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The Heart That Loves You Is Withered

The Heart That Loves You Is Withered



Short romance

Sylvia Hayes loved Moriarty Bryant so much that she had suffered a lot of humiliation just to stay with him. She was so happy to be pregnant, but that man drugged her mercilessly. He said that she didn't deserve to have his child, and a bitch like her should die... But when Sylvia was dying of a terminal illness, he was the one who cried and begged her not to die...

"Mrs. Bryant, we recommend that you make an induced abortion and treat immediately. Otherwise, you will die after giving the born. Please discuss it with Mr. Bryant."

Thinking doctor’s words and looking at the two documents on the table, Sylvia Hayes felt sad.

One pregnancy test showed that she was four weeks pregnant, and the other was a diagnosis of leukemia. If she did not receive treatment, she would still be able to live for another year, but if she did receive treatment, she would have to abort giving up her child …

She slowly clenched her fingers tightly.

Child or herself, of course she … chose the child.

Sylvia Hayes put away the diagnosis of leukemia, rubbed her pale face, and then sent a message to her husband, Moriarty Bryant, who had been married for two years.

"Moriarty, I'm pregnant. Can you come back for dinner?"

She edited and deleted this sentence several times, hesitated for nearly ten minutes, but finally didn't send it out.

Moriarty hated her so much that she feared that he wouldn't let her give birth to his child.

However, Sylvia Hayes’ life was not long, so she had to give birth to this child for any reasons.

What if Moriarty would like this child …

After all, it was his child.

She sent the message.

Ten minutes later, the text replied, "I'll be back immediately."

Sylvia was delighted because Moriarty still cared about the child.

She hurriedly stood up and hid the diagnosis of leukemia in the drawer. From today onwards, she only wanted to give the birth for the child.

The sound of cars rang out from outside the window, it must be Moriarty come back.

Sylvia hurriedly trotted downstairs and opened the door, revealing a sweet smile, "Moriarty, you're back …"

Moriarty expressionlessly glanced at her and said coldly, "Are you pregnant?"

Sylvia Hayes nodded and covered her flat belly. She could not hide her happiness, "It's already four months …"

Moriarty's eyebrows tightened as he raised his hand and threw a box of medicine on the coffee table.

"Eat it." The simple and indifferent words.

Sylvia Hayes was stunned and looked at the box. It was full of foreign languages that she did not recognize.

"What is this?"

Moriarty stared at her fiercely and said clearly and coldly: "Fetal medicine."

Sylvia shrank and took a few steps back, "Moriarty, what do you mean? This is your child!"

Moriarty curled up his lips as he smiled coldly, "So what if it’s mine? Sylvia, don't think that you can hold me back just because you secretly conceive a child! I don't recognize the bitch in your stomach! You eat the medicine right now!"

Sylvia retreated repeatedly and shook her head, "I won't eat."

This child was her child and she wanted to give birth to even if she didn't want to live, how could it just give abort like this?

Moriarty approached and stared at Sylvia Hayes, "I'll give you a minute to eat the medicine yourself, or I'll pour it in for you!"

Sylvia Hayes' eyes immediately turned red. She cried and begged, "Moriarty, no matter how much you hate me, the child is innocent. You …"

"Shut up! Sylvia Hayes!" Moriarty didn't have the patience to listen to her nonsense and took another step forward. He was fierce, "I ask you to eat the medicine! Don't let me say it again!"

Sylvia bit her lips tightly, her hand held her stomach and shook her head.

"I don't … oh!"

Before she could finish speaking, Moriarty’s slender hands were pinched on her neck.

His strength was fierce, as if he wanted to directly break her slender and fair neck.

"Sylvia Hayes, I don’t want to see you. How could I allow you to give birth to the Bryant? You must eat the medicine immediately!"

He pinched Sylvia Hayes with one hand, picked up the medicine box with the other, opened it a few times, poured out a pill from inside, and directly poured it into Sylvia's mouth.

Sylvia shut her mouth tightly and continued to struggle.

The more she resisted and struggled, the tighter Moriarty's fingers became, causing Sylvia to suffocate and feel uncomfortable.

She had no doubt that if she refused to take the medicine, she would be strangled to death by this man!

"I eat" Sylvia's face turned red as tears rolled down. She looked at Moriarty pleadingly, "Let go of me, I'll eat it myself."