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The Billionaire's Proposal

The Billionaire's Proposal




The Billionaire's Proposal is an contemporary romance novel that includes erotic, mature scenes and language that is suitable for ages 18 and older. The book surrounds the life of two singles Nyla and Kyle who meets at a bar one night, things get heated between them which results with an one night stand occurring. The two have fallen for each other, even though they don't know each other well, both are afraid of admitting it due to their own fears. A major event happens which results in them admitting their love, but before they can get serious. Major events start happening.

How We Met


It was a Saturday night in March and I was sitting in my apartment on the couch, alone and bored. It had been a year since I had dated anyone after my ex-boyfriend Eric left me. I thought I would spend my life with him, but instead, I was left heartbroken and hurt. Since then, I haven’t look at men much less date them. I had done everything I could to make him stay, to make things work, but I guess it hadn’t been good enough. It seemed he had already made up his mind on what he wanted, and nothing I could do would stop him. So, feeling betrayed and humiliated, I had let him go.

I was so in love with him that we had been together for seven years and had been through a lot. We had met one night when I was at a restaurant alone waiting for my date, who after an hour of the agreed time called and told me that he couldn’t make it. I was dining alone when he had come over and offered me his company which I gladly accepted. We had talked and laughed the entire night and before you knew it we had exchanged numbers and were going out on our first official date. Things had started getting serious between us, so we decided that we should start a relationship. It was exactly three months after our first date, that we said those three magical words, “I love you.”

I had felt happy when he had said it, that I blurted them right back out to him. I had felt a huge weight lifted off me when I did, for I wanted to utter them for some time now. Our relationship was going great, I thought that we had it all, that we had something real. So, imagine my surprise one night when he came home with an old bitch on his arm, saying they are going to get married and I'm invited to the wedding.

He didn’t offer an explanation, he didn’t tell me how and when it happened and why he was leaving me. He didn’t say a word. He had me thinking that I was the problem, that I was doing something wrong and I wasn’t pleasing him the way I should which was very funny because most nights I had to get myself off sexually. That night when he came home with his new bride-to-be and had told me that they were getting married, I nearly passed out from both anger and shock. At that moment, all I could see was red and I wanted to strangle both of them, but I couldn't find myself doing it. I couldn’t go to jail for this man since he was not worth it anymore.

So, to save myself from further humiliation and hurt, I just packed my things and went to find a new apartment. I didn't go anywhere except for work after the incident happened. If I had the option of not going to work then, I would have stayed home and mended my broken heart because I was so depressed. Everyone had wondered what had happened to my relationship, even my best friends. I was too embarrassed to tell them so I just lied and told them I broke it off because we weren't in a good place and we couldn’t see eye to eye anymore. It had taken me a long time to finally admit to them what happened.

Everyone who I was close with was happy that I broke things off; it showed that no one had liked him and had seen right through his dirty ways, ways that I had never noticed. Looking back, I now understand why we had gotten into so many fights, why we would constantly argue and be at each other throats and when he did things that were too painful to the human ear, I would forgive him as nothing happened. I guess the saying is true, love is really blind.

Sometimes I found myself wondering if he ever comes back if I would go back to him as I would always do after he hurt me. I also wondered if I could ever look past the hurt and pain and try to find it in my heart to love him again if he came back. We had a history––seven years to be exact and that’s hard to overlook.

Getting up off the couch, I headed to the bathroom to take a bath. Stepping into the tub, I sat inside the water that came to a stop at my neck and that was filled with my favorite Dove body wash. Tonight, was the first time I was going to leave my apartment to go somewhere other than work to have fun and let loose. I was tired of sitting around my apartment moping around feeling sorry for myself, tonight I was going to get up and go out to mingle and enjoy myself.

After my body was cleaned, I got up out of the tub and grabbed one of the towels that were on the towel bar before wrapping it around my body and walking outside of the bathroom and into my bedroom. Putting on my black lace bra and a black lace thong that completed the set from Victoria’s Secret, I took out my black dress that stopped mid-thigh and hugged all my curves and my five-inch pumps that made me look taller than my five foot one frame. Putting them on, I walked to the mirror where I applied my make-up and a little lip gloss as the finishing touch.

Stepping outside of my apartment, I locked the door behind me and walked right into the cool New York night air to the taxi stand where I hailed a cab, and told the driver I wanted him to bring me to the 124 French Connections Night Club located at 973 West 60th Street. It was one of the most popular nightclubs in New York City because it was famous for many hook-ups and one-night stands. On my way to the club, I saw that the streets of New York were lively. Long lines were leading into other clubs; a lot of persons were walking or hurrying to go about their business. The city was filled with excitement; which was one of the reasons why I stayed here. The other was that I worked for a top sports magazine in New York and I was on the verge of becoming an editorial assistant.

Reaching the club, I paid the driver and stepped out of the cab. Walking up to the entrance of the nightclub, I saw that the line to enter was long and I couldn’t wait in these heels that I was wearing. Walking up to the doorman, bribed my way in with a crisp hundred-dollar bill. Entering, I saw that it was packed and loud. Pushing my way through the crowd of dancing drunk patrons, I walked up to the bar and order a double shot of vodka while I sat on one of the bar stools.

Taking the drink from the bartender, I held my head back while I drank it in one go. I could feel the liquid burning the back of my throat as I swallowed, which caused me to choke a little. I was about to order the next round when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I was greeted by a man about ‘six-four with dirty blond hair and eyes that were so green and so intense that it seems he was looking right through me. He had a chiseled jaw with well–defined cheekbones, he was very handsome in the face. Scanning his body, I saw that his shoulders were broad and he was very masculine. He also had a nice physique that complimented his body structure. He was dressed in a white T-shirt that showed off his muscles, black pants that were the right fit for him and white converse that tied his dressing together was on his feet. Looking him over, I would say he couldn’t make casual dressing look any sexier. He had on a sweet-smelling perfume, that was intoxicating and was invading my nose with its smell.

I could feel my pussy jumping in the crotch of my thong, just from the smell of his perfume. I didn’t know who he was, but he made me feel like I would ravish him right here in the middle of the club.

“Take time with the drink sweetheart. It seems you’restressed out and by the way, you were coughing or should I say choking on your drink.” His deep voice boomed in my ear. Hearing it had caused my body to heat up and moisture from my pussy to pool out between my legs. “My name is Kyle,” he stated while he held out his hand for me to shake.

Looking at his hand, then back at him I responded. “My name is Nyla,” while taking his large hand into mine.

“So why a pretty lady like you here on a Saturday night drinking all by herself?” He asked while sitting down beside me.

“I just came out to have a good night and get drunk and maybe get laid,” I replied while shooting him a quick glance. I wanted to see what his reaction would be like if he would react in any way after I uttered those words, but all I got was a blank expression.

“Well, nice to meet you. Since you’re stressed Nyla, I hope you don’t mind my company.” He responded while smiling, showing his dimples. He didn’t acknowledge what I just said which made me realize that he was ignoring my blunt remark.

“So how old are you?” He asked, shouting over the music

“I'm twenty-four years old and you?”


“Do you come here often?” He questioned.

“No, it’s my first time here, I don’t go out much.”

“I see, why not?”

“I don’t want to discuss that right now, maybe the next time.”

“Are you saying that we might see each other again?”

“It all depends on how this night ends,” I replied while flashing him a sexy smile.

“Dance with me?!” He asked suddenly, but it came out more like a command.

Without waiting for me to accept or decline, he took the glass that I had in my hand and rested it on the bar counter before he grabbed my hand, leading me to the dance floor where Revolution by Diplo was blasting from the speakers. With his hand on my lower back, our bodies were pressed together in a tight embrace. Facing each other, we started moving slowly while staring into each other’s eyes. His hand on my body felt like fire, my body was burning up beneath his touch and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.

Breaking eye contact he spun me around, with my back now turned to him he held me close. Pressing my ass into his crotch, I started to move my hips to the slow song, gyrating on him slowly. It felt really good being in his arms, with his body rubbing against mine. I didn’t know if it was the alcohol that was making me feel this brazen or it was the fact that I was in the arms of a handsome man that was oozing sex.

We were there dancing, our bodies moving in sync and I could feel his member slowly rising. In the heat of the moment, I turned around suddenly, now facing him. Leaning in, I hesitated a bit unsure if I wanted to go through with this. My mind was telling me no, that I should stop and walk away but my body was sending me a different message. My body wanted him, and it wanted him now. Leaning in some more, I moved my lips over his, kissing him slowly and passionately while my hands rested on his arms.

I could tell he was caught off guard because it took him a while before he actually reacted and started kissing me back, but when he did, he did it with intensity, fire, and passion pouring into it. Mimicking his movements, I poured back the same amount of emotions that he was pouring into the kiss. I could feel his cock getting harder and it was pressing into my stomach. Gasping from the feeling I was experiencing, he took it as an invitation for him to plunge his tongue inside my mouth. He was daring me to suck on it, and I did accept that dare, for I greedily sucked on it.

Breaking away from the kiss, he asked, “did you come here alone?”

Still panting from the intense make-out session I simply responded, “yes I did.”

“Come with me,” he demanded, “I'm going to take you back to my place so we can finish what we started.” Grabbing my hand for the second time tonight, he leads me outside of the club and guided me straight to his black Rolls- Royce. Getting in, he drove us to his place. It felt like we were driving for hours.

The silence had given me time to think and question after question started floating around in my mind. Was I making the right choice going to a complete stranger’s home to have sex with him? What will happen tomorrow? Will it be awkward and will he kick me out after we have sex? Or will he be polite and just wait until I leave? I was a nervous wreck and my hands were shaking uncontrollably. It was the first time I was doing something like this, going home with a complete stranger. I liked the thrill of it but the nervousness was dominant, making me afraid to go through with it. Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm down my nerves by placing my hands in my lap and sitting still. I wanted this, no this was what I needed for I held out for way too long.

When we arrived at his place, I was taken aback by its beauty. His house was one of the biggest mansions I had ever laid my eyes on. It was bigger than the others we had passed when we were coming here. The house was beige and was three stories high with a double staircase leading to the front door. He had an in-ground outdoor swimming pool that was a few meters away from his house, it was about fifty meters long. On the patio were two sets of beige couches, each forming a circle with a small brown table placed in the middle, and an umbrella with the same color for shading. A few meters away was a cabana that was also painted in beige, behind it was a huge mountain that soared in the sky. Stepping outside of the car, I could see the reflection of the moon in the water of the pool, it looked so beautiful and serene.

Climbing the stairs, we entered his home. It was dark inside, but I could still see the crystal chandeliers that were dangling from the ceiling in the hall and the marble floor which was reflecting the moonlight that was shining onto it.

Turning on the lights, he held my hand and guided me up the stairs to his bedroom which was bigger than my whole apartment. Stopping at the doorway, I looked around his room and saw that his walls were painted in dark brown, and against the wall was his bed that could probably hold around twenty persons. The sheets he had on his bed were silk and beside his bed were two nightstands one on each side. On each nightstand, were lamps illuminating the room and showing off the flower patterns on the walls. On the left side of his room, was a huge walk-in closet. His room was a sight to behold.

While I stood in the doorway of his room looking around in awe, he was studying me closely before he dragged me closer to him. Claiming my lips, he poked his tongue towards them demanding entry. Giving him the access he was demanding, he plunged his tongue inside my mouth, allowing his tongue to roam once again inside. Grabbing the back of my head, he forced me more into the kiss before he started fisting his hand through my hair. Removing his hand from the back of my head, he roughly lifted my dress, before he used his middle finger to shift my thong aside. Using his index finger and his thumb, he allowed them to roam over the folds of my now soaking wet sex and my clit. Taking his hand from off my sex, I could see my arousal glistening on his fingers. Putting them in his mouth, he licked them clean.

Gently pushing me on the bed, he started to undress me. While taking off my dress, his eyes were wandering over every inch of my body, drinking it in and I could see his eyes darkening with lust. Leaning down towards me, he started to trail slow wet kisses from the nape of my neck down to my breast. His kisses felt heavenly and it had caused butterflies to form once again in the pit of my stomach.

I could smell my arousal in the air, which meant that my pussy was wet and ready for him to fill it up completely.

Placing a nipple in his mouth, he sucked on it greedily, which caused both of my nipples to become erect, both now standing at attention. I could feel him sucking a bit harder, and I let out a completely satisfied moan.