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Human Mate Of Great Alpha

Human Mate Of Great Alpha

Author:Anime_Lover 18



The painful incident that took five years ago is still affecting her mind, her heart, her everything. That incident took her everything from her, her smile, her emotion, her soul, everything. Only thing she has is, her physical body without anything. She looked deeply at the sky, Full of stars, Singing a song, which hold a precious memory in her life holding a precious book on her chest. "I will never forgive you, I will never forgive myself." She looked at the sky full of sadness thinking about that painful and unforgettable incident. Seeing her like this is making him painful in his heart. Only one thing he could do now is to watch her from behind. "I don't know whether i'll be able to erase that painful incident from your life, from your memory or not... but, i promise, i will make you smile, i'll make your today, tomorrow, and every coming day full of happiness, cause... You are the most precious to me."



"Sweetheart... Mommy loves you."

"Jenny... Daddy loves you dearly."

Jenny... | Our baby... | Jenny... | Sweetheart... | Darling...


I could hear those words every day and night since that chilling yet pretty night that kept hunting me for every second but- once I close my eyes gently— I could see those pairs of cold and beautiful lifeless gazes as if it's striking right at my soul, calming me down to my breath slowly and steadily.

It's been six years since that night. The frightening yet beautiful night of my life.

I'm Jenny Adler, 19 years old, who had been living her life with the dark secret of her dark past.

What is that dark secret, you ask? Well— If I tell you, will you consider me to be a psychopath like everyone? Well, I'm sure you will.

It's not like you are any different from those filthy human beings—— Oh! Or are you?


Today is my first day at my university. Honestly, I'm excited but exhausted to death. If possible, I want to quit but— You know-Studying and gaining knowledge is significant to be at the top of the world. That's what my parents had always taught me when I was a kid. Isn't that amazing?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Ugh! Why the hell are you banging at my door? Are you going to break my door?" I strolled straight to the door to open it.

"Open the door, Jenny. HURRY!"

I could hear Rosy's voice full of enraged, who is three years older than me. She is my one and only friend until now. Let me get straight to the point, we're not close but-Yeah! We're friends.

"Yeah, Yeah." I opened the door and saw a little tall figure in a sexy gown, "What happened?"

She shoved me away and stomped angrily inside through me freely as if it were her home. She sat on the couch madly and started to swear furiously, "Who the heck does he think of himself? Is he some kind of Idol? Huh? F*ck it! F*ck you, damn it!!"

"What is it now?" I inquired, standing before her eyes.

She indignantly glared up at me which made me smile unknowingly, "Why are you angry, sweetheart?"

"Shut up, you psychopath." She cursed right at my face "What would you even understand if I tell you?"

Well, it's not like— She's a bad person. More importantly, I was already used to hearing psychopath, lunatic, crazy, maniac, weird, and blaa blaa blaa.

She threw her red purse away angrily, "F*ck him!"

The way she was cursing- I somehow already had an easy guess. She was dumped like always, but I should have guessed earlier when she bang at my door violently. Too bad!

I went to pick up the purse and stare at it quietly. I couldn't help but ask her "What did this purse do to you? It's so pitiful that it's being tossed out, even when it has nothing to do with your breakup."

"SHUT UP, you crazy b*tch!!" She furiously stamped straight to the room and 'Slam'— She shut the door.

"Awww... By the way- That's my room and door. Please be gentle to it."

"Shut up! Get out of here."

"So... I'm getting kicked out of my own house?" I couldn't help but chuckle, "And people keep on saying I'm crazy." With a long sigh, I left with my bag to university.

Like I said, I was both happy and exhausted to start my new life as a university student. I couldn't help but wonder, how will students from there will treat me? Will they treat me normal? Or is it going to be the same like it has always been?

Honestly speaking, I have no memory when was I treated normally! Wait— Was I ever? Whatever!

"Hey! Are you a freshman?" I heard a soft and polite voice behind me. I turned back and saw a man gazing at me with a smile.

Well... It seems like I was going to have a normal life at university than I could think so far.

I smiled back at him "Yeah. Nice to meet you."

"Ahhh- Yeah, nice to meet you." He stretches his hand towards me. Of course, so did I. While shaking his hand, I could feel his hand soft and warm.

"Which faculty are you in?" He asked looking forward to my response.

I simply responded to him with a smile, "Biological science."

"That's cool. I'm in computer science."

"Aww... I see."

Well- We chatted normally— I mean- someone chatted with me normally. We converse a little bit about our faculty. He was my one-year senior.

"By the way- What's your name?" He chuckled slightly "I've almost had forgotten to ask about that."

He kind of seems like an idiot but in a positive way. I didn't hate that part of his, honestly.

"Jenny Adler."

"That's an adorable name. My name is Jayson Wilson. You can call me Jay." He was honestly so sweet and polite with his every word.

"Yeah- Sure. I'll be going then."

My class was about to start soon. So, I didn't want to get late for my first class on my first day.

"Wait!!" I heard his anxious voice.

My body halted as I turned back and raised my eyebrow "Yeah? What happened?"

"Can... Can I have your... well... your IG account?" He asked me politely with a hint of nervousness.

"I don't have that."


"Well... I'm not into social media." Since I had no friends or relatives- I never had any use of social media or cellphone before, so I honestly responded to him. "I don't use a cellphone."

"You- You don't use it?" I could see right through him, he didn't believe me. Of course, why would he even believe it? After all, nowadays, there is no one who doesn't use a cell phone and who isn't into social media. It's ridiculous, and I was that ridiculous one! It's funny, right?

"Oh!! A-Alright then. Then..." He forced a smile on his thin lips "Have a great day."

I nodded my head "You too."

~At class~

Students were laughing, chatting happily with each other, but somehow I didn't feel good after seeing one of my former classmates in my class.

'Well... It seems- I can't rest in peace, just as I thought.'

As soon as she saw me getting into the class- her laugh disappeared from her face with discontent. Well- It's not like I hadn't expected this from her.

I smiled at her but- She averted her gaze from me to her friends. It was obvious- She tried to avoid my existence, which I don't give a damn.

My eyes wandered around, every seat were crammed, leaving the front seat. Well... Students who try to act cool will seat back leaving the front seat empty and it was absolutely made for me.

I sat at the front seat quietly when the teacher just entered at the same time. After the class was over, I went straight to the washroom thanks to signboard and teachers|Students to wash my face since the class was too boring that I couldn't keep up myself at all for my next class anymore.

When I returned to class- just as expected. The remorse about my high school- about me- it was already spread in a whole class by none other than my dear former classmate- Rika Smith.

Those abhor, detest, execrate, gazes were again following me at my each breath. They started to whisper to each other, glancing at me with uneasiness.

The disgust in their complexion was absolutely remarkable like I've always been witnessing.

I couldn't help but wonder, 'What kind of remorse could have spread about me in this short period?'

I glanced at Rika who was trying to avoid my gaze. Ahh— Then I realized her red swollen eyes due to crying.

'Oh! No wonder everyone is staring at me this way.'

Well... How could I just let things happen on their own without my permission, right?

With a smile, I walked straight to her but before I could get to her, my way to her was blocked by some group of young woman around 3… 4…

They were the one with whom Rika was chatting happily before I entered the room. 'Seems like— They are going to be troublesome.'

They shoved me back with a heavy force and my weak body couldn't take it and I fell back on my butt.

How embarrassing!

"Who the hell do you think of yourself?" A woman in her ponytail roared at me with disgust in her eyes.

They started to scorn at me as if I was a worm living in the mud with no value.

At that moment- No one tried to help me out. They were all gazing at me as if I was their live show character. Well, it's not like I was expecting someone to help me out.

Damn! I just couldn't help but laugh at myself, "Heh-Heh--- Hahahaahaha." I burst into laughter, which made me feel pain over my belly.

They were all staring at me as if I was some kind of crazy woman they encountered for the first time.

"What the heck is wrong with her?" They frown, gazing down at me.

"Aww... My stomach hurts." I wiped my tears and stood on my feet, smiling at the woman before my eyes, who shoved me forcibly.

She frowns glaring at me "Is this damn woman crazy?"

"Crazy?" I honestly didn't have expected to hear these words soon. I couldn't help but grin from my ear to ear, which made her step back.

"S-She is crazy! Stay away from her, Tina!"

And I finally heard the frightening voice of my dear old classmate, Rika Smith.

She glanced at me with that horror in her eyes, as if I was going to eat her alive. Isn't she funny? Yeah, she is.

What's more? She started to cry like a cry baby when I smiled at her. That's hilarious.

"What do you mean?" Tina scowled at me, "Why the hell should I even stay away from her? She should be the one to stay away from me."

Alas! Her confidence was on another level but— you shouldn't be overconfident, you know? Cause... It can be you, who would fall down before you realized it, and yeah- that's what happened to Tina.

Before Tina realized what happened, she was already on the floor staring at me blankly. Of course, including the whole class.

Their jaw was drop-down in perplexed like 'What just happened?'