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Forbidden Lies

Forbidden Lies




Jenna meets a guy name marcus in her early years of being a teen. Even though jenna loved marcus , she started to do unfaithful things . It caused they relationship to tumble right infront there eyes . But they still try to push through everything thats they have been through, to make things work.

Jenna has medium length tight curly hair. With big brown eyes. A guy name jamel was staying with jenna and her mother for someone months . It will have times where he will come unto her, but she never looked and him that way , she just use to shove it off. Jamel is jenna older brother half brother. In other words jenna brother and jamel shared the same father but different mothers. Jenna and her mother lived on the west side. Jamel lived on the east side. One night jamel came to the west side and this particular night jamel was in the west area. He went bar hopping with his friends but became to drunk to travel back home. So he decided to call jenna's mom , jacky.

*jamel rings jacky phone*

Jacky: hello?

Jamel: jacky?

Jacky: yes ,whose speaking?

Jamel: hey its me jamel ... im kinda of drunk and i cant go home to my mom like this.

Jacky: you can stay by us for the night

Jamel; okay thanks

Jenna was sitting in her gallery when she say jamel walking towards to gate. Jenna then walks towards the gate.

Jamel: look how big you get

Jenna puts on a false smile

Jamel: putting on size and getting prettier i see

Jenna then walk back into the house showing jamel where she lived while smiling

A week after jenna's mom car had a problem , so jamel offered to try to fix the issue. Jamel went outside seeing about the car and jenna offered her company . They were both outside laughing and giggling . Jennas felt good having company , it was only her and her mom alone that lived there.

Jenna then saw 3


guys in the road. Sheldon, jackson and marcus. Normally terik would be there but he wasnt. Jenna use to have a thing for sheldon ,jackson and terik. Terik and jackson use to talk to jenna via instagram and they both expressed feelings for jenna. But eventually that didnt lead to anywhere.

This was the second time jenna ever saw marcus. With his little short legs . Marcus always had his hair out . Jenna then turned to jamel saying, " look marcus " . Jamel turned to see. Then said " ouuu jenna crushing". Jenna just laughed and smiled. Jenna then tells jamel " i saw his face before . She the realised jackson posted a picture on instarm with marcus and tagged him. She then ran inside and followed marcus on instagram. Normally jenna didnt like making the first move.but her gut told her to take the risk.

Later on ... who knew it would be worth it