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General Romance

Like paper thrown in fire, Lexie Dillon's old life quickly burnt, leaving behind nothing but memorable ash.After refusing a marriage proposal, she was kidnapped and brutally thrown in the hands of Zheme Algae, a naive CEO who took interest in her after seeing her just once... From there on, her life started down a new path, one she never dreamt of taking and one she never thought she'd gain happiness from. Zheme Algae's life had always been the same. He hid under his fathers rules and restrictions and aspired to follow his father's twisted path. So when his father outlined these steps, he had no other choice but to take them.Step 1·Seek and find her.Step 2·Beat her until she submits.Step 3·Take her even without her consentStep 4·Chain her in that house and forcibly make her your fiancé...Step 5·Buy two rings, invite a whole lot of guest, take her to a church and get a damn priest...Step 6·If she so much as whispers no, kill her when the crowd's no more, but make sure to warn her before


In the darkness that lurked inside the house, there lived a man, not poor but overly wealthy; lived among humanity, but was locked away from the whole society.

He's naive, lived in the world but knew absolutely nothing about it. He never had a phone or a friend and barely picked up the remote that monitored his television. He was also home—schooled, wholly enclosed from the outside in a cage that to him was the definition of happiness.

But as impossible as it may sound, a man as secured as him, owned a famous company that somebody trustworthy enough supervised under his name.

Fortunately though, that person was needed no more, because what was awaited upon has just been found.

HIS BRIDE. . . Well technically, she wasn't yet his bride, but willing or not, she would be.

He had already spotted her, she had already been chosen, she was his now…undeniably his.

It was on a rare occasion that he had seen her, a time when he had bravely breached the outside. His father had been teaching him how to behave when it was his turn to own the company. His mind had grasped everything, but his eyes had grasped her. She was crossing the street, young and blond with a beautiful smile.

A floral dress had rested just inches above her knees, her shoes protecting her skipping feet and her hands swaying by her sides. She had looked so free, so happy and he couldn't help but want her to be that happy with him. So he had pointed her out to his father and he had promised that today —four years from then— she would be his.

He knew what weight would fall upon his shoulder when he had showed her to his father...the company's; but he cared not, he wanted her and he knew if his father had promised her to him then he surely would have her.

He would treat her just as he had been taught, after all, that was the way to treat a woman. His father had showed him and had even written the steps on the walls of his mind.

His father had told him to look for her, he said she's among them, beautiful and just your type.

One day you'll find her...he had continued...and when you do...let me tell you how to treasure her.

Step one...

Beat her until she submits...

Step two...

Take her without her consent...

Step three...

Chain her in that house and forcibly make her your fiancé...

Step four...

My son; buy two rings, invite a whole lot of guest, take her to a church and get a damn priest... And let me tell you this, if she so much as whispers no, kill her when the crowd's no more, but make sure to warn her before.

That was it, four easy steps and he would accomplish each… just like his father had.

He would undoubtedly make her happy, perhaps as happy as his mother had been before she died.

He would also ensure that her eyes watered with happiness, and would make the bruises he'd implement noticeable, his mother's had been, so it's only fair.

Smiling, he shifted on his settee, dwelling in his thoughts of pleasing her, in the only way he knew how to.