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Catch the Billionaire

Catch the Billionaire


Short romance

Reborn at the age of 18, I was accused of stealing and forced to drop out of school. My parents regarded me as a disgrace and kicked me out of the family. With the only twenty dollars I had, I went to work in a factory. There, I met the boss's son, Chu Da. He looked like a useless punk. But I knew he would be a big shot in the future. Reborn in this life, he was the stepping stone to my success. I did my best to get close to him, expecting to get resources. But he didn't like me, and just when I was about to give up, I found one of his secrets. "With this, you will definitely belong to me!"

I had just finished dropping out of school when I was reborn at the age of eighteen.

My father's scolding was deafening in the living room. 

"Why did you steal other people's things? You have disgraced us all!" 

My mother followed suit, "You are in the same class as your cousin, but she is excellent. If she hadn't said a good word for you this time, you would have been arrested and sent to jail!" 

The scene of my previous life gradually emerged before me.

At that time, I was framed by my classmates for theft. The teacher didn't confound right and wrong. Instead, the teacher blamed me for stealing and sent me to the principal's office.

The school was strict on dealing with thefts. The principal intended to punish me as a warning to others, so he immediately sent me to the police station.

My cousin, Qing Xiaoru, pleaded for me with tears.

The principal finally gave up. He requested I drop out of school voluntarily so he wouldn't pursue the matter.

At that time, I regarded Qing Xiaoru as my savior until I met my high school classmate many years later.

That day I was setting a stall on the street. They said that Qing Xiaoru was the one who had planned the whole thing from the beginning to the end.


I brought myself to the present. My father saw that I was absent-minded and pretended to hit me. 

I didn't dodge but was directly slapped by him.

Every part of my body hurt because he had hit me many times before.

"Pack your things and get out of here tomorrow. You're not my daughter from now on!"

I nodded and went back to my room in silence.

The so-called room was only a small space beside the kitchen.

The lights were dim, and there was no privacy.

The room behind the wall belonged to my brother, Lu Xuekang.

There was a big bed inside and a computer, which was extremely rare in this era.

It was a birthday present to him from our parents.

It wasn't until this moment that I finally had the real feeling of being reborn.

I used to believe that if I could go back in time, I could easily prove my innocence and pursue my studies.

But now that things had happened, I could not fight against the wicked.

It didn't matter because I had another way out except for studying.

Thus, I left my home early the next morning.

My luggage included only one travel bag and 20 yuan, which I had saved for a long time.

Then, I got on the bus and went straight to the city.

In my previous life, I was weak and incompetent. My parents beat and scolded me every day after I was forced to drop out of school. In the end, they were really tired of me and asked someone to find me a job.

My aunt was Qing Xiaoru's mother, who worked in a machine tool factory in the city as an accountant. She introduced me to a job that included food and lodging as a factory girl, where I only twisted the machine tools daily.

As a result, this boring, repetitive, and cheap job occupied my four years of youth. 

Now, I would take the initiative to work in the factory without her referral. 

When I followed the leader, I put on her gloves, picked up the tools, and walked into the familiar yet strange workshop.

My purpose in this life was...

"F*ck, who the hell stepped on me?" 

The unhappy growl made me shiver, and I quickly raised my foot.

I noticed I had accidentally left a footprint on the shiny leather shoes.

I was stunned when I looked up.

The young man dyed his hair yellow, and his arms were covered with a dragon tattoo. He frowned and showed a fierce look.

However, I was not afraid.

I had seen him in a formal suit and leather shoes in a financial magazine. At that time, he was handsome and showed a gentle smile.

It was completely different from what it was at this moment.

"Boss, she's a newcomer..." The leader turned to me and said, "Apologize, now!"

I fixed my sight on him and apologized, "I'm sorry."

The man was also staring at me.

After we're looking at each other for a few seconds, he suddenly asked, "Aren't you afraid of me?"

I shook my head.

"Interesting." Chu Da licked his teeth. "Factory girl, there's no harm in you hiding from me." 

After that, he turned around and left.

"My name is not factory girl." I looked at the back of the arrogant man and said, "I'm Lu Ke."