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My Best Friend

My Best Friend




Blurb When a slight misunderstanding becomes something bigger. Will Mira and Joseph be able to save their friendship or will they watch it slip out of their hands? ..... Mira, a 17yr old orphan becomes best friend with one of the hottest guys in highschool who was also the student's president. When she thought that she had finally found her happiness. She was incriminated for going against the school rules. Despite her innocent she was made to suffer some certain consequences. She was stuck between saving her friendship and rescuing her best friend from harm. Will she be able to succeed in this or not? ..... When a simple friendship turns into something deeper and the feelings becomes stronger. Will their relationship be affected by this or will it only get stronger? Read this book to find out.. My Best Friend by Queenebunoluwa15.


In a store house in the outskirts of the city of Austria, a girl was tied to a chair in the room.

The girl struggled all she could but couldn't release herself from the hold of those tight ropes around.

Still, she kept struggling as she knew that the men who kidnapped her were up to no good.

Logically speaking, would men kidnapping a lady ever be for a good thing?

It isn't, right?

Thinking of this, the girl became a little more frightened and began thinking of a way out.

But just before she could think much, there was a crick at the door and three who looked like hooligans walked into the room.

They stared at her with lust, before to another, " she's indeed a beauty, so innocent too. "

" Indeed. I bet she's still pure. "

" Right! We are going to have lots of fun with her! "

" Bro, Is this why you asked us to make a turn around earlier? " One asked the tallest among them.

" You can say that, I had sighted her from afar, so I suggested that. "

" Oh... That was hell of a good decision, bro! " He said as he patted the back of the tall one.

Next, they all began walking towards the girl. " So who's going first? " The talkative asked the other two.

" I think, Bro Should go first since it was his idea. " The second one said.

" Yeah, so bro, she's all yours. " The talkative said fawingly.

The tall one said nothing, he just kept staring at the girl with lust in his eyes.

" You all can leave, I'll call you if you need anything. " he said and they obliged immediately.

Then, he began to walk closer to the girl, the girl was very frightened at this point, she had her fists clenched tightly behind her as she stared at him fearfully.

" You look so innocent and beautiful. " The man said as he caressed her cheeks with his disgusting hards.

The girl turned her cheeks away in disgust.

This, only aggravated the man as he pulled at her hair harshly, " Listen here, if you don't corporate with me then I'll make you unable to stand up for the rest of your life! " He threatened harshly.

At this point, the girl felt immense pain in her scalp, she began to regret strolling around that neighborhood so late in the evening... Had it been she had Known that she might fall into the hands of the city hooligans then she won't have gone out.

But well, it's a little too late for regrets, isn't it?

" Please let me go... " She pleaded with him with tears in her eyes hoping he'll soften a little.

But well, she was wrong, so wrong....

" And, who told you that I'll let you go if you plead? " He spat.

" I.... "

" Shut up! Whether you are happy with it or not, I am going to have you to myself! " He said with annoyance and the next thing the girl knew was that her shirt was being ripped off...

She gasped in shock at this, her milky white skin was now exposed more, and with her shirt torn away, she only had a singlet top and her trousers on.

" Aw... what a beautiful skin you've got here. " The man said as he caressed her collarbones lustfully.

" Please let me go. " The girl cried as she continued struggling but her struggles where useless as she was still tied to the chair.

" No one escapes after they've entered the Lions then. " He said.

" Please... Let me go. " Regardless, she continued begging.

" Shush... Not another word. " He warned with a deadly glare.

Frightened by his glare, the girl could only keep her mouth shot as she watched him toy with her.

For the first time in her seventeen years of existence, she felt so miserable and helpless.

She was an orphan who lived in an orphanage.

Though her father was a very successful business man and so he left a lot of properties for her, but the moment he died, her uncle seized all his properties and became the CEO.

So despite, the fact that her father left a lot for her, she still lived like a pauper.

While, her aunt's and uncles enjoyed her father's wealth and power she couldn't.

She only depended on the education insurance that her and her job as a waitress in an hotel to survive.

As her life wasn't pathetic enough, she somehow had to end up in the hands of the infamous city hooligans that are merciless.

The moment her singlet top was turned off, she screamed out in help even though she knew that there might be no one out there to help her out of this situation. But she couldn't help it, the moment she realized that her chastity might be taken away from her if she doesn't act fast.

" You... Didn't I ask you to shut up! " The man said as he slapped her face harshly.

The girl bit her lips to stop herself from screaming out in pain from the slap.

At that moment, she felt like dying...she preferred dying than this.

She preferred being dead than becoming a living dead.

She had heard about the trauma that rape leaves on it's victims and she couldn't go through that.

So she grabbed his knife from his trousers pocket and attempted to stab herself, but just before she could the man grabbed it out of her hands and pinned her down to the ground.

He held her tightly as he began forcefully kissing her all over her face.

The girl felt disgusted by this but could do nothing.

Just when, the last bit of clothing on her upper side was about to be taken off... She heard the door banging open.

Followed by a loud thundering voice, " Let her go! "

That voice felt so familiar yet unfamiliar with her at the same time.

Yet the man on top of her didn't listen but was about to continue what he was doing when there was a gun shot sound in the room.

This alerted him and made him stand up angrily to face the intruder.

To say he was shocked would be an understatement when he realized that the intruder was just a young lad.

' What an insult. ' He thought.

He brought out his own gun but just before he could fire a shot, Two bullets went straight into his legs paralyzing him.

" Ouch! " He screamed out in pain.

The youth who shot him simply ignored his cries of pain and took his gun and passed it to the other guy behind him before walking towards the girl.

Without Saying anything, he simply loosened the ropes around the girl before removing his jacket and covering her with it before finally lifting her up in his arms and walking out of the storeroom leaving the hooligan in pain.

The hooligan who thought the guy was stupid to have left him alone was shocked when he heard the horns of the police car.

And before he could find ways of escaping, he was arrested and handcuffed by the officers before he was finally taken away with his other gang members who were also injured.

At that moment, they all couldn't help but think about just who the youth was that he was able to deal with them as smoothly as that.

Nevertheless, they knew that whoever he was, he wasn't just anyone to be messed with.


A/N : So who do you think the youth is? The male lead?