accents.

Allie attempted to control her laughter as she sat next to me on the dentist's chair

what else would it be called?

as Stack walked around the room getting supplies to treat me with. I gave her a stern look and dared her to chuckle once.