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Imaginative Reality

Imaginative Reality




what will happen, when your whole life change in a day. Amayra, living simple life with her family got kidnapped and got married with some stranger, who are those people who kidnapped her? why they want her to marry Yug (the billionaire) and what is in the past which is affecting their present and future? Read More to Know. Also leave your comments and Likes . Thank you

I always wanted that kind of love I read about in novels. Rough yet caring, hard still soft. That kind of love which puts me on cloud nine, but also keeps me in reality at the same time. That kind of love which is always found in form of novels and poetry but never in real life.

I was a common city girl who was living with her parents. I always had great expectations from my life which I always tried to fulfil. But the fantasies, I had in my mind been over the board. These fantasies mostly caused by the novels I had always read. These were kind of next to impossible to convert into reality

I was doing job in a college as math’s lecturer. I loved my life in a small town of Punjab. Above of all, I loved my job. I always wanted to be math’s teacher. I had always loved number since my childhood. A simple life living with my most loving parents, soon to be married to perfect person who was actually chosen by my parents. No doubt Gaurav was very good person. He was perfect. But he never gives me the goosebumps. My heart never raced while talking to him even never felt stupidly shy or have stupid grin on my face while talking to him. It felt so normal like strangers talking to each other. No connection NOTHING.

I thought it is normal when you are going to have arranged marriage to a completely stranger.

“Hey Amayra, wassup girl.” My colleague Sahar cheerfully greeted me. Sahar had very jolly nature. Sahar was actually from very affluent family. Her father was a successful businessman in Mumbai. But Sahar wanted to be independent on her own. So she accepted the job from this college and we instantly become friends. We actually have same interest. We never judged each other for our dirtiest fantasies or secret. So we shared almost everything with each other. We were kind of soul mates.

“Hey Sahar, How are you?” I hugged her

“Still having problem with class kids?” I smirked. Her class was giving her problem from day one. She had got the hardest batch of the year.

Sahar gave me one hard look. God, if looks can kill. I must be dead by now. She groaned and left the room.

“All the Best “I whimpered.

She made funny face and smiled. I smiled back. I love her so much. She never made my day less interesting.

I had a free lecture before my class so I was sitting in staff room to relax for some time. Staff room was on the second floor at the extreme corner which gives the exquisite view of outside roads and trees. I always prefer to look outside the window whenever I need “me” time.

I was admiring the view when I saw a black SUV without number plate. It was strange. I had seen this car a day before in market now there. It can’t be a co-incidence. I had uneasy feeling. I rushed towards my phone and dialled the number of college’s security to report about the SUV. The movement in security room was visible from staff room. The time security was going to reach to car, the car had left. My heart started to race by thinking possibilities.

The whole incidence was kind of scary enough that principal of the college went to security area to get the information about the whole incidence. I also told them that I had seen this car before. The principal solaced me till the Sahar arrived. She must be known about the incidence as worrying lines were visible on her face. We took some time off and spent some time together.

Although the atmosphere had lighted but the uneasy feeling never left my mind.

After college I was on my way to my home. I always went by bus alone and after that little walk to my home. It was my common routine. But when I got in the bus, the bus was silent in spite of many passengers. I looked around and I found a seat beside an old lady. I sat there.

I tried to find any familiar face in bus to decrease the uneasy feeling in my mind. But I found none. The bus had started and it was on road after sometime. I thought to call Sahar so that I can feel something good. I was about to get my mobile from my purse when I felt a sharp sting on my neck. I tried to open my eyes but I failed. I fell into deep dark sleep.